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1 more mission accomplished!! :D

by - May 23, 2007

that's me in the middle!! :D heh..heh..

tenggol island ~ 17th may 2007 - 20th may 2007
the day that we have been waiting for, has come… we came to work as usual… but only God knows how many of us actually work during the day! :p all of us were excited about the trip to Tenggol Island, Terengganu. To some of us, it is going to be an additional experience diving in a new area… and to some of us, (me included) it will be the first experience diving! 5 of us, the new students, taking our exam at the Tenggol Island, Terengganu.

17th May, 2007
945pm – arrived at Hentian Putra.
1000pm – depart to Dungun, Terengganu.

only God knows how I felt in the bus. I had this fear of uncertainties [whatever kinds]. i hate traveling long hours in a public transportation… my heart was pounding really fast… my hands started to feel cold. i smsed james who actually seated just next to me. I think if I memorized the whole qur’an, I would have finished reading it! I think it’s the anxiety feeling… goshhh…what I know.. the first 2.5 hours of the journey was hell! And my mind started to think and worry of everything! I started to visualized joey’s last look and lisa’s last hug… what if that’ll be the last of me seeing my joelis… stupid thinking, I know but that was how I felt. james was calming me the whole journey via sms. I wanted to tell ally behind me, but I didn’t want to worry her and angelina.

And after 2 hours of journey, the bus stopped for a while… I got down the bus… tried to loosen up… james and jijul were smoking. Called ally to get down the bus too, to accompany me to the toilet.. after about 15 minutes, the bus continued the journey… I still feel the same… arrgghhh… felt like switching seats with jijul. I told ally of my anxiety… and she kept on checking on me if I was doing okay.. we reached at the next stop at around 200am. It was raining heavily… I felt better after that stop. Tried to sleep… but just when I felt comfortable trying to sleep.. we have arrived in Dungun! Alhamdulillah… felt so relieved!

18th May, 2007
5.00am – arrived in Dungun

We waited by the roadside for a while for our instructor, Ray to come and send us to our ‘transit place’ at molek inn motel. By the time we reach the motel, it was almost subuh. took a quick shower, refreshed ourselves… perform the subuh prayer… and tried to get a short nap.. got up again around 730am, get ready for breakfast at the nearby stall. I had 2 pieces of bread in the room.. was really hungry.

930am – depart to the jetty. Took a boat to Tenggol Island.
1130am – arrived at the island, lunch, rest.
3.30pm – our 1st dive!!! Yey!!

It wasn’t an easy dive for me… maybe I was thinking too much.. I had problems with my ears.. they really hurt! And I have done everything to equalize… but they still hurt… honestly, I did not get to enjoy the dive.. I became nervous to face the 2nd dive on the day. Was I looking forward for it…? err… I wasn’t sure at that time already.

Had a class that night after dinner to finish our chapter 4 and 5. did the quizzes. We were really tired… and my ears!!! Ray gave the ear drops… I put them just before sleeping.. felt a bit better. ally and I dozed off before midnight.

19th May, 2007
7.30am – breakfast, rest.
10.00am - 2nd dive, rest – [hilarious moment] alternate source when ally wanted to open up her mask instead of her regulator :D lol!
12.30noon – 3rd dive, rest – [hilarious moment] (buddha pose, when I didn’t realized that I was actually floating upwards and Ray had to pull my fins to bring me down… :D
3.00pm – lunch, rest
5.00pm – 4th dive – [hilarious moment] compass – I went upwards instead of straight and Ray had to chase me…hehehehe… :D and I didn’t realize that ally and my boss were laughing at me!! Chehh…

8.00pm – dinner.
8.30pm – 10.30pm - final exam…. All of us passed!!! Yey… and we are certified open water divers!!
1145pm – went back to the room.

Ally and I couldn’t sleep but we were too lazy to pack our bags.. our boat trip willbe at 800am the next morning. James and I were smsing.. ended up, james, jijul, ally and I took a walk by the beach… how romantic!!! Not!!! Hehehe… well… the stars were beautiful… but it was too dark, and ally and I were most of the time afraid.. hehehe.. we walked from one end to another end. Stopped in front of one of the chalets. Ally lied on the hammock, james and I were seated on one of the beach chair and jijul took another beach chair.. we talked, and laughed till 155am. By then the mosquitoes were already full sucking our blood! :D went back to the room… continued smsing james till I fall asleep…

20th May, 2007
7.30am – breakfast
8.00am – boat ride to the jetty… bye-bye Tenggol Island…
11.30am – bus to KL… [hilarious moment] when jijul thot that he has reached the toll and ran to the bus driver… only to know that we were only reaching karak toll and not gombak toll! Lol!!!

7pm – home at last!!! Really miss my joelis!!! :D

We really had fun!!! Do check out the album…. But I must warn you… there are more than 200 photos.. and more to come… see at your own risk! :P hahahha…

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