Thursday, June 14, 2007

the bulletin... :P

this week has been a better week? was it, really? it has been busy.. you see, the thing with having a blog is that i tend to be like wanting to write lots of things... although not necessarily i do have the time to do it... and especially when i know i have frequent visitors/reader who reads my blog. my heartful thanks to those readers... i may know you guys, or i may not know you guys.. my blog is not publicly advertised as its my private life activities that can be sweet, sad, happy, interesting [to me and joelis at least] moments that i'd like to share. or maybe i just need to talk/write about it, just to let out of my system. :p errr... am i rambling now?? :D errkkss..

last week and this week, there has been lots of things going on.. the usual and also unusual stuff. my family had impromptu BBQ at home on a thursday which was last week. i came home late anyway as i have things to do at the office. i looked tired... had fun playing with my niece... well, disturbing her sleep actually... followed by unplanned kenduri on the saturday. well, long story... but yeahhh it was a fun thing to gather some of our relatives and neighbors, in just 3 hours! thanks to my super dad! hehehe...:D we had 'nasi ambeng' :) a popular javanese cuisine during gathering. it used to be bigger portion when i was younger back then... but now it looks like smaller.. hehehe :D 'nasi ambeng' consists of white rice with all its different dishes put together on banana leaves and normally it serves for 4. what javanese community normally do is, during the feast, they sit in a group of four and eat the 'nasi ambeng' together. if the 'nasi ambeng' is too much, they will separate some of it first to be brought home as 'berkat @ bontrot' :) 

got a surprise visit from my ex-parents in law...:D brought over by my ex-husband.. hemm.. no, i did not meet them. do i miss them? well.. yeah.. sort of.. but after what was done to me.. errmm.. i dunno.. still hurt..i guess.. :)

weekend...been busy with cleaning up and etc... SA came over with RH to send the IKEA catalogue.. hehehehe... thanks SA... yeahh.. maybe we can go window shopping sometime next week.. :P i need an accountant to help me with the calculations!  

early this week... got a surprise long [as to compared to his normal email...:P] from MB. thank you MB, appreciate your honesty. :) i am cool! but just want you to know that 'men' come and go in my life, but friends stay...;-) so i guess, its good to take the best preference, isn't? :) for the short time knowing you, you are 1 cool dude! so, now that everything is clear... enjoy the journey...

tuesday, did our brisk walking activities for the 2nd time! ally and i... and.. this time, we made a bigger round! wuuhuuu...! and we didnt really feel it.. yeah we sweat but it wasnt as tiring as the first one. hmm.. and to make it happen, i had to wait at ally's working desk.. and force that workaholic :P out of the office before it rains! and just when we finished our round, angelina called at ally's hp... and we were still by the road side..warming down.. yeaa right...yik yakking actually... and there was 1 guy driving a 5 series bimmer... and he was looking at us.. and he parked where we were standing... and this guy, came out, looking at us while having a smoke. well, if he wants our attention, well, yeah.. we noticed what he was doing.. but if he thinks that we can be attracted to him just because he was driving a bimmer... err.. man, i think you are in the wrong league! and we know the bimmer is not yours anyway..hahaha :D a person who owns a bimmer will not have the time to wonder around just to look at girls jogging! duhhh... and oh yeah.. we also saw a couple 'making out' in their car!! oh mannn!! in a bright sunlight!? and in public places??? gosh...puhhleeezzz....

netball!! yezzaaa... once a week thingy... had fun yesterday.. well all the time .. nahh... most of the time i will have fun :P... but better if we managed to get enough people to play, instead of just training and having to do ball handling. sprained one of my finger... it's the usual finger that always get hit! went home, put ice.. felt a bit better... went out with my mom to get some of her stuff... did groceries shopping for the few days and also for our trip this weekend.. :-) got an sms from MB telling that he's off to sleep at 924pm!!... heh..heh.. okay... no, i wont disturb you later.. :P :P