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lunch kaki dinner part II

by - August 29, 2007

hmmm to be honest.. although i am very excited to post about the event that i had last night with a bunch of close friends.. somehow when there are restrictions about putting some happy photos in here... it has reduced my excitement in writing more.. well... *sigh* to some, they are camera shy? :( or its me who gets excited about taking photos most of the time?

wokay [taking a deep breath] .. here goes... i arrived early surprisingly... despite having to make 2 big rounds in bangsar looking for the entrance to the place. had the turrets disease attack while making the rounds.. :P hahaha.. well.. anyway, i noticed that i have lost my temper a bit for the past few days while driving.. but... dont worry.. :P all my ten fingers were on the steering.. :P

last night was my first time to the bangsar seafood restaurant after they have moved to the new location. thats a long time! :O the girls had their own jokes earlier.. i had a chat with HF while waiting for the rest to arrive. and he taught me more of what my camera or errmmm most camera can or cannot do [thank you HF :) ]. and yes, i am a gadget person... be it camera... handphone... give it to me baby... i learn new things everytime i use my camera which of course gives better result in taking pictures.. we tested a few modes and yeaahh.. its good to understand coz i think it should be able to do more than basics for the price that i pay for that small thing :). of course, canon would be best but.. since i already have a canon at home, i'd like to try other brands for a pocket camera. it has been very handy, for me ;) this time, took more pics of the food. :)

deep fried kailan - crispy!

bun that looks like cute shells :) hmmm yummy with the crab sauce

yummy crab!!

food was fantastic! thanks to the host ~ LA.. semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu :) i was more of being a spectator last night.. as usual, when there are too many people talking, i tend to be quiet or talk lesser than the rest. :) got myself entertained by everyone's different characters. LA the most mature in terms of conversation and friendship... talk to her about anything and will feel relieved :) MA who's more and more like cameron diaz... hehehe :D GQ who's naughty and well dressed as always.. angelina entertained by her boss's sms :P LY enjoying herself being served by GQ.. James... errrmm dont want to comment :P AM wanita melayu terakhir, busy whispering God knows what with AA... RI as bubbly as always and last but not least, HF seated beside me, in his best behaviour.. errr...??!!

finished dinner by 920pm... drove home... wanted to update my blog last night but was too sleepy... smsed MB for a while before i fall asleep with my joelis beside me ... :) it is a wonderful world!

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