Thursday, June 7, 2007

thank u for reminding me.. :)

I am being reminded. Well it’s a friendly reminder actually. Things that friends would do for other friends. :) sometimes, people tend to do crazy things… well, not really really crazy, but hey… crazy enough for some people. Yeaahh… if you read this, you might not understand fully. But why do I want it to be in my blog? Simply because, I want to remember this. I want to remember what she told me, about me and herself too, for certain things. *taking a deep breath*… okay, I am taking it easy. Don’t think too much. Enjoy the journey. Don’t think too far… but… isn’t that a woman’s job? I told her… to think far…unlike man. They only think of now.. and not future.. err…ermm.. not all man.. okay.. :D stay cool… be in control… arrghhh… hate it when I am almost losing it..… I cant.. thank you ally… for reminding me.. thank you also for reminding me of all the bad things that have happened to me.. all those bad relationships.. people who treats other people like shit.
Okay… No, I don’t want other people to think of me, that way… Yes, I understand.. thanks again. I must always remember that. *give a knock on my head!* [real hard okay!!] heh..heh.. yes, I don’t want people to value me like that… also told by another friend, that I have my strong values and I shouldn’t let other people’s opinion bothers me.. well, I can listen, but don’t get distressed by them… you don’t meet wonderful people all the time. So I guess, when you meet one, just cherish them… :) enjoy the friendship.. don’t lose yourself. it doesnt matter whom we meet along the way... and if it hits... you'll be happy

"..its not everyday u get to meet somebody who lights you up kan.."