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30th august fireworks @ putrajaya

by - September 04, 2007

It was a last minute decision. When a few friends asked if I have plans to go and see the fireworks… I was like… errmm… yeah.. but thinking of having to drive there - the route that i am not familiar with...hmmmm… and after the fireworks, traffic is not gonna be pretty… okay lah… cut story short… when i got home from work, asked joelis if they wanna go. Surprisingly, lisa wasn’t that excited about it. maybe because she sleeps early, she’s afraid that she will be cranky by the time we get there.. however joey acted differently. He was really excited!
Confirmed with AS that we are going. A quick plan… we took the lrt to the last station and AS will pick us up there. Oh yes… lisa changed her mind and decided to come along with joey and i. it was fun taking joelis on the lrt that night.. not that many people. We had to stand from the station at our house but by the time we reached klcc, all of us got a seat each. There were other families too taking the lrt going towards the city. I think everyone decided to leave their car at home to avoid the traffic. :D good move huh…and with the extended operation time, it was a good move for the public.
Got a call fm AS informing that there was a road is congested at the last station, where we are heading… hmmm.. okay… change of plan.. decided to stop at stesen sentral, and take a cab to subang parade where AS will wait for us there. And.. guess what… there were no cab!! Cabs were on strike and I thought it was a joke. Called AS again, looks like he will have to pick us up at stesen sentral. Good news – the road was clear. It was already 11pm.. hmmm.. another quick decision has to be made. Are we gonna see the fireworks at the curve, subang parade or putrajaya?? as soon as joelis got into the car, they fell asleep. And… AS’s decision… “let’s gamble, and drive to putrajaya – we’ll see if we can make it on time before midnight!” I went…. “errkss… drive safe please…” and AS's respond was, “you close your eyes… :P!!!” yeaa right!!! Checked on joelis, and they were both with their seatbelts on, at the backseat. Siapa tak sayang anak wehhh… :P

Reached putrajaya at 1145pm.. told AS that we can just park by the roadside like the rest of the cars.. found a good spot. AS opened his car’s sun roof.. joelis went up and sat on the rooftop. :D am sure they love that!! Fireworks were beautiful! Took some pictures – of course! The show went on for 20 minutes. The traffic was beautiful… hehehhe… many many many cars… and I took a few pictures from the sun roof myself. :P yeaa I did get the unnecessary attention by standing out of the sun roof in the middle of the bad traffic.. :P it took us 2 hours from putrajaya to our house. I was feeling a bit hungry and AS has not taken his dinner. It was already 2am. Woke lisa up, and I carried joey into the house, put him on the bed and I went out again for supper…lapar babe!! And yeahh… it was a good trip.. :D ye la… tak yah drive, kira okay lah tuh…

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