Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2nd diving trip [part ii]

read the notice guys...(click on it for bigger image) it's funny and can be true.. :P
28th july 2007 (saturday)

got up really early in the morning... my alarm went off as usual at 630am... getting all set for our 2nd dive for the trip. went for a simple breakfast.

930am walked to the dive center. had all our gears ready. it was a beautiful dive. the water was calm. visibility was good... shuckss... it reads like my dive log now.. :P saw a turtle passed by.. bigger than the one that i saw in tenggol island. just that the turtle did not smile this time :D [hillarious moment] MB made me laugh till i went up without realising it... ggrr.... this 2nd dive was easier than i had yesterday. oh yes... we saw a school of yellow fish... GG was so funny, and she looked as though she wanted to hug the fishes :D heheheh..
130pm went for the 3rd dive. this was when our divemaster told us that there would be quite strong underwater current. [highlight of the trip] was i nervous? yes! was i scared? double yes!! and it was as though MB could read my mind... when he said, 'i will be closer to you this time..' phew!!... thank god.. and true enough... it was crazy strong... at least too strong for me... all of us descend thru the life line... and i felt as though the current can swept me away... my legs were already tired... yes, i was scared.. i was looking at MB most of the time... :( i guess couldnt really enjoy the underwater scenery coz i was busy struggling fighting the current... and man... my legs!!! it was a good experience tho. yeahhh... i was imagining on a rescue mission as i was going down the life line... hahahaa :D went back to our room to rest and have lunch...

330pm went back to the dive center for our 4th dive, last dive for the day. was still tired... we were thinking of renting the camera, but was suggested that we rent the underwater camera tomorrow during our last dive. nothing much this time.. visibility was still not good. but it was more relaxed than the previous one ;) on the way back to the shore, all of us had to get down the boat and pushed the boat to the shore since the tide was out.

530pm went back to our rooms. rest for a while. i took a quick shower, changed into something more comfortable.

600pm walked through the jungle trekking to 'long beach'. well at least it was still bright. we were prepared to get torchlights just in case the time we get back, it'll be dark. and wow!!! the long beach was beautiful, bigger, sandy beach... more people.. different group of people. :) errmm.... better view kinda thing! :P GG and ally got all excited.. hahaha.. and i was busy translating what they were up to, to MB :D. took a few more pictures. and guess what...!!? we met chef wan! had a little chat with him and took pictures :) yesss... more pictures!!! i had seafood fried kuey tiow for errmm... early dinner? it was really yummy.. :D stopped by the souvenior shop and got a few stuffs for joelis and my friends back in kl.

i really had a good time... although in my mind there're joelis... angelina.. wish angelina could join us... and i began to think... gosh... time really flies so fast when you are having a good time. :)

730pm finished our little shopping.. and the scary part was to go back on the trail when it's already dark. errkkss... i was holding on to MB all the time. wished i could walk with my eyes closed. i dont like imagining things when i know on my left is the jungle?! and by having the lightning and thunder is not helping at all.. i was scared but laughing at the same time. :D and phewww... only god knows how comforted i was when we've finally reached on the other side of the beach again! and.... only when i thought the adventure was over.... GG and ally were already out of the room again!!! guess what?! GG left ally's camera at the shop on the other side of the beach which means we have to go through that jungle trekking again, in the rain and complete darkness!!! how crazy is that?! my heartbeat was just about to slow down :D :P and of course i wont leave just GG and ally to go back there... so, the fantastic 4 went through that again... praying hard that the camera is still there... somewhere!

900pm alhamdulillah... found the camera! i got a can of 100 plus... and we started to walk back... errrkkss... got back at senjabay resort soaking wet! and tired..

1000pm went to the cafe for supper... most of the things were not available.. i had a big glass of milo tarik. had these 2 strange guys seated next to our table. it was uncomfortable really. we stayed for a while watching a movie on hbo. and later went back to our room... i wasnt that sleepy... :( called joey on my sister's handphone, but he was already asleep... if only those 2 guys werent there, i would have seated at the beach chairs outside our room... but finally fall asleep at around 1215 midnight... after exchanging sms with MB next door... and in my mind... it's already the last night there? :(

29th july 2007 (sunday)
700am got up.. and sent an sms to wake MB up... and i can hear him moaning from next door! hahaha :D he must be cursing me... :P got a very simple breakfast... fruits.. can u believe that??! i normally have nasi lemak or meehoon goreng or nasi goreng and there i was having mix fruits??!! hmmmmpphh... what to do... our last dive is too early!
830am the fantastic 4 walked to the dive center. rented a camera. and... that was it??! the last dive already??!! :(. visibility was not good... but the hilly corals down there were amazing! i was surprised that i can control my buoyancy quite well. ;) and all the time, felt like i was driving in between the corals and reefs. in fact all of us did quite well.. had a few photos taken although the water was quite murky. :(
that's me (on the left) and MB... good pose huh.. :) :P hehehe... and we had our own joke about how to pose underwater?! :P har... har... and hey MB... you did it! :P so much about teasing..
[panic moment] when we were enjoying the dive..after going thru one of the big reef, suddenly i realized that ally was no where to be seen.. i was turning left and right, looking for her.. asked GG and she didnt know where ally went...!! and yes, i was worried shit... :( already had tears in my eyes in that short moment.. i looked at MB... trying to communicate... and about 1 minute later i saw her slowly coming down... *sigh* and i asked her what happened... it seems that she had problems... god knows how relieved i was to see her back down... and a few minutes later, we surfaced as ally's already almost out of air...
and as usual... we wished we can do more dives... :) from a person who started diving just for the fun of it... has now become in love with diving!!

1100am reached the shore... went back to the room...after updating our dive log. changed into something more comfy... dried out our wetsuits... packed and walked to long beach for lunch. wanted to swim at the beach but it was too hot... ended up lazying at one of the restaurants and enjoying our food and scenery... for the last time.. :(
200pm headed back to our resort... had a nice conversation and laugh with MB on the way... hehehe... surprisingly he had the same thoughts as i was... :O and we were both glad that we made it for the trip. it was indeed a wonderful weekend! *smiling*
430pm took the last boat to kuala besut jetty. snap more photos on the way back although everyone seemed to be quiet... maybe, sad having to leave the beautiful island and memories. at least i know thats how i feel.
500pm reached kuala besut jetty. had to take a cab to kota bharu since the agent did not get our tickets back to kl earlier. i slept in the cab :) GG and ally were still busy chatting... MB was enjoying the kampong scenery which reminded him that he is in malaysia. :)
615pm reached kota bharu. looked for where we were supposed to hop on the bus.. went to kb mall while waiting.. for our bus at 900pm. called up joey, and he was crying in the car.
900pm got on the bus... double decker yey!!! got the second last yey!! :( :P road was worse than the trip to kuala besut... but i slept anyway... and maybe... again... with MB next to me, it feels nice all the way :P har...har... emo!!!
30th july 2007 (monday)
500am arrived at hentian putra, kl... that ends a wonderful weekend on perhentian island... :) will there be more diving trips? ;)
of course!!
ein signing off at 807pm... will let u know once i have uploaded the pictures :) or... visit my album anytime ;)