Tuesday, August 21, 2007

monday blues?

i dont really get affected by whatever days of the week. but yesterday was like i dunno what... it was really busy laa.. my hp's battery was dead after only 1 day. so, finally i decided to send it to repair after many incidents. :( err.. it is still under warranty and yes, i spent rm2900 for it... of course lah bengang! so, during lunch time, i went to the service centre in amcorp mall with my 2 friends. had to leave the phone there and come back after work to get it. and... went back to the office getting the presentation done for one of the bosses here for his meeting the next day. AS called up just in time to be my victim... hehehe... so there we were, amcorp mall to get my hp back, was glad that they only needed to upgrade the software...however, i was pissed when i found that they cracked my memory stick! and when i asked about it, the technician tried to put the blame on me... errr... hello.... u think i have never face this kind of shit??? ohh puhleezzz... i sent it purfect and i expect it purfect in return lah kan... but no... he insisted that it happened because blahh..blahh.. blahh.. i was already trembling controlling my anger. i signed off the piece of sheet, and left! aarrgghhh...... and AS and i had an early dinner at amcorp mall.. and i got the delicious kueytiow goreng!

and before that i got a call from a colleague informing that the presentation needs to be amended.. and i have to go back to the office??! hmmm... luckily he can help me on that.. and i dont have to enter the office again, although i have to collect my car at the office. :) it was tiring running here and there like that.. aahhh just not my day, i guess - apa2 pun... tetap amik gambar... :P maintain.... peace ! hahahah :D :P thats how i look like yesterday dlm marah2... :P har har har