Thursday, August 16, 2007

11th year anniversary

happy anniversary to my dearest eldest sister, atah and her hubby, a.k.a as chot... for their 11th years in marriage.. :) may your marriage remain full of love... and looking at both of you, i've learnt that sometimes you dont have to show to the whole world that you love each other... as long as both of you know... thats enuf.. [just that... aahh so not romantic... hahaha!]
well, what do you expect from Aries couple... duhh... :P
to my sis, thank you for being such a wonderful sister although you can be very conservative... hehehe :D :P and not that sporting.. but hey... you are just as crazy as all of us..
and abang, thank you for being with my sister no matter how cranky she can be... hahaha and only both of you understands each other... hik..hik..
and thank you to you too for being a substitute dad to my joelis whenever they feel like having 'a daddy' around..
thank you too for being there when any of us (your sisters in law) need a man to talk to.... hmmm... although you wont be giving the immediate answer or solution, but being there pretending to listen is okay too!! ahakkss.. nahh... jokin...
sis, and abang, thanks too for being the financial advisor when we need one..
thanks for all those silly jokes during dinner or at the family gathering :)
and yess... you guys make great roast lamb... !!
okay that's enough for now... :P again...
h a p p y 11th a n n i v e r s a r y c o o l d u d e s!!
love from:
your sis, Ain