Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a day at the park

my mood right now: miss my joelis after looking at our pictures over and over again… :P get lots of things done at the office today :) days during puasa month seems to be too short. Oh well *sigh*… here goes..
good thing! a day at the park… lol! yeahh I think that’s the best title for today’s posting. planned with RR to take pictures of joelis and i… everything went as planned, we started at 1030am even though it was supposed to start at 10am. but half hour difference, no hal laa… :) arrived at the location on time. I brought the maid to help carry a few ‘props’ :D we had a great time, and laugh… weather was nice and sunny… we’ve started to sweat while taking the shots. we brought with us 2 pairs of baju kurung and baju melayu. will share the pictures once they are ready ;) by 1145am, we were done. packed our things and walked back to the car. and guess what…

bad thing! my car could not start!! hmmm.. and joelis have music class at 1pm!! gosh… and RR did not have a jumpstart cable with him. so, the nearest person i can think of was MB… he arrived soon after but… couldn’t help much…after MB left, i was already feeling tired, frustrated, lost, thirsty and hungry… felt sorry for joelis as they were getting tired and hot! and they were fasting... decided to get a cab back and send joelis home first and i will deal with the car later, but the cab refused to go to our place.. :( so, all of us walked slowly to the taxi stand… and AS called to asked how i was doing… told him abt the cab etc..etc… and he told us to stay put as he was already on the way there.. so, to cut story short..sent kids home.. we went and buy a battery, and drove back to the park where I left my car. AS did everything for me.. and it started to rain. hmmpphh… cant say much huh… but anyway, by 415pm we headed home.. with me feeling tired.. break fast at home with the family and later went out for a session with AS :D yey! release tension babe!!!

anyway, here are some nice pictures of us… and will upload more once i received the CD from RR ;) enjoy..

an email to a sister
honestly kan sis, I don’t feel anything towards this woman called 'his wife' :D In fact I kesian coz, she is trying so hard to proof to the world that she is not guilty, and not realizing by doing so, she is actually mengeluarkan bukti2 yg dia clearly guilty :D for getting engaged with him when he was still married… but of course she wont mention it in her blog lah kan.. letak yg elok2 jer pasal dia. So, tak pe laaa… my season is over with him. He gave me the moments yg I rasa mungkin setakat tu saje… and Allah swt knows what is best for me.. mcm email yg u hantar tu :) I tak la kata yg skrg ni I happy sgt tanpa dia, but at least I am out of kepura-puraan being happy in a marriage. I dah dpt my most valuable asset – my kids :) they are the most important asset in my life… other than that, I dont need to proof anything… I bukan nya isteri mithali… :) but I have learnt from my mistake and insyaAllah, tak akan buat lagi if Tuhan kata I ada jodoh di masa hadapan. I don’t hold any grudges against him or his wife… demi Allah…Cuma part yg he neglect tanggungjawab dia sebagai a daddy to the kids sajer yg I terkilan… other than that, I redha.