Wednesday, June 6, 2007

talkin' to myself :)

got up this morning feeling a little bit better than yesterday. still have the blockage in my nose! but... ahhh.. it could have been worst. :) went to look for something comfortable to wear... took out my baju kurung... [errmm..think again..] nahhh... took out my white tshirt like blouse and a skirt.. yeup.. more like me.. :) showered... still feeling good. kissed both my joelis.... *smack*! :D
drove off from my parent's porch.. half way.. ahhh...shoot!! left my cough syrup!! nahh.. i am not gonna turn back, did that yesterday.. :P hmmphh... okay, still have my flu medicine in my handbag, i'll survive. ;)
cruising... heh..heh..cheywahh.. layan perasaan, orang kata :P already put on my make up at home, so, in the car nothing much to do, except listening to my new compilation of toni braxton, rihanna, akon... hmmm how nice.. weather is not good.. but yeaa..its okay for a morning drive :) my mind was with MB, with the last sms/chat that we had last night.. was i going overboard? :S errrr....
still dreaming while driving... looking forward for netball training this evening. and suddenly the van in front of me swift to the left!! and my instant thinking..'what the he$#!!' and immediately i saw 1 man, a senior citizen crossed in front of the van! he could be at the age of 78.... 'astaghfirullahalazim!' luckily nothing happened. then, i know why the van did that. so, what i am trying to say here, please be careful out there when you are driving. careful with kids and senior citizens. be patient with them. coz i know someone who had and still have a very bad temper... and he would just scold anyone out there driving, eventhough they are senior citizens... *sigh* wait till he gets old one day... i always think of my own parents... i dont want people to treat them that way, so i should treat others the same. :)