Monday, August 20, 2007

another wonderful evening

4 days after my last posting... *sigh* wow... 24 hours a day is just not enough for me to do everything.. :P and to all my dear readers, i had another wonderful time during the weekend.. full weekend but it feels complete... :) well at least that's how i express it here.. :P :P

:) received his email on wed asking if i'd like to have dinner with him on saturday. i was delighted with the invitation.. checked with my younger sister if she has any plans on saturday night as i need someone to be with my joelis when i am not around. and all are arranged, nicely.. returned his email gladly saying that 'i’d like to have dinner with you on Sat nite ... ' it has been a full busy saturday for me as weekends are always with joelis and the rest of the family. went out with joelis in the morning to carrefour and we got a few stuff to help us re-organise our clothes at home. and had to be somewhere for the contractor to get some of the work done *wink* :) spent longer time at our hideout... managed to have 30 mins nap while joelis watching tv. rushed back for joelis to get ready supposedly to go to a wedding with my younger sister... but plan changed. joelis went to my eldest sister's place instead.. and i got myself ready for my dinner with him. :) yes, i was quite early... errmm... arrived about 5 minutes earlier and.. that was after driving only 60kmh on the highway.. :) naahh... its not about being eager for the dinner :P, just want to leave the house earlier to avoid questions.. heh..heh..heh.. :P the deal was to go to a place where we both havent been to before... something like we did with the organic cafe. :D before we decided, he had to stop for a while and actually asked the workers at the restaurant if they serve 'halal' food... and poor him it has got to reach to the 3rd person to understand what he was asking.. well, maybe because the query did not come from a malay, they find it a bit strange. :P to cut story short... yes, i was a bit quiet... errmm... shy that night. maybe because i havent seen him for quite a while.. yeahh and its like my adjusting time is a bit slow :P hahaha... or maybe i have things in my head... [arrghh... brush it off!!!!] food was good... we went to cafe & brew at plaza damansara. i had sizzling lamb and he had spaghetti.. and yeahh.. he really made me laugh when he teased me when the waiter put the napkin around my neck.. :)) and i guess... after dinner, makes it another wonderful evening.... ;) we had a great time.... and how time flies..

oh yes... the not nice part was, on the way driving back, there was a group of mat rempit... about 15 of them were crazily riding their bikes.. kapchai jer.. and until the car in front of mine had to make an emergency brake..