Sunday, August 12, 2007

can i have twins too? :)

hahaha :D have i got your attention now?? hehehe... arent they just adorable??? 2 boys... identical twins... fuuhh... my friend CT's sons... and how to get twins??? ahah!!! thats for me to know and for you to find out ;)
that was just the intro... :P after work on friday, i went out with AS after work at KJ... who was accompanying me feeling shitty... so, we went out, i got myself a tshirt...:) good therapy for being/feeling shitty. had mango lassi and sate for early dinner. was afraid to sms MB at first...but.. aahh... did it anyway... and i worried too much about starting the tiring and stupid conversation... as usual :P came home, just in time for dinner... but no, i did not have anymore food... trying to control food intake... yeaahhh right..:P lisa went for a massage at the curve with my mom, sister and joey.. treating her ankle.. they got back late ~ almost midnight, i think... the 2 angels were home too... i least this angel was home. :) but been smsing angelina... 2 weeks now after the diving, we stayed home on friday nite... wow!! isnt that an achievement? ahakss...

saturday up early and sent joey to his friend's house to do his homework, and while waiting for him, lisa and i went for furniture shopping..window shopping actually... :) no,did not get what i wanted... and later got a phone call from joey and he wanted to go to a coloring contest with his buddy naqib. thanks to naqib's aunt for taking joey with them... and am sure joey really enjoyed himself. :) he brought back lots of gifts too. saturday night i was home with my joelis...
sunday, attended EJ's daughter's 5th birthday party. i guess i was hoping that i could meet up with other BBGSians there... but unfortunately none to be seen. joelis were already with all other kids, while me... hanging around, didnt know what to do and too shy to start chatting with other moms..:) duuhh... so, there i was sitting at one of the table, had snacks on my plate and 'talked' to MB... :P thank you... for accompanying me till just before he started playing basketball at around 5pm. and just about time when the clown arrived entertaining the children at the party.... its getting cloudy... and windy... o'uh... its so nice to have a party at the garden... joey still had a good time ~ laughing at the jokes.. ~ almost the same tricks.. ~ although it was the same clown who has been at his own party for the past..err.. 6 years??! and the price has increased too from RM350 in 1999 to RM500 now for a session of 1 hour. :) lisa, although she was the oldest kid around joined in the fun...:) whatever it is the cream caramel was superb EJ!! thats EJ's speciality...:)

about 1 hour later, my old friend, CT arrived with her twins....OMG...they are so cute and adorable...!! its so nice to see other people having twins, but i wouldnt know how i can handle them myself if i had one... in fact about 2 weeks ago, my mom called me up at the office asking if anybody wants to adopt a pair of twins?! and i told my mom, 'i want them!!' without even thinking... :D and my mom told me, 'i dont think you can handle twins right now ein... you already have 2 kids' 'well, yeahh... but they are big already.. ' heheheh... :D hmmm it was all just talking anyway... i guess, if i can afford financially, i wouldnt mind taking those twins for adoption...;) errmm...i think, i am off the track now.. :P

pleasant surprises this week :)
  1. ... met bro K who just came back from Dubai early this month. i was having lunch with my colleagues when i ran into him.. and he joined us for lunch... we had a brief chat, just asking how we are doing. he also asked about joelis... and surprisingly, he remembers how old joelis are... not bad at all...
  2. met bro TAd on the way home from work last thursday. i stopped by at the petronas near my place when i saw him from the back. somehow i can recognise him from the way he stands, from the back. :) said 'hi' to him... the funny thing was, he said 'hi' without even looking ... and when he looked back and saw me, he almost screamed... hahaha lol!! his nice comment was, 'hey ein, you look pretty! prettier than before' (hehe... okay lah kan) and i said back, 'thank you... yeah laa... happier now ;)' he promised to get in touch and we can go out for coffee somewhere after end of august. it seems that he is busy now..something about a new film coming.

well.. anyway, thats about it for the weekend...

and i am dragging myself to the office next week for another busy hours... and i have started to not feeling so good... as i am typing...:( and i am beginning to have ulcers in my mouth... and that normally happens when i am stressed.. :(