Saturday, August 25, 2007

bits of everything :)

the lunch kaki dinner
had a good time on tuesday nite, our lunch kaki group at the office. out of 12, 10 of us turned up. thanks to ally and cameron for the dinner... yeup sponsored by them ;) it was at coca restaurant, bangsar shopping centre. i did not have that much food during the day. just toast and eggs for breakfast and an apple for lunch, so... the dinner was superb!!! GQ who already left the company for quite some time joined us for dinner as well.... he has always been in the group and also in the email list. :) and yeaahhh still the same naughty GQ. :) it was a good session catching up on things as each one of us has been pretty busy, and we seldom get to (well, me at least) go for lunch together. check out the album for more pics of us... and more to come for our next dinner, next tuesday ;)

the lcd tv... :P
and as i am typing this, joelis are watching 'lion king' on my younger sister's new 32" lcd tv..:P she won it as a grand prize for the lucky draw.. why dont i get lucky like that? hmmm...

the migraine
well anyway, i had a bad migraine the other night... and it hurts so much that it hurts till my neck and shoulder. took my painkiller and tried to sleep.... even with a bit of sound makes me feel like my brain is being squeezed and my eyes are popping out! ...arrgghh... hate it when i got it. could be because of work stress... could be because of those little things that i am thinking of... and could be because of me skipping rice for 3 days in a row. hmmm... lots of reasons...

a productive thursday
determine to take leave on friday... school holiday is ending and i did not take my joelis anywhere this time... why? hmm.. good question. work is climbing on top of me... blame it on myself... i have not been organized lately coz, it keeps on adding up... and i am driving crazy... aarrgghh... hence, despite the bad headache, tummy upset and like 5 ulcers altogether in my mouth and feeling sick... i came to work, and hey... got most of my work done! wallaaa.... and i smsed my boss early thursday morning asking him if i can take the day off on friday. yey..yey.. and yey... :D his exact sms 'of course you can, what's stopping you?' :D arrange friday's plan nicely as i already have many things to be done in 1 day.

and... aahhh... did i mention that MB is selling off his superbike soon? :( :(