Monday, August 13, 2007


me and my emotional moments... was takin a short break browsing today's paper. was actually looking for the news about the express bus accident but it wasnt there. and 1 article caught my attention.. which of course was not related to the accident. it was about this boy who won RM10K during the film festival in penang. the story was about him asking leave from his teacher to go for the festival.. and his excuse was, if he goes for shooting, he will get money to help out his parents. yeah... he came from a difficult background. and me being emotional about it, had tears in my eyes too.. remembered when lisa said a few times that she wanted to play her guitar to collect money for us... and joey, massaging everyone at home for RM1 per session :D cute isnt... i am not saying that we are in difficult situation, but obviously we are not filthy rich either.. again, i am lucky that we are staying with my parents... and my mom is still working... but slowly, i am building up what i want for me and my little joelis, without depending on my parents. i guess, i do not want to burden them anymore... insyaallah... what we are dreaming for will come true.. :) soon enough

and again, alhamdulillah for having such understanding, loving and thoughtful children :) and not forgetting sporting.. ;) :P