emotionaly unstable :(

some men would think that female mind is complicated. errmm.... or maybe women like to think too much. as i am typing this, i think i am going through the phase of being emotionally unstable... :P :P aarrgghh... no, i dont like when i am feeling this way. no one likes it. i am not in control when i know i should be... hate it when i tried so hard to stabilize and my hands willl start to tremble. shuckkss!!! and i will become sensitive and little things will just shut me off... and at certain times, i will lose it on my kids... which of course is not good!!! not good at all... :(

oh yes, you may notice that i will update my children's photos quite often, with the dates of the pictures taken... this is to avoid some people putting my children's photos in their blog and announce to the world that they had just spend a wonderful time with my children recently... when the actual fact, it was moonsssss ago... or maybe yearssss ago... D%$#!!

1. why am i feeling this way? must be the dream that i had last night... :( it makes me think... :P :( i would interpret my dream as... in real life, whatever that i am going through currently has the challenges and in reality i dare not face that particular challenge... but i am still at it.. in order for me to get to the destination, i am afraid of the obstacle... which, as a result, i am back at where i am. S^%$!

2. the bank screwed up my plans... damn it!! i hate it when banks do that!! their reps will come to you and get you to enrol/apply to their facilities and just to realize that at the end, they just screwed up!!

3. i am not in control with what/how i feel!! hate it...

4. those narrow minded people starts to talk about status... damn it... why cant they be more open??

5. just cant stand people who brags... or talk like shit!! its all just talk...

6. some people can be so selfish and do not think of those who is in need... &%^^%$$%


Wafster said…

I may not be a saint or a religious person, but one things for sure... I have learnt a major lesson in life in the last 6 months...

God will make things easier for you if you Redha with His choices...I know it can sometimes be unbearable, but hey, there will always be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you believe in His plans!

I know you're strong...as you've probably gone through more than what others of your age may go through, but always believe that God will always be there with you through those turbulences.

And hope that those who have been cruel to you will get what they deserve all along...With God Willing! Take it easy yeah...

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