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by - August 28, 2007

i like to read about self improvement stuff or tales about relationship... and especially about how a guy would act blahh blahh blah.. or how a girl would act blah.. blah..blah.. and the most recent one was yesterday, while i was being wrapped with cold strips at the slimming place...:P an article about relationship faker... waahhh... they actually have terms for that.. goshh... anyway... i actually tore the pages and brought them home coz i wanna finish reading it..hehehe.. ssshhhh :P although some points are not very practical... here goes [unfortunately i cant find the 'her' version] :-

signs he's a stayer
you know he's serious about you if he:

  • wants you to meet his mates
  • introduce you as his gf
  • gives u a friendship ring
  • calls for no reason
  • turns up on time and calls when running late
  • is nice to your friends
  • holds u close after making love
  • shows an interest in your interest
  • loves you the way you are
  • gives you the key to his place
signs he's a player
you know he's just treading water in this relationship if he:
  • never wants you to stay at his place
  • keep his social life separate from yours
  • runs an hour or more late without calling or apologising
  • notices every attractive woman in the room
  • only cares about his orgasm, not yours
  • calls you his friend
  • is rude and withdrawn around your friends
  • makes excuses for not going out with you to parties
  • sometimes doesnt call you for days

i wonder if a person has a mixed of both...what would he be called? :P

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