Saturday, June 2, 2007

fun ride to putrajaya :)

I have been up since 1.48am. couldn’t really sleep. Having a bad flu. Been not well since Wednesday night, I guess. Went to the doctor and she gave me a few medicines… haven’t been really well.. arrghh.. I am repeating myself. :P its 318am now. I got up, switched on the tv, hoping that I could catch the last AF concert that I missed when I was on the island. *sigh* got frustrated again. Watched ‘judging amy’ channel 10 from 200am till 300am. Tried to connect to the internet but something is wrong with the connection or something. *aarrgghhh* I guess I have things in my head as well that I could not sleep…*grin* hehehe :D remember when I said I wanted to be with MB on Friday for an outing? It happened!
And I really had a great time! The last time I was on a bike was about 10 years ago. And today, I had the chance to be on a superbike! Gosh.. I was nervous.. yeup had those butterflies in my tummy kinda thing, and so thrilled!!
Got up early, took a shower, spend some time with joelis before I left the house at around 930am. Got to the office to pick up some stuff before meeting up with MB. And yeah I thought I was smart.. hah hah.. went round 20 minutes but still could not find the place. Last way out, smsed MB and shyly telling him that I lost my way! He called me up seconds later trying to guide me via phone… but.. I was totally blind with that area. *blushing* and… he came and get me abt less than 10 minutes later. So, I drove behind his truck and found the place… ahh.. no wonder.. I have never gone to that part of the world.. hehe…:D it was a nice place, still lots of greens although it is in the middle of KL. Introduced to his housemate, CN, a sweet lady. I felt like I was in the Spanish tv drama or something.
Well anyway, MB was running late, and I told him that I was not in a rush today so, he can just take his time doing his stuff first before we leave. CN showed me a basket full of magazines, and while waiting for MB, I went through lots of home interiors stuff. Cool! And MB’s condo makes me feel like I am not in KL. He took me for a short tour. :D cosy and simple… with all white furniture, almost like the oldies stuff but..yeahh.. relaxing. Oh yeah.. MB gave me something that he bought for me at the pasar malam.. hehehe :D it was sweet of him.. a gray sleeveless blouse, loved it!
Minutes later he let me try the helmet… settled the earlier glitch with it. Ahah! Tried on the leather jacket, fits me alright… and.. we are almost ready. Was I nervous? Yezza… excited? Double yezza!! We walked together to where he parked his bike.. isshhh… do I have to be so detailed? Teehehehe…*smiling* *grinning* yeaa… coz, I remembered every moment of it. MB checked my helmet and make sure that it’s snuggled nicely and safely. Had my gloves on [err..his gloves actually :D] .. and…. Vvrooomm…. Gosh and I felt like I was flying!! Wuhhuuu… and no words can describe how I felt at that time.. well, MB is a safe rider… I think because he knows that his passenger is a newbie. :D and of course, I was holding him tight all the way, I don’t wanna fell off the bike! Hehehe… checkin on the speed.. from 160 to 170+… errrkss… and now I know how it feels riding on a superbike! Was looking at his fingers all the way to putrajaya… heh..heh.. yeup.. I have a habit of looking at guy’s fingers.. and that’s how I sort of evaluate…errmm a person..?! I shall reserved the details for myself :P
reached putrajaya. Felt like the journey was really short. Got down the bike, my legs felt a little wobbly! Lol!! Told MB that, and he laughed at me. Hehe :D and when I took off the helmet, there was some particles coming out from the helmet’s padding. It was on my face and neck.. and MB felt bad coz the helmet was a bit, not to say old, but since it has not been worn so.. it gets like dat laa.. he helped me to clean my face and neck.. :D and later we walked to the ‘sate hj samuri’!! MB was amused with the cheap price.. 60 sen for a stick. And I told him, ‘hey, it used to be 40 sen’ well anyway, we had a good lunch [not really filling our tummy tho] had a good chat, catching up and laugh.. yeahh.. I had a great time!
The sky was about to drop just before we finished our drinks. So, MB decided that we should leave and try to race the rain. :D hemm… we had to go through drizzle.. but it got sunny again and riding home was much more relaxed for me.. :P and naughty for him! Those speed and laps…!! I supposed.. he knows, although I am a newbie, I was a good passenger :P
Got back at his condo, safe and sound.. and.. CN was still cleaning up.. :D and she got the guests room ready for her guest tonight. I had a glass of water while MB had his usual soda.. :D and we talked again for a while.. and already thinking of the next destination! Told MB that I actually brought a camera with me but since we were running from the rain, we didn’t get to stop and take pictures.. :D looks like we’ll have to do it again some other time!
Left just about 2pm… while stopping at the traffic light, I smsed MB thanking him and told him I loved the ride and enjoyed myself. And his sms came soon enough telling me that he had a great time too. :D :D
And I was smiling all the way home….
Its 410am now… and ein’s signing off. Good nite/morning everyone.. ein had a really good time!!! Yey!!