Monday, July 30, 2007

2nd diving trip [part i]

the first fun dive after getting our license in may 07. we were really up to and i.. although we've both been really busy... we must make it happen.;) originally there were supposed to be 7 of us in a group. 2 couldnt make it...and just about 2 weeks before we leave.. minus 1 more and his family... and ended up just the 4 of us.. ally, girly gurl (GG), MB and me! we had a fantabulous time!! the long bus trip seems to be fun despite the rough road..heh..heh... perhaps because of the person who's sitting next to me... :P we had the chance to really being chatty... cant run away now... we were glued to each other for the next 9 hours in the bus! :P meant to upload photos for your viewing pleasure but had to compile from 4 cameras. so, it'll take some time... and some need to be screened as well.. hahaha :D it was a different experience altogether... new place.. buddy... hehhehe :D... i was quite nervous too since this was the first time having MB as my buddy.. normally i'd be with ally.. but then, thinking that MB has been diving more than the 3 of us, it should be alright. i experienced strong underwater current... gosh...that was really challenging for me... i was lucky to have a big buddy with me...well yeahh... i can say that he takes good care of me down there ;) nevertheless, we still check on each other... 4 of us... :D GG was very bubbly and full of energy all the time.. except after 930pm..:P through out the trip, she'll be snapping pictures here and there... both ally and GG were like a couple who're about to know each!! and yes of course...not forgetting checking out the cute guys as well... hey! there are a few.. just wished we had more time on the island to survey more!! MB and I had a great time, perhaps those were the time that we really have each other and talk about anything and knowing each other more :) and avoiding office related talk :P it on the island... felt relaxed...

perhentian island - senja bay resort on the small island
26th july 07 (thursday nite)

800pm left the house for Hentian Putra... received an sms from MB. there was no confirmation on the cab. made a little detour, fetched MB from his home with my mom, youngest sister and joey in the car. oopss... i broke my dad's car's bonet... errkkss... sorry dad...:( and i know i will miss my joelis despite all the diving excitements.

905pm reached Hentian Putra... ally and GG were already there... got onto the bus a few minutes later.. somehow, it wasnt that cold this time on the bus... MB has been turning left and right trying to make himself more comfortable :D i had my sleeping pill handy this time... with all that... MB had more sleep than i did.. :P

27th july 07 (friday)

arrived at kuala besut bus station at 600am. [this is the day when all cameras will start clicking!! yezzaaa] called up yaudin travel's rep. wasnt that convincing hearing her voice... we ended up lying at the area under the tree... and MB telling me about the bats.. and as we've predicted, we did not take the 700am boat...:) we were given a room to put out stuff while waiting for the 900am boat. we got refreshed... i got showered! and had breakfast at one of the small stalls... heavy bfast for me and the girls... but just coffee for MB. i was quite worried coz the rep was a bit blur about the ticket back to KL... hemmm.... hmmm nevermind.. think of that later..:P

900am took the speedboat ride to the island.. hmmm nice place.. nice resort... i did not have any expectations... this is the first time for me to be on perhentian island. we got the rooms that we wanted...beachfront rooms... and next to each other.. cool!! had some snacks at the cafe... and walked to steffan dive center to check on our diving schedule... and my heart beats faster... i still remember what to do when??? :O

130pm walked back to the dive center with our wetsuits on...ahah...finally...we are diving again... nervous? yes... very... excited? yes too!! the best part was, they did everything for us putting all the equipments together. we only need to carry them to the boat.

i do not want to put details in here or it'll look like my dive log book :P. had quite a problem with my ear... :( MB helped me with my fins as they were coming out underwater...gosh... i did struggle to put them back in... [silly moment] forgot to pull out the plastic thing that was in my fins earlier.. :P ended up holding the plastic thing while diving..

after the dive.. ally took the chance to take a nap in the room while GG was on the hammock, reading and giggling on the phone :P. and i had a nice walk, a bit of trekking by the beach with MB... checking out more interesting place on the island. took lots of pictures...[check out the album later kay ;)] after the walk... relaxed in front of the room in the evening while waiting for dinner.
planned to walk to the other side of the beach but...after looking at the trail..errkkss... better not!! and it was a good decision made coz it rained after that.. all of us slept early that night to get ready for our next dive the next morning...:)

ein signing off at be continued... stay tuned guys..;) nite nite