Saturday, August 25, 2007

i am beginning to love my new hair style... hehehe :d all i did was wash and iron it :) it looks healthier, longer and easier to maintain :) and now i sound like doing a shampoo advertisement.

okay back to the story. friday... finally came! 2 excitements... spending time with joelis and MB later after that...wuuhhuuu... :P... so i got up really early... prepared pancake for joelis's breakfast. i had an apple and 1 half boiled egg for myself. switched roles with my mom... i ended up cleaning the house and she will do the cooking :) well, either one, doesnt really matter to me. i think, its better if i clean the house as my mom will be too tired going from one room to another, upstairs. by 1130am, my mom, lisa and i left for the curve to send lisa for her ankle treatment. and i tell you, the drivers on the road were really crazy!! and yeahh.. i sort of lost a bit just after leaving our house along jln jelatek!! 1 arseh&^% just wouldnt give way... and driving like a tortoise... *sigh*... and i laughed at myself after losing my temper a bit.. and smsed MB right away :P reached at 'the curve' at 1230noon... half hour later than the appointment... and lisa got only half an hour massage. drove back and had lunch while waiting for joey coming back from his friday prayers with my dad.... was feeling a bit sleepy but had to force ourselves up and drive to klcc for a movie... my sister and lisa went in 1 car while joey and i were in a separate car. washed my hair at the saloon while waiting for the movie to start at 420pm. it was really funny... ratatouille... really enjoyed watching joey laughed actually... he seemed to be enjoying the movie very much... the movie ended at 620pm... left the cinema... my joelis went back with my younger sister while i proceed for my errmm.... meet up with MB. :P and the traffic was really bad... it took me more than an hour in the car!! reached his place finally and we went out for dinner... and :) to our own agenda... had another lovely evening.. :P :)