Tuesday, August 7, 2007

errmm... what aaah?

i can talk a lot when i am stressed.. and my blog just proved it... i have been writing almost everyday... aahhh i am so in need of therapy! i was called in my boss's room early in the morning today. and yes, of course i panicked.... but, hehehe... nothing serious, just some casual chat regarding work... and yes, we need another staff. if you know anyone who is interested in the customer service line, do let me know yeah... ;) diploma holder please.

why am i so stressed? coz, work is piling up... my thumbdrive got corrupted and i threw the whole thumbdrive... :( i have finished like 90% of my work there... with lots of graphs for my analysis and all went into the dustbin. eerrgghhh... feel so like crying.. and now with many new staffs in the office, i could not get the pool laptop. no, i dont have my own... my thumbdrive got corrupted because of the desktop at home... which has not been switched on eversince. and all the while, at home i have been using my younger sister's laptop. now that she is busy with her thesis... i cant use the laptop.. double huwaaaa.... :((

anyway, another good therapy for stress is going for a massage... :D and that was what i did, body scrub, massage and facial... hmmmm.... it was good. smsed my younger sister and told her to save some dinner for me at home... and joey as usual, called many times asking when i am coming home. :) when i got home, joey was already waiting at the door. he greeted me with the posters that they both drew... nice.. :) after accompanying me having dinner in the kitchen, i went upstairs and listen to their babbling...and yapping.. and the rest..:) joey fell asleep seconds later... and lisa suddenly cried coz her ankle hurts. i massaged her ankle but since i am no expert on that kind of massage... needed my dad to help. poor lisa, she was crying when she went downstairs... later she came up with a bandage on her ankle. i really dont understand, she fell once and since then, her ankle has been giving her the problem. it will get swollen every now and then... and when i brought her to the clinic, the doctor said that its normal for her ankle to get swollen if she has fallen down before?! huh? it has got something to do with her 'urat' i think.. anyway... hugged her for a while until she falls asleep and i continued doing my work at the family room with mosquitoes biting my legs!! arrgghh...
okay lah... got to go... finish up my stuff.. :( good night everyone... sweet dreams.. :)