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lunch dilemma

by - June 14, 2007

lunch time dillema... widz and i were contemplating either to go out or just have something around the office. we normally drive out... but after many times driving out, we are already out of idea where to go and what to eat for lunch. i had some things in mind... :D i was supposed to get the snorkeling set for joelis. so, throw the ideas to widz.. which means, we have to go to the mall.. hemmm.. quick decision had to be made... stopped the cab, and went straight to the mall. we had a quick lunch.. and went to look for the snorkeling set... gosh!! the funny thing is, they sell the complete set for RM99.90 and separate items, the same made for RM29.90 and RM49.90!! weird isn't it? hmmm.. so i told the sales person that i am gonna look around..and guess what???!! i saw another set [at a different shop] which is better...for only RM39.90!!! and yey!! happy me, bought 2 sets, one for lisa and one for joey... sorry g-gurl.. but they only have pink and blue, so looks like you will have to settle with the pink ones...heh..heh... :P

the guy who works there also advised me that its better to wear full suit for snorkeling coz there are jelly fish in langkawi... err...or was it just his sales trick for me to get the jelly fish lotion?? errkkk... i bought it already... yeaa... i dont want joelis's skin to get all red!! i am so excited... !! its gonna be joelis's first experience going for snorkeling!! :D

stay tuned guys... this is gonna be my last posting for this week...and... expect photos in next week postings!! ;-) have a wonderful weekend with your love ones... coz i know i will have a fabulous time with my love ones this weekend!!!

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