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cindy ~ 7th Jan 2007 – 21st May 2007

by - May 21, 2007

i was about to get ready for work today when i heard a fuss downstairs. and suddenly i heard… ‘ala..dah mati…’ and i had the bad thot instantly…:O oh no… it cant be cindy!! and i changed into my shorts and before i could run downstairs, joey and kelly were already upstairs.. joey was already in tears… "ma!! cindy dah mati!" i ran downstairs… and my dad was already outside.. with cindy’s house.. no one dared to do anything… i quickly open up the funnel…hoping that its not true.. but..cindy is already dead… we (joelis and i) were in tears… cindy has been a part of us.. we even go for holidays together.. she could have been dead since yesterday but my sister thought she was sleeping. she likes to sleep in the funnel. and she died in the new funnel (penthouse for cindy) that i just bought for her last week.. :( as soon as we have finished buried cindy, we spread flowers and lisa placed a mark for cindy on her grave. it was a touching moment for joelis… they were really sad… and after reciting doa for cindy, we went in the house.. with joey… still in tears… went straight to the room and cried again in bed… soon, lisa followed behind joey… gosh.. i didn’t know what to say.. joey wanted another hamster.. but lisa doesn't want anymore.. i guess… we need a break..from having another pet and “cindy, we will miss you..!we love you… mama, lisa and joey!”

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