Thursday, July 12, 2007

the call

as i was struggling with my graphs... analysis... the phone rang.

me: ello
joey: ma...
me: yes darling [already smiling hearing his voice]
joey: you've got to come home now.. its urgent! [with his panic voice]
me: huh? why? what happened?
joey: my teacher asked me to bring my toothbrush and toothpaste to school today, and the toothpaste upstairs is too big..
me: hehehe...:D laaa.. i am sure there's one in the drawer in the kitchen, joey. where's bibik?
joey: hang on... hang on... dont put down the phone okay..
me: hemmmpph... wokay
joey: [ran to the kitchen] okay..okay.. got it.. grape flavour?
me: hmmm.. problem solved? :)
joey: yeup.. okay mama, bye bye.. love you..
me: love you too darling... [smile]
joey: ehh... wait..wait..
me: yes..?
joey: thank you and sorry for disturbing you..
me: hee..hee.. :D not a problem at all sayang... love you bye..
joey: bye.. good night..!?
me: oit... good night??
joey: ehh... [laughing like mad on the other side] sorry sorry... hahahah lol!!
me: okay..okay.. bye.. and stop it before i bite you.. :P
joey: hee..hee..:D okay mama.. bye bye love you!! [and hang up]

and the call made me smile as always..