Wednesday, September 12, 2007


starting to believe that, if i end the day feeling happy [is there any other words that i can use instead of just 'happy'?].. well anyway, if i end the day feeling happy - my next day will be a cheerful day for me! :) hehehe... :D i had a good time yesterday. it was a full busy day, but errmm.. i like how it ended :)

we had a 'kenduri' at the office and as usual, i will be in charge of the food. went slightly early than usual to take care of things at home, changed into something more appropriate and went back to the office. stayed a while and later had to change for another function organised by the bank. had a great time there :) with MB :P... i think if it wasnt with MB's company, i wouldnt have gone for the party, not alone of course.. hehehe :D when we both arrived, i did not see anybody that i know. after a few minutes, i saw the gentleman who is incharge of our accounts. i went up to him to say 'hi' and it seems that i was his only client who turned up last night :D everything went well... food is good... love the roasted lamb!! yummyy!!... MB and i were introduced to a few people from the bank and also other clients as well. other than that, MB and i had our own corner :P and seated comfortably listening to the band and also throwing roses petals to each other :P hehehe... and suddenly MB came up with his creativity and i joined in arranging roses petals on the napkin..?! ;p it was nice, blue roses with red roses :D

it was a nice party organised with all those bellydancers around, the band, good food and friendly people. :) sazzy falak was there, and i was quite surprised that she wasnt as loud as ive seen her on tv. she's sweet actually and pleasant. :) and i think with MB with me, i didnt feel lost at the party :D [2 anti-social people at a party :P] we left the party quite early around 10.30pm since its on a weekday.. :p had a great time! *smile*!!!