Friday, May 11, 2007

new refreshed 'ngobrolwae'

today, i gave my blog a new look! :)

had a good time at kl hilton last night. :) attended a dinner & watched a play called relatively speaking :) it was good, funny :) food was good too.. although knowing malaysian's tummy... hmmmm mcm tak puas je tak de nasi...hahaha i was already in my dinner dress, wore a blazer outside during the day. right after work went straight to the saloon for a hair-do. well knowing women, hairdo is just not enough.. and looking at my tired face.. i asked the guy how much would they charge for make-up... and... in summary.. i did the make-up as well..haha :D i was afraid that i would overdressed for the function... but know what... the other guests...pergh... memang dressed-up pun. :P anyway, it was work-related... so kena la impress our customers/clients :D
hmmm what else? oh yea... been busy window shopping for diving stuff... hahaha.. cert nya tak dapat lagi.. tapi..tak per... semangat kena ada... ally has her own worries... so do i.. well, let's just say, my doctor sort of quite reluctant to release me for the activity due to my low blood pressure and migraine. but.. i tried to talk her out of it... well, i promised her that if after the 1st dive, i dont feel comfortable.. i will stop the next dive. ;) got my wetsuit today (after many many tries) during lunch! yey! mine is blue in color. and yesterday got myself a pair of booties. :D hehehe.. sound like baby shoes huh. :P angelina has been with me all the time, james too. well.. james giving the moral support??? err.. okaylah 50%... most of them came from angelina.. she has been very supportive!! thanks angelina.. if i pass, i will treat you 1 garlic naan at devis bangsar!! promise!! i would be lying if i say that i am not nervous... i am... very the!!! MB has been convincing me that i'll be just fine. :) he's coming back on sunday... and today is his birthday! 'happy birthday MB' :) it would be nice if he could join... hmmm... :)'ll be okay!! insyaAllah.. :)