Monday, July 2, 2007

busy busy weekend

busy and bored.. that was me on friday.. felt like just want to be at a place thats unusual. doing something different, but i dont know what... see how bad it was?! so i ended up crushing into MB's party who is having pizza etc at their usual hangout.. gosh... embarassing.. but it was a good break for me :P thanks MB for the pizza and walking me back to my car. :)

got home.. slow talked with my joelis.. asking them if i can go out with my friends.. hee...hee..:D funny isnt? shouldnt it be the other way around? :P yey!! got the green lite from them provided i put them to sleep first.. :) done! fetch ally, and called up angelina on the way out.. make sure that we arrive at our destination at the same time. SA was already there waiting.. change of venue.. atilia performed at no black tie.. my personal opinion.. she has a good strong and powerful voice.. but.. i am not so much a jazz person... so, 30 minutes there is enough for me... i wanna dance!!! anyway, tried to take a few shots from where we were seated at the balcony.. :P :P angelina contacted our usual gang at our usual hang out.. and he said, 'the crowd was hespenin' hehehe :D hence, the 3 angels proceed... and we had a great time!! thank you..ali jungle.. spring guy..oh yes.. happy belated birthday to you, spring guy.. ;)

got up early on saturday.. joey had his movie date with jwa, my youngest sister.. he left around 9.00am. and lisa was left at home with me.. i have prior appt, so i dragged her along with me.. dont want to leave her at home.. went to the guesthouse, had my maid cleaned up the place.. oh yes... thank you mr SA a.k.a ah kow wiring, for your help... ;) i'll make you the curry puffs as promised... but when??.. will have to wait :P:P what else did i do on saturday eh?? oh yes... ally called and picked me up later to go to scubadynamic to check out some stuff for our diving trip. and, we bought our fins and straps for our mask.. :D and ally got her wetsuit... finally.. :P :D

sunday, jwa and i became the tour guides to a group of teachers and students from surabaya. it was a good trip for us too.. and its quite embarassing that even, us being malaysians, rarely visit or know about some tourist attractions places in kl. we took our guests to klcc.. the flea market at the curve and tugu negara where there was a group called tugu drum circle... guys.. its a must to go and watch them play there.. sundays 5pm - 8pm.. and from what i heard, anybody can join and bring your own drum and play with the group. :) and guess what am i thinking...? i might just join them one day, with my gendang. :) joelis had a great time...:) although joey was a bit shy... :) hemmmm what else..? aahhh met with my 2 nieces, [ex-husband's nieces].. was a nice surprise.. :) and during that short moment we get to chat a lil bit on how things are going.. ;)