Tuesday, May 15, 2007

beautiful things happen to beautiful people.. :)

life is definitely treating us well.. this year at least... those beautiful things... positive things are in place or at least happening in a better/brighter way. all are in place, except joelis's dad has started to neglect his responsibility to pay for his children's alimony. well, maybe his wife needs the money elsewhere that he needs to choose between his children and his wife.. nevertheless, all those did not stop us from being extremely happy with what we currenly have..and will have.. and of course with my whole family being around to support which includes financially... shame on him! *sigh* enough said.. :)
before i proceed with my babbling… happy mothers’ day to all mothers in the world! like previous years, we will have a nice family dinner together.. and this year, we tried a new restaurant called, ‘rimbun aseana seafood restaurant’ somewhere in jalan ulu klang. place is beautiful for those who enjoys listening to crickets sound while having dinner. :) food was excellent, for me and the rest except my younger sister, haha :D we had a bit of blurghhhaarr about the service that we received. our food was sent to the wrong table.. :( lisa was really upset and she cried. kesian lisa… joey selamba rock.. happy je mamat tuh…:D as usual… whatever it is, our tummy were definitely full after that. :D
we... the group at the office are now getting more and more excited about our trip to PT. tonnes of emails related to the trip.. those funny jokes about what we have to bring.. from serunding daging, to dried sambal tumis and gardenia bread (it has got to be gardenia, okay! :P) and of course to the guys.. bikini.. bikini.. bikini and nothing else!! i will be taking a bus ride with the rest… do not like it.. but it’ll be fun, i am sure! i am settled with my worries… just been to the doctor again this morning… feeling really great and positive about the exam this weekend. insyaallah… all of us will pass! ally, angelina and i had our shopping spree non stop… well, not me.. i was just accompanying.. got mine earlier :P was at mid valley yesterday since 630pm till almost 10pm. which includes, shopping, dinner and groceries shopping. so sweet of SA and ally for accompanying…
this sat’s final concert AF… i will miss that one.. but, no worries, will leave extra credit for joelis to vote. and people…please… do vote for ebi and mila!! they did a good job last concert.. especially that duet ‘my heart’ oh my gosh.. and me, being emotional, as usual… hahaha :D although to some people, their performance were not convincing enough… to me.. it was a good effort for newcomers and they should be given some credit for it! keep on voting people!!!
vote for EBI & MILA!!!