Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2nd diving trip [part ii]

read the notice guys...(click on it for bigger image) it's funny and can be true.. :P
28th july 2007 (saturday)

got up really early in the morning... my alarm went off as usual at 630am... getting all set for our 2nd dive for the trip. went for a simple breakfast.

930am walked to the dive center. had all our gears ready. it was a beautiful dive. the water was calm. visibility was good... shuckss... it reads like my dive log now.. :P saw a turtle passed by.. bigger than the one that i saw in tenggol island. just that the turtle did not smile this time :D [hillarious moment] MB made me laugh till i went up without realising it... ggrr.... this 2nd dive was easier than i had yesterday. oh yes... we saw a school of yellow fish... GG was so funny, and she looked as though she wanted to hug the fishes :D heheheh..
130pm went for the 3rd dive. this was when our divemaster told us that there would be quite strong underwater current. [highlight of the trip] was i nervous? yes! was i scared? double yes!! and it was as though MB could read my mind... when he said, 'i will be closer to you this time..' phew!!... thank god.. and true enough... it was crazy strong... at least too strong for me... all of us descend thru the life line... and i felt as though the current can swept me away... my legs were already tired... yes, i was scared.. i was looking at MB most of the time... :( i guess couldnt really enjoy the underwater scenery coz i was busy struggling fighting the current... and man... my legs!!! it was a good experience tho. yeahhh... i was imagining on a rescue mission as i was going down the life line... hahahaa :D went back to our room to rest and have lunch...

330pm went back to the dive center for our 4th dive, last dive for the day. was still tired... we were thinking of renting the camera, but was suggested that we rent the underwater camera tomorrow during our last dive. nothing much this time.. visibility was still not good. but it was more relaxed than the previous one ;) on the way back to the shore, all of us had to get down the boat and pushed the boat to the shore since the tide was out.

530pm went back to our rooms. rest for a while. i took a quick shower, changed into something more comfortable.

600pm walked through the jungle trekking to 'long beach'. well at least it was still bright. we were prepared to get torchlights just in case the time we get back, it'll be dark. and wow!!! the long beach was beautiful, bigger, sandy beach... more people.. different group of people. :) errmm.... better view kinda thing! :P GG and ally got all excited.. hahaha.. and i was busy translating what they were up to, to MB :D. took a few more pictures. and guess what...!!? we met chef wan! had a little chat with him and took pictures :) yesss... more pictures!!! i had seafood fried kuey tiow for errmm... early dinner? it was really yummy.. :D stopped by the souvenior shop and got a few stuffs for joelis and my friends back in kl.

i really had a good time... although in my mind there're joelis... angelina.. wish angelina could join us... and i began to think... gosh... time really flies so fast when you are having a good time. :)

730pm finished our little shopping.. and the scary part was to go back on the trail when it's already dark. errkkss... i was holding on to MB all the time. wished i could walk with my eyes closed. i dont like imagining things when i know on my left is the jungle?! and by having the lightning and thunder is not helping at all.. i was scared but laughing at the same time. :D and phewww... only god knows how comforted i was when we've finally reached on the other side of the beach again! and.... only when i thought the adventure was over.... GG and ally were already out of the room again!!! guess what?! GG left ally's camera at the shop on the other side of the beach which means we have to go through that jungle trekking again, in the rain and complete darkness!!! how crazy is that?! my heartbeat was just about to slow down :D :P and of course i wont leave just GG and ally to go back there... so, the fantastic 4 went through that again... praying hard that the camera is still there... somewhere!

900pm alhamdulillah... found the camera! i got a can of 100 plus... and we started to walk back... errrkkss... got back at senjabay resort soaking wet! and tired..

1000pm went to the cafe for supper... most of the things were not available.. i had a big glass of milo tarik. had these 2 strange guys seated next to our table. it was uncomfortable really. we stayed for a while watching a movie on hbo. and later went back to our room... i wasnt that sleepy... :( called joey on my sister's handphone, but he was already asleep... if only those 2 guys werent there, i would have seated at the beach chairs outside our room... but finally fall asleep at around 1215 midnight... after exchanging sms with MB next door... and in my mind... it's already the last night there? :(

29th july 2007 (sunday)
700am got up.. and sent an sms to wake MB up... and i can hear him moaning from next door! hahaha :D he must be cursing me... :P got a very simple breakfast... fruits.. can u believe that??! i normally have nasi lemak or meehoon goreng or nasi goreng and there i was having mix fruits??!! hmmmmpphh... what to do... our last dive is too early!
830am the fantastic 4 walked to the dive center. rented a camera. and... that was it??! the last dive already??!! :(. visibility was not good... but the hilly corals down there were amazing! i was surprised that i can control my buoyancy quite well. ;) and all the time, felt like i was driving in between the corals and reefs. in fact all of us did quite well.. had a few photos taken although the water was quite murky. :(
that's me (on the left) and MB... good pose huh.. :) :P hehehe... and we had our own joke about how to pose underwater?! :P har... har... and hey MB... you did it! :P so much about teasing..
[panic moment] when we were enjoying the dive..after going thru one of the big reef, suddenly i realized that ally was no where to be seen.. i was turning left and right, looking for her.. asked GG and she didnt know where ally went...!! and yes, i was worried shit... :( already had tears in my eyes in that short moment.. i looked at MB... trying to communicate... and about 1 minute later i saw her slowly coming down... *sigh* and i asked her what happened... it seems that she had problems... god knows how relieved i was to see her back down... and a few minutes later, we surfaced as ally's already almost out of air...
and as usual... we wished we can do more dives... :) from a person who started diving just for the fun of it... has now become in love with diving!!

1100am reached the shore... went back to the room...after updating our dive log. changed into something more comfy... dried out our wetsuits... packed and walked to long beach for lunch. wanted to swim at the beach but it was too hot... ended up lazying at one of the restaurants and enjoying our food and scenery... for the last time.. :(
200pm headed back to our resort... had a nice conversation and laugh with MB on the way... hehehe... surprisingly he had the same thoughts as i was... :O and we were both glad that we made it for the trip. it was indeed a wonderful weekend! *smiling*
430pm took the last boat to kuala besut jetty. snap more photos on the way back although everyone seemed to be quiet... maybe, sad having to leave the beautiful island and memories. at least i know thats how i feel.
500pm reached kuala besut jetty. had to take a cab to kota bharu since the agent did not get our tickets back to kl earlier. i slept in the cab :) GG and ally were still busy chatting... MB was enjoying the kampong scenery which reminded him that he is in malaysia. :)
615pm reached kota bharu. looked for where we were supposed to hop on the bus.. went to kb mall while waiting.. for our bus at 900pm. called up joey, and he was crying in the car.
900pm got on the bus... double decker yey!!! got the second last yey!! :( :P road was worse than the trip to kuala besut... but i slept anyway... and maybe... again... with MB next to me, it feels nice all the way :P har...har... emo!!!
30th july 2007 (monday)
500am arrived at hentian putra, kl... that ends a wonderful weekend on perhentian island... :) will there be more diving trips? ;)
of course!!
ein signing off at 807pm... will let u know once i have uploaded the pictures :) or... visit my album anytime ;)

Monday, July 30, 2007

2nd diving trip [part i]

the first fun dive after getting our license in may 07. we were really up to and i.. although we've both been really busy... we must make it happen.;) originally there were supposed to be 7 of us in a group. 2 couldnt make it...and just about 2 weeks before we leave.. minus 1 more and his family... and ended up just the 4 of us.. ally, girly gurl (GG), MB and me! we had a fantabulous time!! the long bus trip seems to be fun despite the rough road..heh..heh... perhaps because of the person who's sitting next to me... :P we had the chance to really being chatty... cant run away now... we were glued to each other for the next 9 hours in the bus! :P meant to upload photos for your viewing pleasure but had to compile from 4 cameras. so, it'll take some time... and some need to be screened as well.. hahaha :D it was a different experience altogether... new place.. buddy... hehhehe :D... i was quite nervous too since this was the first time having MB as my buddy.. normally i'd be with ally.. but then, thinking that MB has been diving more than the 3 of us, it should be alright. i experienced strong underwater current... gosh...that was really challenging for me... i was lucky to have a big buddy with me...well yeahh... i can say that he takes good care of me down there ;) nevertheless, we still check on each other... 4 of us... :D GG was very bubbly and full of energy all the time.. except after 930pm..:P through out the trip, she'll be snapping pictures here and there... both ally and GG were like a couple who're about to know each!! and yes of course...not forgetting checking out the cute guys as well... hey! there are a few.. just wished we had more time on the island to survey more!! MB and I had a great time, perhaps those were the time that we really have each other and talk about anything and knowing each other more :) and avoiding office related talk :P it on the island... felt relaxed...

perhentian island - senja bay resort on the small island
26th july 07 (thursday nite)

800pm left the house for Hentian Putra... received an sms from MB. there was no confirmation on the cab. made a little detour, fetched MB from his home with my mom, youngest sister and joey in the car. oopss... i broke my dad's car's bonet... errkkss... sorry dad...:( and i know i will miss my joelis despite all the diving excitements.

905pm reached Hentian Putra... ally and GG were already there... got onto the bus a few minutes later.. somehow, it wasnt that cold this time on the bus... MB has been turning left and right trying to make himself more comfortable :D i had my sleeping pill handy this time... with all that... MB had more sleep than i did.. :P

27th july 07 (friday)

arrived at kuala besut bus station at 600am. [this is the day when all cameras will start clicking!! yezzaaa] called up yaudin travel's rep. wasnt that convincing hearing her voice... we ended up lying at the area under the tree... and MB telling me about the bats.. and as we've predicted, we did not take the 700am boat...:) we were given a room to put out stuff while waiting for the 900am boat. we got refreshed... i got showered! and had breakfast at one of the small stalls... heavy bfast for me and the girls... but just coffee for MB. i was quite worried coz the rep was a bit blur about the ticket back to KL... hemmm.... hmmm nevermind.. think of that later..:P

900am took the speedboat ride to the island.. hmmm nice place.. nice resort... i did not have any expectations... this is the first time for me to be on perhentian island. we got the rooms that we wanted...beachfront rooms... and next to each other.. cool!! had some snacks at the cafe... and walked to steffan dive center to check on our diving schedule... and my heart beats faster... i still remember what to do when??? :O

130pm walked back to the dive center with our wetsuits on...ahah...finally...we are diving again... nervous? yes... very... excited? yes too!! the best part was, they did everything for us putting all the equipments together. we only need to carry them to the boat.

i do not want to put details in here or it'll look like my dive log book :P. had quite a problem with my ear... :( MB helped me with my fins as they were coming out underwater...gosh... i did struggle to put them back in... [silly moment] forgot to pull out the plastic thing that was in my fins earlier.. :P ended up holding the plastic thing while diving..

after the dive.. ally took the chance to take a nap in the room while GG was on the hammock, reading and giggling on the phone :P. and i had a nice walk, a bit of trekking by the beach with MB... checking out more interesting place on the island. took lots of pictures...[check out the album later kay ;)] after the walk... relaxed in front of the room in the evening while waiting for dinner.
planned to walk to the other side of the beach but...after looking at the trail..errkkss... better not!! and it was a good decision made coz it rained after that.. all of us slept early that night to get ready for our next dive the next morning...:)

ein signing off at be continued... stay tuned guys..;) nite nite

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

next bulletin

july, busy month for lisa and i.. we share the same month to celebrate our birthday. lisa turned 10 on 24th july, 2007. we had dinner at sakura kristal...upon lisa's request to have carbonara for dinner on her birthday :) got her a cake and surprised her after she finishes her meal...more pictures.

oh yess... joey had a new hair cut on sunday! he requested to have the same haircut when we went to london 3 years back.. hmmm and somehow i knew that he'll be extra naughty with that hair style.. ;)

i will be going for my next diving trip this weekend with a group of friends. lisa will be going for her 1st camping trip.. real camping i hope.. :) with her school friends and teachers.. hmmm.. can she? i mean... its not gonna be perfectly clean on a camp... hehehe :D we'll see the outcome after she returns next week ;) joey will be joining my younger sister.. hmmmm.. looks like 3 of us will be temporary separated for the weekend.. there'll be lots of pictures next week... so stay tuned..!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

july 20, 2007

first thing first.. i had a wonderful day on my birthday!!!, starting the eve, the day and the wonderful night at ZB. had BBQ at my mom's school, more of a farewell BBQ for the guests from Surabaya... i tried not to cry... yes i feel sad thinking that they are leaving the next morning. BBQ ends at around 1030pm. i received a lovely batek silk from them that night. sedih..:) got home just about 1100pm... told my parents that i am going out to get some things... and suddenly lisa called me downstairs for an urgent family meeting? yeaa right... my younger sister were already waiting downstairs, with my mom... and my dad playing the guitar... i have a cake... with frog candles!! love them!!! and lisa gave my birthday present! love it too!! :D and with pak agus, yu-bi, eg-gi, novian, and rahman singing 'happy birthday' together... it was sweet :) got the Final Concert for AF5 VCD as a birthday present from Lisa :) i missed the concert when i went for the diving trip.. :D

later went out with AS. received a lot smses from friends when i was in the car..:) thank you all for remembering my birthday! :) thanks bro K all the way from Dubai..

looking forward to catch up with you when you get back at the end of the month.. :) got a frog phone holder from it love it..!! cool dangling earrings from MB.. :) love them too!!! hmmmm not bad.. :P and sweet bracelet and necklace from my dear pet sis.. boleh pakai untuk raya :D nice color..

had birthday lunch at Puteri Restaurant with the girls.. get the chance to snap a picture with the owner, Pn Rubiah Suparman.. :) hehehe... ni sumer si angelina laa.. well anyway, she's a nice lady..

went home early.. to be with JoeLis before they go out with their dad. got ready myself for the night... :D ahah... got a table at ZB... i guess i was the happiest person that night..wuuhuu...!! told MB that my friends and i are gonna hang out at ZB, and he smsed to say that he will join us with his friends.. cool!! had the usual old gang...loved ones.. :D angelina, ally, james, SA, rhino.. angels and bossly together.. stayed at ZB till 230am.. danced all nite... well almost the whole nite :P everyone left at 230am except MB and his friends.. i.. err.. wanted to stay but.. errmm.. nahh i guess, i'd let MB catch up with his friends.. hehehe... well anyway... i am glad, alhamdulillah that i had a good time this year, with my family members and also my close friends whom i love..very much!! thank you all.. and i guess, after quite some time i have not been really talking to james... i had the chance to do so that night.. and yeah... it was like old times.. :) yeup.. if you ask me, i do miss having him around like before..

and hey, my mom did not call!! hehehe :D.. yeah she asked what time i'll be home... and i gave her that smile...kekekeke :D joey called to say goodnight and lisa smsed. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

menghitung hari...

and today all of us, the family which includes my parents, 2 younger sisters and our guests from Surabaya were at the guesthouse, gathering for the last 2 nights before they leave back home. i can see that joey is going to be the saddest person when they leave. joey is very close to yu-bi... and also eg-gi. yu-bi will stay up with joey and play monopoly till late..:) joey and him seems very comfortable playing together... and eg-gi will join at times.

hati semakin sayu.. namun sejuk.. mendengar syarahan agama yang di beri ibuk kelmarin selepas selesai solat maghrib.. :) and joey joined the group as well during bacaan yassin...semoga apa yang di doakan... apa yang dipohonkan.. apa yang dilakukan, di berkati Allah swt. semoga ia akan membuka lembaran baru di dalam kehidupan kami sekeluarga.. insyaAllah :) and alhamdullillah, we are one happy family dan kami terus bersyukur dengan rezeki yang di berikanNya kepada kami..
selepas selesai solat isya', all of us proceed to kelfood restaurant for a farewell dinner for the group.. :) joey masih melekat pada yu-bi... hence, on the way home, i invited yu-bi to be in our car :)
and we are going to miss them... sebulan tuh kat rumah... dah best.. makan ramai2...and i felt like i have brothers at home.. rajin layan joey when he comes back from school... main bola... main monopoly.. buat homework sama2... *sigh* :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

its haunting me...

felt so relieved today after finishing 2 months' report for the monthly meeting. get to chat with angelina for a while. she asked if i had any plans for the weekend for us to go out to celebrate my birthday. hmmm... i wasnt even thinking about celebrating.. suddenly i feel sad. the incident that happened last year, on my birthday is haunting me back. i had tears in my eyes. i felt really sad and stupid for that thing to happened to me. especially on my birthday. i still remembered some things that happened on the same day. i remembered PC called me up in the afternoon to wish me happy birthday. i had to cut the conversation short coz i was afraid that F will get upset, although, i was happy with the call...:) but the happiness was not for long... arrggghh...why do i still have to think of what has happened? why does it still linger in my head?? waste of time!! but yeup... things like that are difficult to forget, especially when it comes from the person that you trusted and love. well, probably that wasnt all.. there are other things thats bothering me. will i get to enjoy myself on my birthday this year? will something nice and sweet happen? will i get to be with the people that i want to be with? hmmmm *sigh* :) i wish... i wish... and i wish... they say if we wish and pray real hard.. it'll happen?!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

the good husband...

Jack wakes up with a huge hangover after attending his company's Christmas Party. Jack is not normally a drinker, but the drinks didn't taste like alcohol at all.

He didn't even remember how he got home from the party. As bad as he was feeling, he wondered if he did something wrong.

Jack had to force himself to open his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirins next to a glass of water on the side table.

And, next to them, a single red rose!

Jack sits up and sees his clothing in front of him, all clean and pressed.

He looks around the room and sees that it is in perfect order, spotlessly clean. So is the rest of the house.

He takes the aspirins, cringes when he sees a huge black eye staring back at him in the bathroom mirror.

Then he notices a note hanging on the corner of the mirror written in red with little hearts on it and a kiss mark from his wife in lipstick:

"Honey, breakfast is on the stove, I left early to get groceries to make you your favourite dinner tonight. I love you, darling! Love, Jillian"

He stumbles to the kitchen and sure enough, there is hot breakfast, steaming hot coffee and the morning newspaper.

His son is also at the table, eating.

Jack asks, "Son...what happened last night?"

"Well, you came home after 3 A.M., drunk and out of your mind. You fell over the coffee table and broke it, and then you puked in the hallway, and got that black eye when you ran into the door.

Confused, he asked his son, "So, why is everything in such perfect order and so clean? I have a rose, and breakfast is on the table waiting for me??"

His son replies, "Oh THAT!... Mom dragged you to the bedroom, and when she tried to take your pants off, you screamed,

"Leave me alone, I'm married!!"

Broken Coffee Table $239.99
Hot Breakfast $4.20
Two Aspirins $.38
Saying the right thing, at the right time . . PRICELESS!!!

ein's signing out... have a good weekend everyone..

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the call

as i was struggling with my graphs... analysis... the phone rang.

me: ello
joey: ma...
me: yes darling [already smiling hearing his voice]
joey: you've got to come home now.. its urgent! [with his panic voice]
me: huh? why? what happened?
joey: my teacher asked me to bring my toothbrush and toothpaste to school today, and the toothpaste upstairs is too big..
me: hehehe...:D laaa.. i am sure there's one in the drawer in the kitchen, joey. where's bibik?
joey: hang on... hang on... dont put down the phone okay..
me: hemmmpph... wokay
joey: [ran to the kitchen] okay..okay.. got it.. grape flavour?
me: hmmm.. problem solved? :)
joey: yeup.. okay mama, bye bye.. love you..
me: love you too darling... [smile]
joey: ehh... wait..wait..
me: yes..?
joey: thank you and sorry for disturbing you..
me: hee..hee.. :D not a problem at all sayang... love you bye..
joey: bye.. good night..!?
me: oit... good night??
joey: ehh... [laughing like mad on the other side] sorry sorry... hahahah lol!!
me: okay..okay.. bye.. and stop it before i bite you.. :P
joey: hee..hee..:D okay mama.. bye bye love you!! [and hang up]

and the call made me smile as always..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

bukit kiara jungle trail

*wink* yezza.... legs are still aching..although bearable. being a kl'ian myself, i would never thought that we have a track like that, in the middle of kl. brisk walking session for me and ally is getting simpler... 45 minutes walk is nothing to us.. yeaahh what do you expect? 2 girls walking while chit chatting.. you just dont feel tired..although we do sweat!

however, what i did yesterday with my personal trainer a.k.a MB... hehehehe... was really different! honestly, i did not expect it to be that challenging... eerrkkss.. :O :P and oh.. how i wish i had my camera in my pouch! :( got to his place after work, traffic was bad..yes. we got into his truck and he drove to desa sri hartamas. hemmm sounds familiar? the place.. yes.. but the walking place that we were supposed to go... not for me.. :D the last time i had that kinda walk was during the corporate warrior.. mosquitoes were all over.. well, cant blame them for liking my sweet blood... heh.. heh... :P must be my dark coloured tights. well anyway, i love the place although when it gets darker, it kind of gets quite creepy for me.. and of course i just kept it to myself. :P my head starts to imagine those blah..blahh..blahh.. and i can see the old trail made by previous whoever..

MB was still in his high energy talking while i walked, trying to catch up with him from behind. and i thought i have the stamina to do all those?? hemmmm..think again, not at good as him i supposed. half way... i had to.. "hey MB, i think we gotta stop here for a while.. i am already out of breath!" and he chuckled.. "yeah..okay, but we cant stop too long okay" and not even 5 minutes.. we continued the challenge climbing up the slopes. and i felt like the whole area can hear my loud breathing... hahahah..>:D was i tired?? of course!!! but do i give up?? nahhh... not in a million years..!!

as we walk, i can hear the monkeys.. somewhere on the trees.. and thats when i walked on the other side.. heh..heh.. dont want them to suddenly jump on me! :P and yes!! we can see the twin towers!! almost just the tip of the towers.. beautiful! and the stars... ahhh that reminds me.. i've got to look for the brightest star... but it wasnt blinking? :O walked again.. its getting darker.. and hey.. there were 'kelip-kelip'..[gosh..what are they called in english? i forgot lah] aahhhh fireflies!! hehehe funny, MB tried to catch them.. yeaa right.. :D can you believe it, we ended at the equestrian club.. what a big round we made! on the way back, i missed a step.. well, did not see there was some sort of a hole and i lost balance for a while..and sort of twisted my left ankle.. hmmm so much about resting my legs huh.. hehehe..:D

on the way back walking to the truck we went through the main road.. we both were quiet.. i dunno what was in his mind.. probably his 9pm work call? ahaksss.. but i know whats on my mind.. :) well anyway, finally got back to his truck.. aahhhh.... cant feel my legs!!! hahahaaha :D and drinks... yes!! ribena... yey!! got to his place, get into my car and drove straight home.. got straight to the kitchen, had nasi kerabu... yum..yumm.. went straight up, and thats when lisa said.. "mama, whats wrong with your legs?" and i asked, "why? whats wrong?" and that was when i noticed that my knees were swollen.. luckily i brought up some ice, to put on my left ankle actually.. but ended up iced ankle and both knees.. :) whatever it is, it was a new thing to do.. and yes, i enjoyed it.. although how difficult it was.. it was a nice walk indeed... :)

lisa: maa.. why do you start doing all this crazy stuff?
me: ermmm... coz, i wanna do something new and different? ;)

i managed to get pictures about bukit kiara jungle trail from the net... at least it was almost like the trail that we went through..:) thank you joe adnan -

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

so what??

for those who'd say 'arent u supposed to be busy at work, why do u still have time to write your blog?' well, i'd say to those people.. 'buzz off!' writing in my blog is a good therapy for me. ;)

had a long conversation with AS on the way to work this morning.. and while telling him all those, at the same time, i am reminding myself as well. you cannot change a person's attitude. [yes i am currently having a problem with someone with a difficult attitude] you cannot find a person thats 100% perfect to suit to your liking. we all have our own flaws. we are in a relationship to complement each other. trust is important in a relationship, however, we need to know the limit. in my opinion, giving the freedom to your partner to socialize should have a boundary.. well, it may not sound as clear here in writing than saying it out loud.. but AS, you know what i meant. i guess younger women tend to go for older men because they wanna be pampered and asking for full attention [well who doesnt? i want that too!! :P] but whether they can get the men to be that patient or not, is another question ;) and i have also learnt that communication is important... if you want it to work out, talk.. communicate... find the best way to reach.. :) err... through a nice dinner maybe... duuhh...itu pun mau ajar ke?? :P

and AS, i am sorry, if i spoilt your mood early in the morning.. :P i'll cover another karaoke session? ;) heh..heh..

diff topic: had a chat with lisa the other night, as she grow older, there are a few more things that we have in common. :) one of them is, we both do not know how to say it eventhough we didnt like it..? errmm.. okay, for instance, we both get hurt when our friends say certain things, but we chose to just walk away. yes, we will feel sad, hurt, down and we think about it, but somehow, we dont know how to say it out to that person. we just didnt want to start an argument. ended up we dont feel comfortable, and not satisfied.. and hurt.. and we'll just hope and pray that the feelings will go away.. but, most of the time, it didnt go away... :(

p/s: just made a call to JoeLis...they were on the way to school.. missed them..

Sunday, July 8, 2007

get rid of those frustrations!!

sent my car for the regular 30K service...AND that adds to my anger for the week. ggrr.. i was without a car on friday. listed 8 things to be rectified, they kept my car for 1.5 day but did not solve most of them. all they did was to acknowledged on my complaints.. what the ^%$# and aarrgghhh..

the good thing that happened on friday, i was at JoeLis's school collecting their report cards.. joey got no 2 in class!! lisa was not so proud of her results this time, she got no 8 in her class out of about 40 kids. after the school visit, in the evening i was supposed to meet up with a few friends at the diving expo, and the friday traffic was really bad... i got stuck and ended up, i turned back and drove home. felt so frustrated. apart from all those frustration, managed to let it out by going for a good movie! die hard 4.. dont remember the last time i went for a midnight show. fuuhh... bruce willis.. love him!

saturday, tried not to wake up too late :D lisa went to her friend's house to do her school project. joey was left behind with me at home.. my 2 younger sister decided to go to bangsar to check out some things.. so, apa lagi.. joey and i decided to tag along since we are not doing anything.. and guess what... half way to bangsar the service centre called up and told me that my car is ready.. and.. my 2 younger sisters are so kind to drop joey and i by the roadside to take a cab!! aarrgghhhh... so, took my car..went for groceries shopping instead with my dear little joey! :) and later picked up lisa at her friend's house. went home, slept for a while, went out again, with my mom and JoeLis to KL Convention Centre... but.. in the end, we drove around KL.. and home :P [too lazy to tell more frustrating stories at the exhibition centre]

okay... the most interesting part of the day was later saturday night.. hehehehe.. jeng jeng jeng... to cut the story short, i ended up joining MB and his friends at SB.. hahaha :D yeaahh i have been crashing his party twice now.. anyway... the funny part was.. i strained my calf muscle.. which means.. doesnt really help to recover by wearing heels... but hey!! i cant go to SB without heels...!!! so, believe it or not, with that strained muscle, i put on my 2 or was it 2.5 inches heels, and i walked dengan selamba and tried so hard to hide the pain... :((... heheheh :D after SB, we went to ZB... both places are new to me. i had a great time, chat and laugh.. music was good too! cant elaborate too much here.. but i really had a great time.

wow.. this is 1 long report.. with no photos! :P

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

terlalu cinta...

by Rossa

Jangan dekat atau jangan datang kepadaku lagi
Aku semakin tersiksa karena tak memilikimu
Kucoba jalani hari dengan pengganti dirimu
Tapi hatiku selalu berpihak lagi padamu

Mengapa semua ini terjadi kepadaku

Tuhan maafkan diri ini
Yang tak pernah bisa menjauh dari angan tentangnya
Namun apalah daya ini
Bila ternyata sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia…

Tapi hatiku selalu berpihak lagi padamu

Mengapa semua ini terjadi kepadaku

Tuhan maafkan diri ini
Yang tak pernah bisa menjauh dari angan tentangnya
Namun apalah daya ini
Bila ternyata sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia

Mengapa semua ini terjadi kepadaku

Tuhan maafkan diri ini
Yang tak pernah bisa menjauh dari angan tentangnya
Namun apalah daya ini
Bila ternyata sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia…

Aku terlalu cinta dia…

i repeated this song many many times today on the way to work.. while driving.. and i felt sad..

think again! ;-)

something to think of.. is it safe to go out ~ as in, date with a gay friend? heh..heh.. guess.. not really... he could be gay... or he could be bi... errmm.. i'd like to have a gay best friend... but havent got the chance yet.. although know some.. yeahh.. some can be b%$#@y... worst than a woman.. some can be really sweet and smart at the same time..

there goes my rambling again... aarrgghhh....

Monday, July 2, 2007

busy busy weekend

busy and bored.. that was me on friday.. felt like just want to be at a place thats unusual. doing something different, but i dont know what... see how bad it was?! so i ended up crushing into MB's party who is having pizza etc at their usual hangout.. gosh... embarassing.. but it was a good break for me :P thanks MB for the pizza and walking me back to my car. :)

got home.. slow talked with my joelis.. asking them if i can go out with my friends.. hee...hee..:D funny isnt? shouldnt it be the other way around? :P yey!! got the green lite from them provided i put them to sleep first.. :) done! fetch ally, and called up angelina on the way out.. make sure that we arrive at our destination at the same time. SA was already there waiting.. change of venue.. atilia performed at no black tie.. my personal opinion.. she has a good strong and powerful voice.. but.. i am not so much a jazz person... so, 30 minutes there is enough for me... i wanna dance!!! anyway, tried to take a few shots from where we were seated at the balcony.. :P :P angelina contacted our usual gang at our usual hang out.. and he said, 'the crowd was hespenin' hehehe :D hence, the 3 angels proceed... and we had a great time!! thank you..ali jungle.. spring guy..oh yes.. happy belated birthday to you, spring guy.. ;)

got up early on saturday.. joey had his movie date with jwa, my youngest sister.. he left around 9.00am. and lisa was left at home with me.. i have prior appt, so i dragged her along with me.. dont want to leave her at home.. went to the guesthouse, had my maid cleaned up the place.. oh yes... thank you mr SA a.k.a ah kow wiring, for your help... ;) i'll make you the curry puffs as promised... but when??.. will have to wait :P:P what else did i do on saturday eh?? oh yes... ally called and picked me up later to go to scubadynamic to check out some stuff for our diving trip. and, we bought our fins and straps for our mask.. :D and ally got her wetsuit... finally.. :P :D

sunday, jwa and i became the tour guides to a group of teachers and students from surabaya. it was a good trip for us too.. and its quite embarassing that even, us being malaysians, rarely visit or know about some tourist attractions places in kl. we took our guests to klcc.. the flea market at the curve and tugu negara where there was a group called tugu drum circle... guys.. its a must to go and watch them play there.. sundays 5pm - 8pm.. and from what i heard, anybody can join and bring your own drum and play with the group. :) and guess what am i thinking...? i might just join them one day, with my gendang. :) joelis had a great time...:) although joey was a bit shy... :) hemmmm what else..? aahhh met with my 2 nieces, [ex-husband's nieces].. was a nice surprise.. :) and during that short moment we get to chat a lil bit on how things are going.. ;)