Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the charity run - 26th aug 2007

yeup… i am crazy enough to join the 7km charity run.. and the good news is, i completed the whole 7km… although it takes me longer than the rest… at least i did it! :P hehehe... got up as early as 6am... errmmm thats the time that my mom woke me up.. i slept again, until...oopsss 645am??! oh no... i am running late.. rushed for shower, kissed my joelis and drove to damansara heights. angelina called just as i was leaving the garage. phuh... she just left her house too... ahah.. i am not that late lah... it was already 710am at that time. registration starts at 730am... yea right... will they be on time? lets just go and check it out. as i turned in at off jalan semantan, i saw zulm's car already parked. and shortly i saw zali walking from wisma semantan. aahh... whatever it is, must put on the lipstick first! :P hehehe :D... zali and i walked together towards plaza kelanamas... ahhh where our old office used to be. angelina and a few others already registered. hmm true enough... registration did start at 730am but the run did not start until around 830am. luckily i had an apple on the way, while driving or i will be really hungry by then. it was fun.. surprisingly.. and i was surprised myself that i did not experience any cramps. :) i really enjoyed the run - jog - brisk walk - jog - run - brisk walk thingy... :D just followed my own pace... and when felt tired, i enjoyed looking at the beautiful houses on the way.. friendly rela officers and some policemen. aahhh and a new line that i learned that day.. instead of asking, 'are you married?' which can be too direct... the guy would ask 'how many kids do you have?' ahah!! cute! hehehe :D oh yes, we were supposed to be in green attire. but when we arrived, the organisers and all their staff were wearing blue.... and knowing me... the person who has a camera most of the time... apa lagi... ambik gambar la babes... :D check out the album for more pics... and the crazy idea came... hmmm wanna join the 10km run in johor?? and i went... errkks.... :O

by 12noon drove back... i was really feeling sleepy... tried to watch tv.. but i started to get my migraine.. and i have finished my painkiller.. goshh... it hurts so bad.. turn left and right on the bed trying to sleep.. finally i fell asleep...and around 5pm got a call fm lisa asking where i was.. stopped by the hair saloon to get my hair washed and at least i got a massage while she washes my hair... hehehe :D and once i arrived home, took another painkiller... not as good but at least not too bad.. and slept early that night.. still thinking of work, among other things.. :(