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his call

heheheh :D yeahh.. he called when i was on the way out for a break.. asking for money.. again... asked me where did i put the money for him before i left for work. and my response was,
'i did not leave any money for you sayang..' and he went,
'maaa... why?' :D i smiled...
'coz its fasting month... and you dont need to buy anything from the canteen'
hee...hee... yeah it was my lil joey... he was asking for his pocket money for school.. byk hal laa.. nak beli gam lah, sharpener lah, eraser lah.. btw.. he has this one friend in school who bullies him la.. what should i do eh? the latest, this boy hit his fingers with a ruler till there is a cut on his finger.. the cut was not that big la... i wrote a letter to his teacher requested to change his seat in the class, but this boy will still go back to him.. maybe the way they play was harsh.. *sigh* i dunno.. i dont wanna be over protective but, i dont want to see my son gets hurt either.. :( and the thing is, joey keeps…


:) i am so glad that finally the weekend is here. why? hee hee... :D i have my own answer to that... it has been a lonnggggg week.. feel like something is not right. maybe i know.. just that wouldnt write it here :P :P har..har.. har..
anyway today is the 1st day most of the divers wear their diver tshirts to the office... and me included! of course! ;) sorry yeah... tak berapa suka amik gambar sendiri pakai hp camera... tapi sebab nak tunjuk tshirt kan.. :P
oh yea... i know... i feel like going diving again.. :(

good food at prince hotel

prince hotel, so far it has never failed me serving good food... for a person who doesnt really eat much, especially when it comes to variety.. errmm.. i'd say, had a great time last night and not forgetting with the company of an old friend, WN. we arrived quite early just before 6pm i think, after picking up WN at the Stesen Sentral and collected the CD from RR... yesss people... more pics are being uploaded as i am typing this, so, go visit anytime :)

we sat at the sofa area outside of the ballroom where we had a good chat, catching up on things.. work, family, joelis etc.. and later my colleagues from the office joined us at the sofa, although, we both were still busy yik yakking...ermmm ignoring other people.. hahaha.. :D and hemmm no signs of my bro-in-law and my sister yet... oh yes, my bro-in-law (the co that he's working for) is the host for the dinner/buka puasa function. by 6.45pm all of us at the sofa adjourned to the ballroom...

the first thing that caught WN's…

a day at the park

my mood right now: miss my joelis after looking at our pictures over and over again… :P get lots of things done at the office today :) days during puasa month seems to be too short. Oh well *sigh*… here goes..
good thing! a day at the park… lol! yeahh I think that’s the best title for today’s posting. planned with RR to take pictures of joelis and i… everything went as planned, we started at 1030am even though it was supposed to start at 10am. but half hour difference, no hal laa… :) arrived at the location on time. I brought the maid to help carry a few ‘props’ :D we had a great time, and laugh… weather was nice and sunny… we’ve started to sweat while taking the shots. we brought with us 2 pairs of baju kurung and baju melayu. will share the pictures once they are ready ;) by 1145am, we were done. packed our things and walked back to the car. and guess what…

bad thing! my car could not start!! hmmm.. and joelis have music class at 1pm!! gosh… and RR did not have a jumpstart cable with …

ada cinta...

~ acha & irwansyah

Ucapkanlah kasih..
Satu kata yang kunantikan
Sebab ku tak mampu membaca matamu
Mendengar bisikmu

Nyanyikanlah kasih..
Senandung kata hatimu
Sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
Sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

Mengapa berat ungkapkan cinta
Padahal ia ada
Dalam rinai hujan, dalam terang bulan
Juga dalam sedu sedan

Mengapa sulit mengaku cinta
Padahal yang terasa
Dalam rindu dendam, hening malam
Cinta.. terasa ada…

Nyanyikanlah kasih senandung kata hatimu
Sebab ku tak sanggup mengartikan getar ini
Sebab ku meragu pada dirimu

keep listening to this song everyday... hope the song will soon be listed at the karaoke :P

the story of nurin

it is a sad ending for this little girl. as i was typing this, the latest news was, Nurin's father agreed on the 2nd DNA test to make sure that the litlle girl's body found in the sports bag is Nurin. what is wrong with people out there nowadays?? they have become so cruel and it doesnt matter whether its a little girl, or even at a grandmother's age.. astaghfirullahalazimm.. i feel sorry for the family. this is indeed another reminder for all mothers and fathers out there, never ever let your children to wonder around on their own, no matter how independant you think your child can be. they need you as their guardian at any time. if things like this were to happen, who do we blame? the parents who allowed them to go out on their own, or the beast that has done this cruelty to them!! all of us in the family were so upset with the news.. maybe when they catch the beast, we should just tie him/her somewhere and we'd throw stones at that beast till he/she suffer before h…

sampai menutup mata

~ acha saptriasa

Embun di pagi buta
Menebarkan bau asa
Detik demi detik ku hitung
Inikah saat ku pergi

Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
Berikanlah aku hidup
Takkan ku sakiti dia
Hukum aku bila terjadi

Aku tak mudah untuk mencintai
Aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
Aku tak mudah mengatakan
Aku jatuh cinta
Senandungku hanya untuk cinta

Tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
Tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
Sampai ku menutup mata
Cintaku sampai ku menutup mata

Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
Berikanlah aku hidup
Takkan ku sakiti dia
Hukum aku bila terjadi

and this is gonna be the next song that i'll sing in the next karaoke session :)



Takkan pernah habis air mataku
Bila ku ingat tentang dirimu
Mungkin hanya kau yang tahu
Mengapa sampai saat ini ku masih sendiri

Adakah disana kau rindu padaku
Meski kita kini ada di dunia berbeda
Bila masih mungkin waktu berputar
Kan kutunggu dirimu …

Biarlah ku simpan sampai nanti aku kan ada di sana
Tenanglah dirimu dalam kedamaian
Ingatlah cintaku kau tak terlihat lagi
Namun cintamu abadi

watched this group performed during the anugerah era... didnt realized that i liked their songs :) just didnt know them :P

ouch.. :(

had tummy upset since sunday night after buka :( ermm not good.. not good... went to work anyway on monday... felt like a zombie :( my head is light and spinning.. confession.. didnt do much work yesterday.. :( had a meeting in the morning. still working on my office's website. well, doing that kept me occupied the whole day. went back at 430pm...yey... left the office at 445pm :D first time after working here for almost 10 years, i went back early during fasting month. pergghh... road is clear baby!!! wuuhuuu.. although i have to pick up my youngest sister in pusat bandar damansara. was so happy that i reached home at 540pm... smsed MB :) and too bad he got stuck in the jam...:( and that was at 550pm when he replied to my sms. a few minutes after i got home, joelis came back from school... they looked cheerful although they were fasting.. hmm not bad. getting used to it :) my youngest sister had her friends coming over for buka puasa.. ;) okay laa.. the more the merrier. i had fr…

more on puasa

1st weekend of puasa... buka at my eldest sister's house. :) and terawikh sekali. the kids have their own area for buka puasa. normally 1st week memang buka di rumah sajer... after that, will be getting invitations for buka puasa at the hotels. so, sementara free, seronok being with the family :)

joey's 1st day puasa

he was pretty active in the morning, forgot that he was fasting. got up and played bicycle. :D by the time he got back from school, he was already crying :D complaining that he has tummy ache. when i got back from work he was already lying down on the bed.. kesian joey.. i hugged him and whispered to him that he only needed to wait for another 45 minutes :) thats him still in his school uniform, pengsan on the bed :D --->

that only happens on the 1st day, after that, he has been doing quite well. and been going for terawikh with my dad at the mosque. :) alhamdulillah...

the children were excited during buka puasa. ye laa... first day kan.. :) we had the puasa chart ready on the noticeboard at home. the first day, they had baked macaroni for buaka puasa + air sirap bandung. imran and kelly (my nephew and niece) wanted to break their fast at our house. kesian, my elder sister and bro-in-law had to went back without them, and came back again to join us later.

hmmm thats about it... for 1…

hey i am real! :P

You Are 74% RealYou know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself. Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great... But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults. As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

when will i find a boyfriend?

oitt... i am feeling so bored... having a headache... :( so... i did this quiz.... 3 weeks??? yeaahh right..

You'll Find a Boyfriend Within 3 WeeksYou're out enough to meet plenty of guys
And it shows, because a few are interested in you Even if you haven't meet the right guy yet
He's standing just around the corner :-) When Will You Meet Your Next Boyfriend?

selamat berpuasa

today is the 1st day of puasa. :) joey went for terawikh last night with my dad. he was excited about it. i went back early yesterday, reached home about 640pm. we had dinner right after maghrib and joey immediately went upstairs to change into his baju melayu :) hehehe :D the baju melayu was already too small for him.. i brought him back to the room and changed to a better one. dlm hati 'kesian anak aku, dah kecik baju melayu dia...' ye la... beli baju melayu sekali setahun jer... lupa, kadang2 pergi kenduri, joey suka jugak pakai baju melayu. :) joelis got up at 430am this morning for sahur. lisa, senang sikit kejut coz, she slept early, but joey... hmmm tough sikit :) and since its the first day, joey makan pun tak berapa selera. but okay lah, at least dia makan :) tak sabar rasanya nak balik buka sama2 today.. tapi... kereta tak de :( well anyway, i am so looking forward for hari raya this time :)

sementara joey went for his terawikh.. lisa and i were in our room. and we ha…


starting to believe that, if i end the day feeling happy [is there any other words that i can use instead of just 'happy'?].. well anyway, if i end the day feeling happy - my next day will be a cheerful day for me! :) hehehe... :D i had a good time yesterday. it was a full busy day, but errmm.. i like how it ended :)

we had a 'kenduri' at the office and as usual, i will be in charge of the food. went slightly early than usual to take care of things at home, changed into something more appropriate and went back to the office. stayed a while and later had to change for another function organised by the bank. had a great time there :) with MB :P... i think if it wasnt with MB's company, i wouldnt have gone for the party, not alone of course.. hehehe :D when we both arrived, i did not see anybody that i know. after a few minutes, i saw the gentleman who is incharge of our accounts. i went up to him to say 'hi' and it seems that i was his only client who turned u…

bulletin 3 sept 07 - 9 sept 07

the week did not start very good. had a few hiccups here and there :( ... and somehow it has brought me down a bit.. but alhamdulillah, it picks up slowly towards the end of the week.. and what makes me feel better is when i learned below... hehehe :D :P sometimes life is too short to dwell on certain things

“what is ego….”
it is what gets in the way of experiencing happiness; so when "it" is absent, happiness is experienced.

so, i decided, to just be myself, as always :) and if i live to think of what other people think, i'd just be &^%@#

and yeah... ~ people watching activity in bangsar started the nice relaxing weekend although the question remains unanswered, was it a 'he' or a 'she'? hahaha :D
anyway, attended a relative's engagement ceremony on saturday morning, and while waiting for the group from the guy's side to arrive, we filled our time by playing with my camera :) the ceremony was sweet, short and beautiful. but when bride-to-be hugged…

think happy thots

i am just so happy today.. all of a sudden i just felt happy!! :) just finished attending 2 meetings in the morning and love with the result of the project, and i just feel good about myself :) yey..yey.. and yey!! :D

had a good dancercise session yesterday with CM. after 2 months break starting last june. i started the class again last nite coz CM wants to register herself. i wasnt panting or anything just that was a bit lazy during some of the dance steps... hehehe :D it was a good time being with CM too after so long, we get to catch up on a few things. she has been busy with her business and so am i with other things :P so, it was good laa... had a good talk, chat, gossip, laugh... sad stories to share too... whatever you name it lah.. CM and i have been friends since we were in primary school, and she is a friend that i can rely on at any times.. when i had my toughest time somewhere years back and i took a vacation to adelaide, stayed at her house for a few days, and she has been…

if you had my love

aahhh i am beginning to love blogging more and more each day with all these new stuff... :D :P

by JLo

If you had my love
And I gave you all my trust
Would you comfort me
And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue
Would you lie to me
And call me baby

Now if I gave you me, this is how it's got to be
First of all I won't take you cheatin' on me
Tell me who can I trust if I can't trust in you
And I refuse to let you play me for a fool
You said that we could possibly spend eternity
See that's what you told me that's what you said
But if you want me
You have to be fulfilling all my dreams
If you really want me babe

If you had my love
And I gave you all my trust
Would you comfort me
And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue
Would you lie to me
And call me baby

You said you want my love and you've got to have it all
But first there are some things you need to know
If you want to live
With all I have to give
I need to feel true love
Or it's got to end, yeah
I don…

My Celebrity Look-alikes

hahaha... this is cool!!

what is 'ego'?

friend or foe?
". .. . the agonized ego is a ring of defense around nothing." - Alan Watts
It is what gets in the way of experiencing happiness; so when "it" is absent, happiness is experienced. Ego is "that emotional and psychological knot in consciousness that is the fundamental cause of the sense of separation from all of life. From the spiritual perspective, this is defined as pride, self-importance, and the narcissistic need to always see oneself as being separate – separate from others, separate from the world, separate from the whole universe. Ego is a love-denying obsession with separation, narcissism, and self-concern." Andrew Cohen who am i?Why do you need to "know yourself"? Because what you are at present - what you think you are -is not yourself. That's why you, and most people - are never really content for long: you know, unconsciously, that you are not yourself. Consequently, you feel insecure, uncertain, and even afraid. Inside y…

30th august fireworks @ putrajaya

It was a last minute decision. When a few friends asked if I have plans to go and see the fireworks… I was like… errmm… yeah.. but thinking of having to drive there - the route that i am not familiar with...hmmmm… and after the fireworks, traffic is not gonna be pretty… okay lah… cut story short… when i got home from work, asked joelis if they wanna go. Surprisingly, lisa wasn’t that excited about it. maybe because she sleeps early, she’s afraid that she will be cranky by the time we get there.. however joey acted differently. He was really excited!
Confirmed with AS that we are going. A quick plan… we took the lrt to the last station and AS will pick us up there. Oh yes… lisa changed her mind and decided to come along with joey and i. it was fun taking joelis on the lrt that night.. not that many people. We had to stand from the station at our house but by the time we reached klcc, all of us got a seat each. There were other families too taking the lrt going towards the city. I think …

i feel good

huh???? ein, stopped blogging??? you must be kidding.... she talks a lot... well, depends... with the right people... the right time... when she's nervous.. etc...etc... yeahhh i had my moment yesterday. it's like... 'hey!!! wake up!!' hehehehe :D and i am back to reality... truth hurts but that's life. i was just being too emotional, thats all... biasa laa...pompuan :P and i've let it all out yesterday... and everything is back to normal...errmmm ye ker??? :D :P kenapa? tak percaya ka??? hmmmm... when i got back from work.. yeaa.. i did errmmm cry.. :P but need to let it out, kan... and after solat isya', hugged joey and try to ask him to sleep.. AS came over to save the world... hahaha... and apa lagi... we had a good session... till 2am! errmmm when was the last time i went for karaoke eh? really needed that therapy :P ni semua gara2 tengok minah tu nyanyi and tak cukup feeling... duuhhh...

and this ein is back.... !!!! still going strong!!

psst.... i thin…

my horoscope

waaa talking about coincidence... :P read this..

Horoscope for September 4, 2007
Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)
The Bottom Line
You have a lot of emotions that you just don't need any more. Talk them out today.
In Detail
There is a lot of transition going on in your life right now, and there is a great opportunity for you to get rid of emotions, ideas and physical goods that you just don't need any more. The classic saying 'out with the old and in with the new' has never been more applicable for you. Toss out the phone numbers of people you will never call, and delete those emails that remind you of unpleasant memories. Clean the slate and give yourself a blank canvas to work on.

ein: you know, when a dj takes a break, they will switched on the prerecorded songs to be played... and i guess, i will be doing the same thing... i'd better stop blogging for a while before i start to say/write things that are unappropriate, or hurt other people... with that.... people... enjoy the so…

emotionaly unstable :(

some men would think that female mind is complicated. errmm.... or maybe women like to think too much. as i am typing this, i think i am going through the phase of being emotionally unstable... :P :P aarrgghh... no, i dont like when i am feeling this way. no one likes it. i am not in control when i know i should be... hate it when i tried so hard to stabilize and my hands willl start to tremble. shuckkss!!! and i will become sensitive and little things will just shut me off... and at certain times, i will lose it on my kids... which of course is not good!!! not good at all... :(

oh yes, you may notice that i will update my children's photos quite often, with the dates of the pictures taken... this is to avoid some people putting my children's photos in their blog and announce to the world that they had just spend a wonderful time with my children recently... when the actual fact, it was moonsssss ago... or maybe yearssss ago... D%$#!!

1. why am i feeling this way? must be the dr…