Tuesday, August 14, 2007

teh tarik session :)

reached home just before 8pm. went upstairs, picked up the laundry that i have sorted out in the morning. brought downstairs to dump everything in the washing machine.. while my mom and the rest are already seated for dinner. :) before that, 'mug dude, this is my blog, my english can be broken if it has to... i dont have to think of my grammar arrangement now! :P go check your students' exam papers... ' :P :P heh...heh..heh... btw that's my younger sister, she's an english lecturer and she has been commenting on my english grammar in here.... aahhh... nggak apa-apa sieh... :P where was i...? aahhh the laundry... nope, i am not talking about the laundry bar! this is real laundry, okay ;) :p well anyway... i got so tired after a full day at the office, and being hungry... so, aahhh what the heck, i had rice for dinner...coz my mom cooked my favorite dish tonight... yeupp chicken with soya sauce.. [ayam masak kicap! ahakss... :D] that blew my diet lah kan... i am hopeless.. just had to depend on fasting month now.. after dinner, washed the dishes and help my mom clean up the kitchen etc... etc... by the time i got upstairs it was already 920pm... and... jeng...jeng... jeng.. i got a miss call!! and..triple jeng jeng jengg... it was from james!! wuhuuu... my long lost friend! ahaksss... yeup... and returned his call with this joke... "OMG, i must be dreaming that i received a call from you!! :P" and he was laughing at the other end... :D he asked if i'd like to go out and have a drink with him... and of course my answer would be "yes! and no, i am not tired!!" hahaha... it's like not everyday i can even get the chance to talk to him nowadays... yeahh.. eversince the new project bla..bla.. he has been extremely busy, and me too and well, we've became further and sort of not talking to each other that frequent and almost not at all... it's like i see his car more often than him. :P :D and so, he picked me up at home about 45 minutes later, enough time for me to take a quick shower, kissed my joelis before i left, told my mom that i'm going out for a drink with james.. etc..etc.. and we went to the usual hang out where we just catch up on things.. some were about the move to a new office place etc...etc.. and yeahh.. some things are still the same.. like teasing each other and being sarcastic. :P by 11.10pm we left the restaurant since i had to get some cash and buy the shampoo that lisa ordered.. :) and i reached home at around 11.30pm greeted by a cockroach at the stairs!! yes, thank you very much.. :P*sigh* well, anyway, i had a nice time.. :) and james, its good talking to you again! :P

ein signing off.. at 12.17am... nite nite... :) and as i am typing this i can hear strange noises coming from the empty maid's room beside me!!! shuckkks.... time to shut down!! :S