Tuesday, July 10, 2007

so what??

for those who'd say 'arent u supposed to be busy at work, why do u still have time to write your blog?' well, i'd say to those people.. 'buzz off!' writing in my blog is a good therapy for me. ;)

had a long conversation with AS on the way to work this morning.. and while telling him all those, at the same time, i am reminding myself as well. you cannot change a person's attitude. [yes i am currently having a problem with someone with a difficult attitude] you cannot find a person thats 100% perfect to suit to your liking. we all have our own flaws. we are in a relationship to complement each other. trust is important in a relationship, however, we need to know the limit. in my opinion, giving the freedom to your partner to socialize should have a boundary.. well, it may not sound as clear here in writing than saying it out loud.. but AS, you know what i meant. i guess younger women tend to go for older men because they wanna be pampered and asking for full attention [well who doesnt? i want that too!! :P] but whether they can get the men to be that patient or not, is another question ;) and i have also learnt that communication is important... if you want it to work out, talk.. communicate... find the best way to reach.. :) err... through a nice dinner maybe... duuhh...itu pun mau ajar ke?? :P

and AS, i am sorry, if i spoilt your mood early in the morning.. :P i'll cover another karaoke session? ;) heh..heh..

diff topic: had a chat with lisa the other night, as she grow older, there are a few more things that we have in common. :) one of them is, we both do not know how to say it eventhough we didnt like it..? errmm.. okay, for instance, we both get hurt when our friends say certain things, but we chose to just walk away. yes, we will feel sad, hurt, down and we think about it, but somehow, we dont know how to say it out to that person. we just didnt want to start an argument. ended up we dont feel comfortable, and not satisfied.. and hurt.. and we'll just hope and pray that the feelings will go away.. but, most of the time, it didnt go away... :(

p/s: just made a call to JoeLis...they were on the way to school.. missed them..