Tuesday, August 14, 2007

joey's call

okay... just 1 tiny bit.. before i leave the office... :P

i was in my 10am meeting this morning, when i received 2 calls from home. i cant even recognise whether it was lisa or joey since it was a very brief one and i had to tell them that i was in a meeting and will call them back..[whoever that was..] and later after the meeting, i called home and asked lisa who made the call.. the 2nd one was from joey... and he told his sister later, after i hang up.. 'oh no... i have embarrassed mama coz i called her during her meeting' :D hehehe... no joey, you did not embarrassed me, just that i wont be able to entertain all your questions.. :P !

okay... i'm going back now... latersss... :)