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by - July 25, 2007

july, busy month for lisa and i.. we share the same month to celebrate our birthday. lisa turned 10 on 24th july, 2007. we had dinner at sakura kristal...upon lisa's request to have carbonara for dinner on her birthday :) got her a cake and surprised her after she finishes her meal...more pictures.

oh yess... joey had a new hair cut on sunday! he requested to have the same haircut when we went to london 3 years back.. hmmm and somehow i knew that he'll be extra naughty with that hair style.. ;)

i will be going for my next diving trip this weekend with a group of friends. lisa will be going for her 1st camping trip.. real camping i hope.. :) with her school friends and teachers.. hmmm.. can she? i mean... its not gonna be perfectly clean on a camp... hehehe :D we'll see the outcome after she returns next week ;) joey will be joining my younger sister.. hmmmm.. looks like 3 of us will be temporary separated for the weekend.. there'll be lots of pictures next week... so stay tuned..!!

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