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tgif and karaoke

by - June 29, 2007

and i thot i have finished with it...arrgghh... came to the office this morning and the secretary came up to me only to tell me that i need to amend those procedures.. huuuaaa!! wokay..wokay relax..ain... relax..calm down.. it's gonna end soon enough! heh..heh.. put that aside.. :P at least for a while.

got a few emails from the guys.. after having a great reunion (sort of) dinner at tgif last night.. 
10 turned up, only Roy could not make it coz he has got to fly to spore on last minute thing. and Nik arrived last.. just before i left :) i cant remember the last time i meet up with the guys. it has been many years. i remembered way back in year 2001, being in the committee... it was really fun!! the activities, drove down
to PD in a convoy of more than 20 cars... all those walkie talkie craze.. other than many other events. well anyway those are the sweet memories. :) meet up again with them and had a good laugh, catching up on things.. everybody looked cheerful, glowing.. :D at least thats how i see it lah. :D food was yummy.. i had mushroom swiss burger, shared with Wah. coz dont think i can finished the whole thing.. and later shared the dessert too.. :) to be honest, i do miss being with them... we used to gather and talk about everything but of course most of the time, its gonna be about cars and the accessories.. blah.. blah.. but because of lots of restrictions before this, i cant really meet up.. :P but hey.. i had a good time!

left early as AS was expecting my call, we planned for a karaoke session. the last time i went karaoke was somewhere in April.. gosh..that was long!! well, okay.. didnt get to sing that well last night.. something was just not right.. :P but
enjoyed myself anyway.. missed singing duet with AS. :D maybe we should go again.. but my schedule is so packed.. how aahhh?? ---> that's AS and his Puchong friend.. hehe :D that's what i call him..

shoot!! why am i feeling so bored now??? its friday!!! i should be glad... aarrgghh... help...

anyway...plans for the weekend.. appointment with the contractor.. taking our guests from surabaya for shopping.. errr...where aahh?? joey will be going to the movie with my youngest sister, lisa will be going shopping with my eldest sister.. and i am left with the guests..

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