Wednesday, May 30, 2007


thank you..thank you.. for coming.. i only realized... the last posting was on Monday!! and i felt like it has been ages since i last updated my blog. hahaha.. got a message in my inbox today.. kekeke..hey paintball freak.. looking for updates in my blog huh?? :P other than i am now a certified diver...wuuhuuuu... things are pretty much the same. cheh... this is actually like an open letter to you la bro!!
exclusive gitu! okeh... gosh its now 4 somthg at the office, i have tonnes to do.. [whats new??] but just remembering my mom's comment on my skin now.. the exact words, 'buruk la ko ni ain... hitam! siapa nak nanti?' and my response was... 'ek eleh relak aaahh maa... hitam pun hitam laa.. bakpe nak risau, bukan ada boypren pun' but... somehow after many times that my mom said that...slowly its getting into me.. :( chis!! and me,
being really really busy, have not been going for my night life for more than a month now! :D thats a record okay. ;) normally i'd chill out 2 weeks once. errr apa kah kaitan my brown skin and night life??? errkkss... okay, do i get olay , safi or fair & lovely now??? lol!!! hmmm what else? okeh... lemme post my picture, before [in red] and after [in brown] i joined this diving activities. check it out!
went to meet up with MB the day after i came back from diving and his response was...'hey! you are brown!' :D well, i kinda like my skin color now... but why are people around me complaining? :(
ok..ok.. its school holiday now.. nope, no plans for joelis during the school holidays, BUT, the plan is later. my younger sister is going to langkawi for her ofc thingy... so as usual, we will be joining her there... my parents, myself and joelis. see... island, why do i need to whiten my face...errr right?? we wanna go snorkeling there!! what else... hmmm i might go for a ride with MB to putrajaya this friday. planned something else, but hehehe :D wouldnt wanna miss this! will update more.. if it happens.. :P other than that... tunggu je laa... wehh paintball freak...mari la masuk laut pulak!! angelina, ally and i planned to go at least 3 months once.. pergghhh... boley ke??


Villain said...

Hahaha.. aku pun duk rajin nak update blog aku.. ader potensi bisness nih nanti