Sunday, August 5, 2007

quiet weekend

yezza.... quiet weekend for me... had friends calling and sms if i wanna join them at a few places.. and my reply was.. 'no thank you... just wanna be home and have a quiet relaxing weekend' :) supposed to sleep early on friday but ended up sleeping just before midnight... busy texting MB and also yik yakking with my 2 younger sisters... discussing about nice dresses but not that expensive..:P hahaha.. do they exist? :O all because of this dinner that some of us from the office will be attending.. it's like.. not brilliant to buy something expensive just because you just wanna fit in isnt? hmmmm... the thot did came to me today after having like 2 hours going round klcc looking for what to wear.. and oh..we stopped by that place not knowing that it is damn expensive... what the h$#@... RM8,750.00 for a piece of dress??!! hemmmm.... and the salesperson were errmm unfriendly... yeah .. we did went in with our tshirt and jeans... hahaha.. and my youngest sister with her crocs? :P okay... that's about girls went shopping... window shopping :D :p errmm... i do like that blue dress at salabianca.. :(

had a wonderful time yesterday.. started early, sent my joelis to school... meet up with my 10am appointment... got what i wanted.. well at least, the things that i planned sort of materialised. make sure that i left the place on time to pick joelis up from school... ended up 20 minutes late.. heh..hhe... and both joelis were already yapping... blahh.. blah.. nagging... dropped them at home.. get lunch prepared for them before i left home for my lunch appointment with MB :P

met MB around 110pm... we sat together looking at the pictures from the diving trip that i have compiled from the 4 cameras and also the one that i have compiled for him, and... yeah... he also chose some extra pictures that he likes.. hahaha... by 230pm we make a move to TTDI for lunch... i wasnt that hungry but since its lunch time, i've gotta take something... thought of having pizza.. suddenly on the way, MB thot of 1 place that he saw during some walk... organic cafe..i dont mind trying a new place... and... har...har.. har... we had a great time... laughing at the errmm.. food.. and yes, he was entertained by making me blush under my dark skin... i thot we both were being extra chatty... we talked about many things... which includes making fun of my tasteless fried rice, and MB ended up finishing them... [and... we both agree that we wont be going back to the restaurant!] the restaurant would be a good hideout for couples tho... the ambience was okay... romantic music...hahha... it was the food thats not right... or maybe.. we just could not appreciate those organic kinda food?! MB did try his luck asking if they have his 'organic soda' and 'eettt!! they dont!! hahaha...' and MB was saying, 'can u imagine if this place was chosen as a first date for some?' goshh.... well, anyway being there with a person that you are comfortable with, makes it a nice moment spent. :) i enjoyed his company.. later he asked if i'd like to have something else after lunch... 'errmm like dessert?' and i had ice-cream on my mind.. and he quickly said, 'yeah..elsewhere' and ice-cream it is!! ever since i had cornetto in perhentian... i've started to like it again... MB took the tiramisu and i got the strawberry flavor... hmmmm yummyy!!
he drove around TTDI.. and he thot we could just get simple ice cream and have a walk in the park.. which was not a bad idea at all.. and me.. being me... 90% chances, i'd have a camera in my handbag!! wuuhhuuuu... snapped a few funny picts.. the park looks nice and calm.. quite well taken care of.. although the flowers were not that many and some are dried up...maybe because it's too hot. its a pity that not many people are using the park.. we saw a newlywed couple shooting their wedding pictures.. a small boy exchanging 'hellos' with MB.. :) us.. taking more pictures.. here and there... trying all sorts of poses.. and its much smiling.... well, i was actually laughing all the time while taking those picts.. how can i not...MB was being naughty at the time..:P or... nahh...i dont like that angle kinda of thing.. :P just love having a digital camera... hhahaha... it was just past 430pm and we've covered the whole park and its time to go... walked back to where he parked his truck... and yeah... listening to his CD with him making the funny dance moves while driving... :P
uploaded the latest pictures into his laptop.. and its time to go home. have got some groceries shopping to do at home! *smiling* and it was a wonderful afternoon... and yes... i was still smiling driving on the way back...
joey called when i was doing my groceries shopping... checking on me! :D :P unload all the stuff out of my car... cooked dinner... yes.. you read it right... i cooked dinner..:) hehehe.. you dont get that often staying at my parents but yeahh... i do cook... my dad just came back from his fishing trip... he cooked the fish that he caught... 'asam pedas' it was getting too spicy and told me to repair... :D, fried mix vegetables & mushroom... and fried drummets for joelis.
and i ended the weekend by .... hunting for the dress... and has not succeeded... :P


Wafster said...

Woo hoo! You cook??? heheheh I know... I can be sarcy sometimes...:-D Peace!

ein said...

yeahh... although my cooking has not received an A from you... yes.. i do cook.. :P :P