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bukit kiara jungle trail

by - July 11, 2007

*wink* yezza.... legs are still aching..although bearable. being a kl'ian myself, i would never thought that we have a track like that, in the middle of kl. brisk walking session for me and ally is getting simpler... 45 minutes walk is nothing to us.. yeaahh what do you expect? 2 girls walking while chit chatting.. you just dont feel tired..although we do sweat!

however, what i did yesterday with my personal trainer a.k.a MB... hehehehe... was really different! honestly, i did not expect it to be that challenging... eerrkkss.. :O :P and oh.. how i wish i had my camera in my pouch! :( got to his place after work, traffic was bad..yes. we got into his truck and he drove to desa sri hartamas. hemmm sounds familiar? the place.. yes.. but the walking place that we were supposed to go... not for me.. :D the last time i had that kinda walk was during the corporate warrior.. mosquitoes were all over.. well, cant blame them for liking my sweet blood... heh.. heh... :P must be my dark coloured tights. well anyway, i love the place although when it gets darker, it kind of gets quite creepy for me.. and of course i just kept it to myself. :P my head starts to imagine those blah..blahh..blahh.. and i can see the old trail made by previous whoever..

MB was still in his high energy talking while i walked, trying to catch up with him from behind. and i thought i have the stamina to do all those?? hemmmm..think again, not at good as him i supposed. half way... i had to.. "hey MB, i think we gotta stop here for a while.. i am already out of breath!" and he chuckled.. "yeah..okay, but we cant stop too long okay" and not even 5 minutes.. we continued the challenge climbing up the slopes. and i felt like the whole area can hear my loud breathing... hahahah..>:D was i tired?? of course!!! but do i give up?? nahhh... not in a million years..!!

as we walk, i can hear the monkeys.. somewhere on the trees.. and thats when i walked on the other side.. heh..heh.. dont want them to suddenly jump on me! :P and yes!! we can see the twin towers!! almost just the tip of the towers.. beautiful! and the stars... ahhh that reminds me.. i've got to look for the brightest star... but it wasnt blinking? :O walked again.. its getting darker.. and hey.. there were 'kelip-kelip'..[gosh..what are they called in english? i forgot lah] aahhhh fireflies!! hehehe funny, MB tried to catch them.. yeaa right.. :D can you believe it, we ended at the equestrian club.. what a big round we made! on the way back, i missed a step.. well, did not see there was some sort of a hole and i lost balance for a while..and sort of twisted my left ankle.. hmmm so much about resting my legs huh.. hehehe..:D

on the way back walking to the truck we went through the main road.. we both were quiet.. i dunno what was in his mind.. probably his 9pm work call? ahaksss.. but i know whats on my mind.. :) well anyway, finally got back to his truck.. aahhhh.... cant feel my legs!!! hahahaaha :D and drinks... yes!! ribena... yey!! got to his place, get into my car and drove straight home.. got straight to the kitchen, had nasi kerabu... yum..yumm.. went straight up, and thats when lisa said.. "mama, whats wrong with your legs?" and i asked, "why? whats wrong?" and that was when i noticed that my knees were swollen.. luckily i brought up some ice, to put on my left ankle actually.. but ended up iced ankle and both knees.. :) whatever it is, it was a new thing to do.. and yes, i enjoyed it.. although how difficult it was.. it was a nice walk indeed... :)

lisa: maa.. why do you start doing all this crazy stuff?
me: ermmm... coz, i wanna do something new and different? ;)

i managed to get pictures about bukit kiara jungle trail from the net... at least it was almost like the trail that we went through..:) thank you joe adnan -

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