Wednesday, August 29, 2007

love orchids!!

i love orchids!! used to have a small area, in front of my house where my dad planted orchids for me... love them.. saw this pics in one website... see how beautiful they are!!! :)

lunch kaki dinner part II

hmmm to be honest.. although i am very excited to post about the event that i had last night with a bunch of close friends.. somehow when there are restrictions about putting some happy photos in here... it has reduced my excitement in writing more.. well... *sigh* to some, they are camera shy? :( or its me who gets excited about taking photos most of the time?

wokay [taking a deep breath] .. here goes... i arrived early surprisingly... despite having to make 2 big rounds in bangsar looking for the entrance to the place. had the turrets disease attack while making the rounds.. :P hahaha.. well.. anyway, i noticed that i have lost my temper a bit for the past few days while driving.. but... dont worry.. :P all my ten fingers were on the steering.. :P

last night was my first time to the bangsar seafood restaurant after they have moved to the new location. thats a long time! :O the girls had their own jokes earlier.. i had a chat with HF while waiting for the rest to arrive. and he taught me more of what my camera or errmmm most camera can or cannot do [thank you HF :) ]. and yes, i am a gadget person... be it camera... handphone... give it to me baby... i learn new things everytime i use my camera which of course gives better result in taking pictures.. we tested a few modes and yeaahh.. its good to understand coz i think it should be able to do more than basics for the price that i pay for that small thing :). of course, canon would be best but.. since i already have a canon at home, i'd like to try other brands for a pocket camera. it has been very handy, for me ;) this time, took more pics of the food. :)

deep fried kailan - crispy!

bun that looks like cute shells :) hmmm yummy with the crab sauce

yummy crab!!

food was fantastic! thanks to the host ~ LA.. semoga dimurahkan rezeki selalu :) i was more of being a spectator last night.. as usual, when there are too many people talking, i tend to be quiet or talk lesser than the rest. :) got myself entertained by everyone's different characters. LA the most mature in terms of conversation and friendship... talk to her about anything and will feel relieved :) MA who's more and more like cameron diaz... hehehe :D GQ who's naughty and well dressed as always.. angelina entertained by her boss's sms :P LY enjoying herself being served by GQ.. James... errrmm dont want to comment :P AM wanita melayu terakhir, busy whispering God knows what with AA... RI as bubbly as always and last but not least, HF seated beside me, in his best behaviour.. errr...??!!

finished dinner by 920pm... drove home... wanted to update my blog last night but was too sleepy... smsed MB for a while before i fall asleep with my joelis beside me ... :) it is a wonderful world!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

interesting article

i like to read about self improvement stuff or tales about relationship... and especially about how a guy would act blahh blahh blah.. or how a girl would act blah.. blah..blah.. and the most recent one was yesterday, while i was being wrapped with cold strips at the slimming place...:P an article about relationship faker... waahhh... they actually have terms for that.. goshh... anyway... i actually tore the pages and brought them home coz i wanna finish reading it..hehehe.. ssshhhh :P although some points are not very practical... here goes [unfortunately i cant find the 'her' version] :-

signs he's a stayer
you know he's serious about you if he:
  • wants you to meet his mates
  • introduce you as his gf
  • gives u a friendship ring
  • calls for no reason
  • turns up on time and calls when running late
  • is nice to your friends
  • holds u close after making love
  • shows an interest in your interest
  • loves you the way you are
  • gives you the key to his place
signs he's a player
you know he's just treading water in this relationship if he:
  • never wants you to stay at his place
  • keep his social life separate from yours
  • runs an hour or more late without calling or apologising
  • notices every attractive woman in the room
  • only cares about his orgasm, not yours
  • calls you his friend
  • is rude and withdrawn around your friends
  • makes excuses for not going out with you to parties
  • sometimes doesnt call you for days

i wonder if a person has a mixed of both...what would he be called? :P


this is what i called...
release tension!!!

lots of postings in 1 day!! wuhuuuu... gonna have another good time tonight with the lunch kaki!! will update soon... :)

aku tension nie...tolong laaaa.... camner... malas nya nak pikir... tapi terpikir gak... tak leh ke?? wehhh kawan2 tolong aaarrr...

the charity run - 26th aug 2007

yeup… i am crazy enough to join the 7km charity run.. and the good news is, i completed the whole 7km… although it takes me longer than the rest… at least i did it! :P hehehe... got up as early as 6am... errmmm thats the time that my mom woke me up.. i slept again, until...oopsss 645am??! oh no... i am running late.. rushed for shower, kissed my joelis and drove to damansara heights. angelina called just as i was leaving the garage. phuh... she just left her house too... ahah.. i am not that late lah... it was already 710am at that time. registration starts at 730am... yea right... will they be on time? lets just go and check it out. as i turned in at off jalan semantan, i saw zulm's car already parked. and shortly i saw zali walking from wisma semantan. aahh... whatever it is, must put on the lipstick first! :P hehehe :D... zali and i walked together towards plaza kelanamas... ahhh where our old office used to be. angelina and a few others already registered. hmm true enough... registration did start at 730am but the run did not start until around 830am. luckily i had an apple on the way, while driving or i will be really hungry by then. it was fun.. surprisingly.. and i was surprised myself that i did not experience any cramps. :) i really enjoyed the run - jog - brisk walk - jog - run - brisk walk thingy... :D just followed my own pace... and when felt tired, i enjoyed looking at the beautiful houses on the way.. friendly rela officers and some policemen. aahhh and a new line that i learned that day.. instead of asking, 'are you married?' which can be too direct... the guy would ask 'how many kids do you have?' ahah!! cute! hehehe :D oh yes, we were supposed to be in green attire. but when we arrived, the organisers and all their staff were wearing blue.... and knowing me... the person who has a camera most of the time... apa lagi... ambik gambar la babes... :D check out the album for more pics... and the crazy idea came... hmmm wanna join the 10km run in johor?? and i went... errkks.... :O

by 12noon drove back... i was really feeling sleepy... tried to watch tv.. but i started to get my migraine.. and i have finished my painkiller.. goshh... it hurts so bad.. turn left and right on the bed trying to sleep.. finally i fell asleep...and around 5pm got a call fm lisa asking where i was.. stopped by the hair saloon to get my hair washed and at least i got a massage while she washes my hair... hehehe :D and once i arrived home, took another painkiller... not as good but at least not too bad.. and slept early that night.. still thinking of work, among other things.. :(


finally, i have the time [stealing some work time :(] to update my blog. had i updated my blog last nite, the content would be different. :P and this is exactly how i feel right now. i just came out from the boardroom after an ISO meeting. felt relieved as most of my tasks for the year have been completed and my goals are mostly achieved :) yess… the feeling of satisfaction! that is most of the work load that has been bugging my head. went back to my workstation in the middle of the meeting as my boss requested for me to prepare a presentation. i saw an email that put a smile on my face… i did not read it immediately as i only have like 10 minutes to compile the stuff for my boss to present.

when i returned to my workstation, the 2nd email just put an extra smile on my face. it may be simple, but perhaps… it was the sender? :P aahh… no time being mushy… brush it off.. [again…] will not let my emotions get to me this time. keep on telling myself. i should know my limitations… and somehow i guess it has reached the red line and it triggers me. the signs have arrived. and i should do something about it? but why? why cant i just enjoy the moment? and suddenly even thinking about it giving me goosebumps. have i been thinking about it too much…? even if i say that i don’t, verbally, my head knows well :P coz, it cant take it anymore… can it? *sigh* think with your head, ein… and not with your heart… :( and that should be able to hold… and all of sudden, i feel sad… really sad… and starting to feel shitty again… it was all my fault.. but… things like that cant really be controlled, can it? and perhaps.. i am playing with fire…? ;) that makes life more interesting and challenging, isn’t? :O don’t you have enough challenge(s) in your life ein?? that voice comes up again… and… me, started to think… again… uurrgghhh… but it makes me happy! and i guess… i am being tested… again… cherish it ein… nurture it… if it makes you in high spirits… :P you deserve it!! nice things do not come often

Saturday, August 25, 2007

i am beginning to love my new hair style... hehehe :d all i did was wash and iron it :) it looks healthier, longer and easier to maintain :) and now i sound like doing a shampoo advertisement.

okay back to the story. friday... finally came! 2 excitements... spending time with joelis and MB later after that...wuuhhuuu... :P... so i got up really early... prepared pancake for joelis's breakfast. i had an apple and 1 half boiled egg for myself. switched roles with my mom... i ended up cleaning the house and she will do the cooking :) well, either one, doesnt really matter to me. i think, its better if i clean the house as my mom will be too tired going from one room to another, upstairs. by 1130am, my mom, lisa and i left for the curve to send lisa for her ankle treatment. and i tell you, the drivers on the road were really crazy!! and yeahh.. i sort of lost a bit just after leaving our house along jln jelatek!! 1 arseh&^% just wouldnt give way... and driving like a tortoise... *sigh*... and i laughed at myself after losing my temper a bit.. and smsed MB right away :P reached at 'the curve' at 1230noon... half hour later than the appointment... and lisa got only half an hour massage. drove back and had lunch while waiting for joey coming back from his friday prayers with my dad.... was feeling a bit sleepy but had to force ourselves up and drive to klcc for a movie... my sister and lisa went in 1 car while joey and i were in a separate car. washed my hair at the saloon while waiting for the movie to start at 420pm. it was really funny... ratatouille... really enjoyed watching joey laughed actually... he seemed to be enjoying the movie very much... the movie ended at 620pm... left the cinema... my joelis went back with my younger sister while i proceed for my errmm.... meet up with MB. :P and the traffic was really bad... it took me more than an hour in the car!! reached his place finally and we went out for dinner... and :) to our own agenda... had another lovely evening.. :P :)

bits of everything :)

the lunch kaki dinner
had a good time on tuesday nite, our lunch kaki group at the office. out of 12, 10 of us turned up. thanks to ally and cameron for the dinner... yeup sponsored by them ;) it was at coca restaurant, bangsar shopping centre. i did not have that much food during the day. just toast and eggs for breakfast and an apple for lunch, so... the dinner was superb!!! GQ who already left the company for quite some time joined us for dinner as well.... he has always been in the group and also in the email list. :) and yeaahhh still the same naughty GQ. :) it was a good session catching up on things as each one of us has been pretty busy, and we seldom get to (well, me at least) go for lunch together. check out the album for more pics of us... and more to come for our next dinner, next tuesday ;)

the lcd tv... :P
and as i am typing this, joelis are watching 'lion king' on my younger sister's new 32" lcd tv..:P she won it as a grand prize for the lucky draw.. why dont i get lucky like that? hmmm...

the migraine
well anyway, i had a bad migraine the other night... and it hurts so much that it hurts till my neck and shoulder. took my painkiller and tried to sleep.... even with a bit of sound makes me feel like my brain is being squeezed and my eyes are popping out! ...arrgghh... hate it when i got it. could be because of work stress... could be because of those little things that i am thinking of... and could be because of me skipping rice for 3 days in a row. hmmm... lots of reasons...

a productive thursday
determine to take leave on friday... school holiday is ending and i did not take my joelis anywhere this time... why? hmm.. good question. work is climbing on top of me... blame it on myself... i have not been organized lately coz, it keeps on adding up... and i am driving crazy... aarrgghh... hence, despite the bad headache, tummy upset and like 5 ulcers altogether in my mouth and feeling sick... i came to work, and hey... got most of my work done! wallaaa.... and i smsed my boss early thursday morning asking him if i can take the day off on friday. yey..yey.. and yey... :D his exact sms 'of course you can, what's stopping you?' :D arrange friday's plan nicely as i already have many things to be done in 1 day.

and... aahhh... did i mention that MB is selling off his superbike soon? :( :(

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

monday blues?

i dont really get affected by whatever days of the week. but yesterday was like i dunno what... it was really busy laa.. my hp's battery was dead after only 1 day. so, finally i decided to send it to repair after many incidents. :( err.. it is still under warranty and yes, i spent rm2900 for it... of course lah bengang! so, during lunch time, i went to the service centre in amcorp mall with my 2 friends. had to leave the phone there and come back after work to get it. and... went back to the office getting the presentation done for one of the bosses here for his meeting the next day. AS called up just in time to be my victim... hehehe... so there we were, amcorp mall to get my hp back, was glad that they only needed to upgrade the software...however, i was pissed when i found that they cracked my memory stick! and when i asked about it, the technician tried to put the blame on me... errr... hello.... u think i have never face this kind of shit??? ohh puhleezzz... i sent it purfect and i expect it purfect in return lah kan... but no... he insisted that it happened because blahh..blahh.. blahh.. i was already trembling controlling my anger. i signed off the piece of sheet, and left! aarrgghhh...... and AS and i had an early dinner at amcorp mall.. and i got the delicious kueytiow goreng!

and before that i got a call from a colleague informing that the presentation needs to be amended.. and i have to go back to the office??! hmmm... luckily he can help me on that.. and i dont have to enter the office again, although i have to collect my car at the office. :) it was tiring running here and there like that.. aahhh just not my day, i guess - apa2 pun... tetap amik gambar... :P maintain.... peace ! hahahah :D :P thats how i look like yesterday dlm marah2... :P har har har

Monday, August 20, 2007

another wonderful evening

4 days after my last posting... *sigh* wow... 24 hours a day is just not enough for me to do everything.. :P and to all my dear readers, i had another wonderful time during the weekend.. full weekend but it feels complete... :) well at least that's how i express it here.. :P :P

:) received his email on wed asking if i'd like to have dinner with him on saturday. i was delighted with the invitation.. checked with my younger sister if she has any plans on saturday night as i need someone to be with my joelis when i am not around. and all are arranged, nicely.. returned his email gladly saying that 'i’d like to have dinner with you on Sat nite ... ' it has been a full busy saturday for me as weekends are always with joelis and the rest of the family. went out with joelis in the morning to carrefour and we got a few stuff to help us re-organise our clothes at home. and had to be somewhere for the contractor to get some of the work done *wink* :) spent longer time at our hideout... managed to have 30 mins nap while joelis watching tv. rushed back for joelis to get ready supposedly to go to a wedding with my younger sister... but plan changed. joelis went to my eldest sister's place instead.. and i got myself ready for my dinner with him. :) yes, i was quite early... errmm... arrived about 5 minutes earlier and.. that was after driving only 60kmh on the highway.. :) naahh... its not about being eager for the dinner :P, just want to leave the house earlier to avoid questions.. heh..heh..heh.. :P the deal was to go to a place where we both havent been to before... something like we did with the organic cafe. :D before we decided, he had to stop for a while and actually asked the workers at the restaurant if they serve 'halal' food... and poor him it has got to reach to the 3rd person to understand what he was asking.. well, maybe because the query did not come from a malay, they find it a bit strange. :P to cut story short... yes, i was a bit quiet... errmm... shy that night. maybe because i havent seen him for quite a while.. yeahh and its like my adjusting time is a bit slow :P hahaha... or maybe i have things in my head... [arrghh... brush it off!!!!] food was good... we went to cafe & brew at plaza damansara. i had sizzling lamb and he had spaghetti.. and yeahh.. he really made me laugh when he teased me when the waiter put the napkin around my neck.. :)) and i guess... after dinner, makes it another wonderful evening.... ;) we had a great time.... and how time flies..

oh yes... the not nice part was, on the way driving back, there was a group of mat rempit... about 15 of them were crazily riding their bikes.. kapchai jer.. and until the car in front of mine had to make an emergency brake..

Thursday, August 16, 2007

11th year anniversary

happy anniversary to my dearest eldest sister, atah and her hubby, a.k.a as chot... for their 11th years in marriage.. :) may your marriage remain full of love... and looking at both of you, i've learnt that sometimes you dont have to show to the whole world that you love each other... as long as both of you know... thats enuf.. [just that... aahh so not romantic... hahaha!]
well, what do you expect from Aries couple... duhh... :P
to my sis, thank you for being such a wonderful sister although you can be very conservative... hehehe :D :P and not that sporting.. but hey... you are just as crazy as all of us..
and abang, thank you for being with my sister no matter how cranky she can be... hahaha and only both of you understands each other... hik..hik..
and thank you to you too for being a substitute dad to my joelis whenever they feel like having 'a daddy' around..
thank you too for being there when any of us (your sisters in law) need a man to talk to.... hmmm... although you wont be giving the immediate answer or solution, but being there pretending to listen is okay too!! ahakkss.. nahh... jokin...
sis, and abang, thanks too for being the financial advisor when we need one..
thanks for all those silly jokes during dinner or at the family gathering :)
and yess... you guys make great roast lamb... !!
okay that's enough for now... :P again...
h a p p y 11th a n n i v e r s a r y c o o l d u d e s!!
love from:
your sis, Ain

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

atas nama cinta ~ rossa

like most of her songs... :) below is one of them

Aku wanita yang punya cinta di hati
Dan dirimu dan dirinya dalam hidupku
Mengapa terlambat cintamu telah termiliki
Sedang diriku dengan dia tak begitu cinta

Mengapa yang lain bisa
Mendua dengan mudahnya
Namun kita terbelenggu
Dalam ikatan tanpa cinta

Atas nama cinta
Hati ini tak mungkin terbagi
Sampai nanti bila aku mati
Cinta ini hanya untuk engkau

Atas nama cinta
Kurelakan jalanku merana
Asal engkau akhirnya denganku
Kubersumpah atas nama cinta
Mengapa yang lain bisa
Mendua dengan mudahnya
Namun kita terbelenggu
Dalam ikatan tanpa cinta

i was feeling really tired today... extra tired than many other days. the day started really early for me... :P since i was from home... ye laahh dah lama manja.. :P at the office, one case after another. by 6pm, my head couldnt take it anymore, tho my colleague has been chasing me for some things pending. angelina called at the right time. we decided to leave our office and have a drink at GJ at the office lobby, and do some eyes exercise ;) ohh yezzaa... nice ... hmmm... :D hehehe.. and we talked about some things that just remind me of how foolish a person who's in love can be... :)

while i was driving home, i listened to the song by rossa... and :P i cried... laaa... emo betul... habih, nak buat camna.... dah ter emo. well, people... enjoy the lyrics... :) and i guess i do miss the times when i was in love

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

teh tarik session :)

reached home just before 8pm. went upstairs, picked up the laundry that i have sorted out in the morning. brought downstairs to dump everything in the washing machine.. while my mom and the rest are already seated for dinner. :) before that, 'mug dude, this is my blog, my english can be broken if it has to... i dont have to think of my grammar arrangement now! :P go check your students' exam papers... ' :P :P heh...heh..heh... btw that's my younger sister, she's an english lecturer and she has been commenting on my english grammar in here.... aahhh... nggak apa-apa sieh... :P where was i...? aahhh the laundry... nope, i am not talking about the laundry bar! this is real laundry, okay ;) :p well anyway... i got so tired after a full day at the office, and being hungry... so, aahhh what the heck, i had rice for dinner...coz my mom cooked my favorite dish tonight... yeupp chicken with soya sauce.. [ayam masak kicap! ahakss... :D] that blew my diet lah kan... i am hopeless.. just had to depend on fasting month now.. after dinner, washed the dishes and help my mom clean up the kitchen etc... etc... by the time i got upstairs it was already 920pm... and... jeng...jeng... jeng.. i got a miss call!! and..triple jeng jeng jengg... it was from james!! wuhuuu... my long lost friend! ahaksss... yeup... and returned his call with this joke... "OMG, i must be dreaming that i received a call from you!! :P" and he was laughing at the other end... :D he asked if i'd like to go out and have a drink with him... and of course my answer would be "yes! and no, i am not tired!!" hahaha... it's like not everyday i can even get the chance to talk to him nowadays... yeahh.. eversince the new project bla..bla.. he has been extremely busy, and me too and well, we've became further and sort of not talking to each other that frequent and almost not at all... it's like i see his car more often than him. :P :D and so, he picked me up at home about 45 minutes later, enough time for me to take a quick shower, kissed my joelis before i left, told my mom that i'm going out for a drink with james.. etc..etc.. and we went to the usual hang out where we just catch up on things.. some were about the move to a new office place etc...etc.. and yeahh.. some things are still the same.. like teasing each other and being sarcastic. :P by 11.10pm we left the restaurant since i had to get some cash and buy the shampoo that lisa ordered.. :) and i reached home at around 11.30pm greeted by a cockroach at the stairs!! yes, thank you very much.. :P*sigh* well, anyway, i had a nice time.. :) and james, its good talking to you again! :P

ein signing off.. at 12.17am... nite nite... :) and as i am typing this i can hear strange noises coming from the empty maid's room beside me!!! shuckkks.... time to shut down!! :S

joey's call

okay... just 1 tiny bit.. before i leave the office... :P

i was in my 10am meeting this morning, when i received 2 calls from home. i cant even recognise whether it was lisa or joey since it was a very brief one and i had to tell them that i was in a meeting and will call them back..[whoever that was..] and later after the meeting, i called home and asked lisa who made the call.. the 2nd one was from joey... and he told his sister later, after i hang up.. 'oh no... i have embarrassed mama coz i called her during her meeting' :D hehehe... no joey, you did not embarrassed me, just that i wont be able to entertain all your questions.. :P !

okay... i'm going back now... latersss... :)

Monday, August 13, 2007


me and my emotional moments... was takin a short break browsing today's paper. was actually looking for the news about the express bus accident but it wasnt there. and 1 article caught my attention.. which of course was not related to the accident. it was about this boy who won RM10K during the film festival in penang. the story was about him asking leave from his teacher to go for the festival.. and his excuse was, if he goes for shooting, he will get money to help out his parents. yeah... he came from a difficult background. and me being emotional about it, had tears in my eyes too.. remembered when lisa said a few times that she wanted to play her guitar to collect money for us... and joey, massaging everyone at home for RM1 per session :D cute isnt... i am not saying that we are in difficult situation, but obviously we are not filthy rich either.. again, i am lucky that we are staying with my parents... and my mom is still working... but slowly, i am building up what i want for me and my little joelis, without depending on my parents. i guess, i do not want to burden them anymore... insyaallah... what we are dreaming for will come true.. :) soon enough

and again, alhamdulillah for having such understanding, loving and thoughtful children :) and not forgetting sporting.. ;) :P

Sunday, August 12, 2007

can i have twins too? :)

hahaha :D have i got your attention now?? hehehe... arent they just adorable??? 2 boys... identical twins... fuuhh... my friend CT's sons... and how to get twins??? ahah!!! thats for me to know and for you to find out ;)
that was just the intro... :P after work on friday, i went out with AS after work at KJ... who was accompanying me feeling shitty... so, we went out, i got myself a tshirt...:) good therapy for being/feeling shitty. had mango lassi and sate for early dinner. was afraid to sms MB at first...but.. aahh... did it anyway... and i worried too much about starting the tiring and stupid conversation... as usual :P came home, just in time for dinner... but no, i did not have anymore food... trying to control food intake... yeaahhh right..:P lisa went for a massage at the curve with my mom, sister and joey.. treating her ankle.. they got back late ~ almost midnight, i think... the 2 angels were home too... i least this angel was home. :) but been smsing angelina... 2 weeks now after the diving, we stayed home on friday nite... wow!! isnt that an achievement? ahakss...

saturday up early and sent joey to his friend's house to do his homework, and while waiting for him, lisa and i went for furniture shopping..window shopping actually... :) no,did not get what i wanted... and later got a phone call from joey and he wanted to go to a coloring contest with his buddy naqib. thanks to naqib's aunt for taking joey with them... and am sure joey really enjoyed himself. :) he brought back lots of gifts too. saturday night i was home with my joelis...
sunday, attended EJ's daughter's 5th birthday party. i guess i was hoping that i could meet up with other BBGSians there... but unfortunately none to be seen. joelis were already with all other kids, while me... hanging around, didnt know what to do and too shy to start chatting with other moms..:) duuhh... so, there i was sitting at one of the table, had snacks on my plate and 'talked' to MB... :P thank you... for accompanying me till just before he started playing basketball at around 5pm. and just about time when the clown arrived entertaining the children at the party.... its getting cloudy... and windy... o'uh... its so nice to have a party at the garden... joey still had a good time ~ laughing at the jokes.. ~ almost the same tricks.. ~ although it was the same clown who has been at his own party for the past..err.. 6 years??! and the price has increased too from RM350 in 1999 to RM500 now for a session of 1 hour. :) lisa, although she was the oldest kid around joined in the fun...:) whatever it is the cream caramel was superb EJ!! thats EJ's speciality...:)

about 1 hour later, my old friend, CT arrived with her twins....OMG...they are so cute and adorable...!! its so nice to see other people having twins, but i wouldnt know how i can handle them myself if i had one... in fact about 2 weeks ago, my mom called me up at the office asking if anybody wants to adopt a pair of twins?! and i told my mom, 'i want them!!' without even thinking... :D and my mom told me, 'i dont think you can handle twins right now ein... you already have 2 kids' 'well, yeahh... but they are big already.. ' heheheh... :D hmmm it was all just talking anyway... i guess, if i can afford financially, i wouldnt mind taking those twins for adoption...;) errmm...i think, i am off the track now.. :P

pleasant surprises this week :)
  1. ... met bro K who just came back from Dubai early this month. i was having lunch with my colleagues when i ran into him.. and he joined us for lunch... we had a brief chat, just asking how we are doing. he also asked about joelis... and surprisingly, he remembers how old joelis are... not bad at all...
  2. met bro TAd on the way home from work last thursday. i stopped by at the petronas near my place when i saw him from the back. somehow i can recognise him from the way he stands, from the back. :) said 'hi' to him... the funny thing was, he said 'hi' without even looking ... and when he looked back and saw me, he almost screamed... hahaha lol!! his nice comment was, 'hey ein, you look pretty! prettier than before' (hehe... okay lah kan) and i said back, 'thank you... yeah laa... happier now ;)' he promised to get in touch and we can go out for coffee somewhere after end of august. it seems that he is busy now..something about a new film coming.

well.. anyway, thats about it for the weekend...

and i am dragging myself to the office next week for another busy hours... and i have started to not feeling so good... as i am typing...:( and i am beginning to have ulcers in my mouth... and that normally happens when i am stressed.. :(

Friday, August 10, 2007


shit!!! i started a conversation that i shouldnt have.... and now i am feeling shitty!!
i need that shopping therapy now... :((

Thursday, August 9, 2007

glam dinner 080807

was i grateful for getting the chance to be there. yes i was.. :) alhamdulillah... coz if not because of its paid for, hehehe.. :D dont think i'd pay that much to be there. the angels arrived late... everyone was already seated. hmmm... and in the beginning i dont see anything that can amuse me yet... except all men were in their black tie... the ladies were not all glamorous... except for anita sarawak and hubby, linda jasmin..(she looked fabulous!), wan zaleha...simple and yet beautiful.. those were among the celebrities that caught my attention. i took the opportunity to snap a photo with linda jasmin (which of course i looked so chubby!! shucks!!) and with wan zaleha.. and whispered to her prior to that, 'you look beautiful!' :) and yeaahhh... my face was like 2 size bigger than hers! :P duhh... the excitement began when they started the auction for a pair of watches.. and i am sure they are really expensive that the price started at RM50,000 per pair... and ended with RM150,000 per pair.. :O goshhh!!! where did these people get so much money?? well anyway, it was a charity ball... so everything was for a good cause. ;)
i enjoyed the fashion show.. and love the designs from gunawan - an indonesian designer... took a few photos there. the models look like angels on the runaway... :) atilia's powerful voice... ella's cool performance! and that guy singing justin timberlake's song was not bad too :D... my feet were already dancing under the table! :P although one of my friends did make a funny comment on him :D hehehe the songs are getting better towards the end of the night... the after party starts at 11pm. all guests started to leave the hall and all of us got up and started to crazily snapping pictures.. :D ahhh... ala-ala models gitu... perasan!! ahakss... well, not everyday we get to go to those functions okay. :P we went out and it seems that most of the guests were just mingling... and we were taking more photos outside. we decided to say hi to our former boss, datuk ibrahim and his lovely wife, datin nina juren... and... she is indeed a sweet lady.. humble and beautiful... and... of course... more photos!!! angelina and i were the ones who snapped lots of photos... ally was already waiting at the end of the red carpet :) hehehe... lupa diri pulak.. sorry... *gulp*... :P i went home in ally's car coz i left my car at her house. we had a good talk and laugh about the night.. stayed in the car at the porch looking at the pictures in my camera.. lol!! angelina called minutes later to check if we've got home safely. and the night did not end there... i took a few more snaps at ally's house... just trying so hard not to look chubby... :P :O oh well,... some photos turned out okay... some are just so bluecchhh... :D whatever it is... we had a great time :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

oh my...

arggh... i am like a 'lipas kudung'... was supposed to be in KJ for some system testing... but loads of things to do at the office... yeahh.. yeahh... and what am i doing now writing my blog? well, i am about to go for lunch... so, just 5 minutes... plsssss.... i need to... no!! oh no!! i am addicted to it... eergghh... to writing in my blog :P oopss... hang on... joey's calling for the 7th times since morning... all because the PC's out of order and no astro coz the decoder has been strucked by lightning! ok done.. :)

whatever it is, some of us at the office are pretty excited about the dinner that we will be attending tonight...!!! :P hahaha... stay tuned guys... if the photos turn out nice... i will definitely post it up here to share... ;) ahaksss... :D

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

errmm... what aaah?

i can talk a lot when i am stressed.. and my blog just proved it... i have been writing almost everyday... aahhh i am so in need of therapy! i was called in my boss's room early in the morning today. and yes, of course i panicked.... but, hehehe... nothing serious, just some casual chat regarding work... and yes, we need another staff. if you know anyone who is interested in the customer service line, do let me know yeah... ;) diploma holder please.

why am i so stressed? coz, work is piling up... my thumbdrive got corrupted and i threw the whole thumbdrive... :( i have finished like 90% of my work there... with lots of graphs for my analysis and all went into the dustbin. eerrgghhh... feel so like crying.. and now with many new staffs in the office, i could not get the pool laptop. no, i dont have my own... my thumbdrive got corrupted because of the desktop at home... which has not been switched on eversince. and all the while, at home i have been using my younger sister's laptop. now that she is busy with her thesis... i cant use the laptop.. double huwaaaa.... :((

anyway, another good therapy for stress is going for a massage... :D and that was what i did, body scrub, massage and facial... hmmmm.... it was good. smsed my younger sister and told her to save some dinner for me at home... and joey as usual, called many times asking when i am coming home. :) when i got home, joey was already waiting at the door. he greeted me with the posters that they both drew... nice.. :) after accompanying me having dinner in the kitchen, i went upstairs and listen to their babbling...and yapping.. and the rest..:) joey fell asleep seconds later... and lisa suddenly cried coz her ankle hurts. i massaged her ankle but since i am no expert on that kind of massage... needed my dad to help. poor lisa, she was crying when she went downstairs... later she came up with a bandage on her ankle. i really dont understand, she fell once and since then, her ankle has been giving her the problem. it will get swollen every now and then... and when i brought her to the clinic, the doctor said that its normal for her ankle to get swollen if she has fallen down before?! huh? it has got something to do with her 'urat' i think.. anyway... hugged her for a while until she falls asleep and i continued doing my work at the family room with mosquitoes biting my legs!! arrgghh...
okay lah... got to go... finish up my stuff.. :( good night everyone... sweet dreams.. :)

busy me and joelis

:) just when i told joelis not to call me many times in a day, i have started to miss them more now... :) joey had been calling me at the office yesterday coz he has been fighting with lisa at home.. at the same time when i had many calls to attend to from our customers..
:( i hate to hang up on joey when he is in a middle of conversation.. but.. work calls..:( ... and, you know, kids, sometimes, they'll just call and they dont understand that things can go crazy at the office... :) i make it a point to call them at least once a day before they go to school to check if everything is okay at home.. and when things get busy, i tend to missed calling... :P joey has been extra sensitive... or he has been like that since forever :D :P... lisa and her nagging.. goshh... love them both.. :D

Monday, August 6, 2007

mission accomplished, the hunt is over!

820pm... mission accomplished! you just wont be able to imagine how relieved i was after buying the dress, shoes, handbag and accessories for the dinner! *phew*... spent the whole lunch time at mid val today, skipped lunch. 4 of us, ally, angelina, me and taine. once we get off the cab, we split. that's what we normally do if each one of us has our own mission. ;) MB and i were texting each other just before that... he was doing his groceries shopping at mid val. so, my thought was, by 1pm he could have gone home. but.... tadaaa... he was still around. and was about to leave jusco when i smsed him asking if he is done with his shopping. by then, i already found the dress that i like, just that i have not tried them on. :) MB asked where i was... and seconds later.. he appeared with groceries shopping bags hanging left and right his hands. :D hehehe... we had a short chat... and just when i thought he was about to leave, i told him that i found the dress, and need his opinion if its okay... or if its too lacey...:D and... there he was... at the small shop with me.. and in the end, he waited for me to try both dresses! and yezza!! decided on the green dress.. yeup... green...and i am sure you cant imagine how green it can be... ahah!!! stay tuned then people..for pictures after the dinner! *wink* probably i am just bored with just plain black... so decided to put some colours this time :P

happily later, after sending MB half way to where he parked... i called my youngest sister and told her that i got a dress! and now i needed her help with accessories and shoes etc... in summary, we were both at bangsar village II at 630pm.... walking up and down jalan telawi to look for shoes and handbag... not one that i like... well yeaahh probably found one but it was RM200+... nahh... i dont even know the brand, claimed to be from china, and a pair of shoes cost that much... ?? hmmmm i dont think so... so there we were...walking that far although my legs were tired, hungry..almost frustrated.. when i finally found the shoes and matching handbag in bangsar village II! yey!! and the accessories too!! double yey!!

called up my mom later and ask if dinner is still around... and there was pecal which i just could not resist!! drove home... dreaming of the pecal... had dinner at home. yummmyy....

aaahhh so tired but happy...:) till later... ein signing off at 1142pm... good night people.. :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

quiet weekend

yezza.... quiet weekend for me... had friends calling and sms if i wanna join them at a few places.. and my reply was.. 'no thank you... just wanna be home and have a quiet relaxing weekend' :) supposed to sleep early on friday but ended up sleeping just before midnight... busy texting MB and also yik yakking with my 2 younger sisters... discussing about nice dresses but not that expensive..:P hahaha.. do they exist? :O all because of this dinner that some of us from the office will be attending.. it's like.. not brilliant to buy something expensive just because you just wanna fit in isnt? hmmmm... the thot did came to me today after having like 2 hours going round klcc looking for what to wear.. and oh..we stopped by that place not knowing that it is damn expensive... what the h$#@... RM8,750.00 for a piece of dress??!! hemmmm.... and the salesperson were errmm unfriendly... yeah .. we did went in with our tshirt and jeans... hahaha.. and my youngest sister with her crocs? :P okay... that's about girls went shopping... window shopping :D :p errmm... i do like that blue dress at salabianca.. :(

had a wonderful time yesterday.. started early, sent my joelis to school... meet up with my 10am appointment... got what i wanted.. well at least, the things that i planned sort of materialised. make sure that i left the place on time to pick joelis up from school... ended up 20 minutes late.. heh..hhe... and both joelis were already yapping... blahh.. blah.. nagging... dropped them at home.. get lunch prepared for them before i left home for my lunch appointment with MB :P

met MB around 110pm... we sat together looking at the pictures from the diving trip that i have compiled from the 4 cameras and also the one that i have compiled for him, and... yeah... he also chose some extra pictures that he likes.. hahaha... by 230pm we make a move to TTDI for lunch... i wasnt that hungry but since its lunch time, i've gotta take something... thought of having pizza.. suddenly on the way, MB thot of 1 place that he saw during some walk... organic cafe..i dont mind trying a new place... and... har...har.. har... we had a great time... laughing at the errmm.. food.. and yes, he was entertained by making me blush under my dark skin... i thot we both were being extra chatty... we talked about many things... which includes making fun of my tasteless fried rice, and MB ended up finishing them... [and... we both agree that we wont be going back to the restaurant!] the restaurant would be a good hideout for couples tho... the ambience was okay... romantic music...hahha... it was the food thats not right... or maybe.. we just could not appreciate those organic kinda food?! MB did try his luck asking if they have his 'organic soda' and 'eettt!! they dont!! hahaha...' and MB was saying, 'can u imagine if this place was chosen as a first date for some?' goshh.... well, anyway being there with a person that you are comfortable with, makes it a nice moment spent. :) i enjoyed his company.. later he asked if i'd like to have something else after lunch... 'errmm like dessert?' and i had ice-cream on my mind.. and he quickly said, 'yeah..elsewhere' and ice-cream it is!! ever since i had cornetto in perhentian... i've started to like it again... MB took the tiramisu and i got the strawberry flavor... hmmmm yummyy!!
he drove around TTDI.. and he thot we could just get simple ice cream and have a walk in the park.. which was not a bad idea at all.. and me.. being me... 90% chances, i'd have a camera in my handbag!! wuuhhuuuu... snapped a few funny picts.. the park looks nice and calm.. quite well taken care of.. although the flowers were not that many and some are dried up...maybe because it's too hot. its a pity that not many people are using the park.. we saw a newlywed couple shooting their wedding pictures.. a small boy exchanging 'hellos' with MB.. :) us.. taking more pictures.. here and there... trying all sorts of poses.. and its much smiling.... well, i was actually laughing all the time while taking those picts.. how can i not...MB was being naughty at the time..:P or... nahh...i dont like that angle kinda of thing.. :P just love having a digital camera... hhahaha... it was just past 430pm and we've covered the whole park and its time to go... walked back to where he parked his truck... and yeah... listening to his CD with him making the funny dance moves while driving... :P
uploaded the latest pictures into his laptop.. and its time to go home. have got some groceries shopping to do at home! *smiling* and it was a wonderful afternoon... and yes... i was still smiling driving on the way back...
joey called when i was doing my groceries shopping... checking on me! :D :P unload all the stuff out of my car... cooked dinner... yes.. you read it right... i cooked dinner..:) hehehe.. you dont get that often staying at my parents but yeahh... i do cook... my dad just came back from his fishing trip... he cooked the fish that he caught... 'asam pedas' it was getting too spicy and told me to repair... :D, fried mix vegetables & mushroom... and fried drummets for joelis.
and i ended the weekend by .... hunting for the dress... and has not succeeded... :P

Thursday, August 2, 2007

my mind is still there...

sat together with GG and ally yesterday compiling a few pictures from the trip. and yes, my mind is still there despite all the work loads that's left for me as soon as i am back at the office. :) seen few more nice pictures of us...

remembered playing UNO while waiting for the food.. disturbing MB in the morning... those acting silly pictures... us being ourselves... no pretending... no make up on... and still be happy about it.. :P but... girls.. being girls.... yes.. we did brought our hair dryer there!!! and it became ally's heater when she's cold in the room :D lol!!

the island is beautiful... time is just not enough to explore the whole island... will not deny that its a good time to just relax... one thing thats amiss tho... there was no star :( not like tenggol island. i was thinking of taking another camera with me, which is quite bulky... to take shots of the stars at night..and luckily i did not take it with me... coz, no stars to be seen.. hmmmm... but we saw the moon! heh...heh..

anyway... SA, you are gonna say that all this are jiwang... but aahhh what the heck...!! :P this is the song that reminds me of the weekend... duuhh... :P :P

Most of our days
We get so busy runnin’
Lost in a maze
We’ve got no time for fun and dreams
Every now and then
A dream is real
And this is how it feels, yeah, yeah
For once in your life
Forget about tomorrow
Tonight is the night
Our worries seems so far away
You’ll hold me in your arms
So tenderly
I only want a taste
Of your sweet, sweet, ooh
Oh, kisses in the moonlight, sugar
That would make this night complete
There have got to be
Oh, kisses in the moonlight, sugar
Fly away with me
Oh, fly away with me
Don’t let this night end right now
‘Cause in your arms is where I need to be
Oh, oh, oh
Yeah, yeah
Kisses in the moonlight
And you know
Oh, oh, oh

as promised.... pictures are uploaded! :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

belated roses...

that was what written on the card. went out for lunch with AS today. decided to go somewhere i've never been for lunch before. i dont know, my mind was just tired i guess, although i did have a good night sleep :) and just before we headed back to my office, AS stopped somewhere to get something, he said... i waited for him in the car... and suddenly... 'surprise!' :) he gave me a bouquet of roses... :D and that was so sweet of him... it was a belated birthday gift. hmmm... and i dont remember the last time i received a bouquet of flowers. i just love the surprise... :) thank you AS... for the thought... ;) it did make me smile all the way back to the office.