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my mind is still there...

by - August 02, 2007

sat together with GG and ally yesterday compiling a few pictures from the trip. and yes, my mind is still there despite all the work loads that's left for me as soon as i am back at the office. :) seen few more nice pictures of us...

remembered playing UNO while waiting for the food.. disturbing MB in the morning... those acting silly pictures... us being ourselves... no pretending... no make up on... and still be happy about it.. :P but... girls.. being girls.... yes.. we did brought our hair dryer there!!! and it became ally's heater when she's cold in the room :D lol!!

the island is beautiful... time is just not enough to explore the whole island... will not deny that its a good time to just relax... one thing thats amiss tho... there was no star :( not like tenggol island. i was thinking of taking another camera with me, which is quite bulky... to take shots of the stars at night..and luckily i did not take it with me... coz, no stars to be seen.. hmmmm... but we saw the moon! heh...heh..

anyway... SA, you are gonna say that all this are jiwang... but aahhh what the heck...!! :P this is the song that reminds me of the weekend... duuhh... :P :P

Most of our days
We get so busy runnin’
Lost in a maze
We’ve got no time for fun and dreams
Every now and then
A dream is real
And this is how it feels, yeah, yeah
For once in your life
Forget about tomorrow
Tonight is the night
Our worries seems so far away
You’ll hold me in your arms
So tenderly
I only want a taste
Of your sweet, sweet, ooh
Oh, kisses in the moonlight, sugar
That would make this night complete
There have got to be
Oh, kisses in the moonlight, sugar
Fly away with me
Oh, fly away with me
Don’t let this night end right now
‘Cause in your arms is where I need to be
Oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah
Kisses in the moonlight
And you know
Oh, oh, oh

as promised.... pictures are uploaded! :)

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