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long weekend wuuhuuu... :D

been a really longggg day today at the office. not feeling so good. had a bad sore throat, chest pain.. went to the clinic and the doctor asked if there is anybody in my family has asthma. hemmm... dont think so. but yes, i am having difficulty in breathing. errgghh... cant afford to be sick... i wanna go out with MB tomorrow.. hahaha..! lol!
well anyway, went out with angelina and her hubby, ally and ray last nite. ray is/was here for a few days.. so we decided to meet up and showed ray our fav place.. hahaha.. yeup, had fun although it was a short nite out. looking forward for a long weekend.. will be on leave tomorrow! yey!! ehh why didnt we take pictures last nite eh... lupa la tuhhh :(
hmm.. whatelse? goshh... i am so sleepy.. all because of the medicine.

p/s: i still owe angelina 1 roti naan!!


thank you..thank you.. for coming.. i only realized... the last posting was on Monday!! and i felt like it has been ages since i last updated my blog. hahaha.. got a message in my inbox today.. kekeke..hey paintball freak.. looking for updates in my blog huh?? :P other than i am now a certified diver...wuuhuuuu... things are pretty much the same. cheh... this is actually like an open letter to you la bro!!
exclusive gitu! okeh... gosh its now 4 somthg at the office, i have tonnes to do.. [whats new??] but just remembering my mom's comment on my skin now.. the exact words, 'buruk la ko ni ain... hitam! siapa nak nanti?' and my response was... 'ek eleh relak aaahh maa... hitam pun hitam laa.. bakpe nak risau, bukan ada boypren pun' but... somehow after many times that my mom said that...slowly its getting into me.. :( chis!! and me,
being really really busy, have not been going for my night life for more than a month now! :D thats a record okay. ;) normally i'd c…

movie week...

have been wanting to take joelis to go and watch the spiderman 3.. i am not a movie person, so i normally find it err... how do i say it... do not like the queueing for tickets part.. :D anyway, joey has been asking almost everyday.. so i decided that last saturday was the best weekend since i was not busy.. my younger sister has a bowling tournament at One Utama. i called up my cuz, Andy, planned for him to pick
us, joelis and i at asia jaya lrt station... sajer, took joelis on the lrt... [sebenarnya.. tak suka nak drive ke OU tuhh...] hehehe... and guess what... we bumped into Aznil Nawawi... lisa was so thrilled... she went up to Aznil with Andy... got his autograph.. we enjoyed the movie.. thot of watching pirates on the same day..but tickets were sold out!

sunday was music class day as usual... took some photos of joey and his drum...well, not his laa... he is good at it now! he looked so cool playing the drum. :) smsed MB later... looking for something different to do during the …

1 more mission accomplished!! :D

that's me in the middle!! :D heh..heh..

tenggol island ~ 17th may 2007 - 20th may 2007
the day that we have been waiting for, has come… we came to work as usual… but only God knows how many of us actually work during the day! :p all of us were excited about the trip to Tenggol Island, Terengganu. To some of us, it is going to be an additional experience diving in a new area… and to some of us, (me included) it will be the first experience diving! 5 of us, the new students, taking our exam at the Tenggol Island, Terengganu.

17th May, 2007
945pm – arrived at Hentian Putra.
1000pm – depart to Dungun, Terengganu.

only God knows how I felt in the bus. I had this fear of uncertainties [whatever kinds]. i hate traveling long hours in a public transportation… my heart was pounding really fast… my hands started to feel cold. i smsed james who actually seated just next to me. I think if I memorized the whole qur’an, I would have finished reading it! I think it’s the anxiety feeling… goshhh…what …

if it's lovin' that you want

love this song... enjoy.. :)

If It's Lovin' That You Want - Rihanna

I want to let you know
That you don't have to go
Don't wonder no more
What I think about you

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's loving that you want
Then come and take a walk with me, walk with me
Cause, everything that you need, I got it right here baby, baby

Now it's obvious you need a friend to come hold you down
Be that one you share your everything when no one's around
Baby come tell me your secrets, and tell me all your dreams
'Cause I can see you need someone to trust
You can trust in me

Di di di di da da dey
So just call me whenever your lonely
Di di di di da da dey
I'll be your friend, I can be your homey

If it's loving that you want
Then you should make me your girl, your girl
If it's loving that you need
Baby come and share my world, share my world
If it's l…

cindy ~ 7th Jan 2007 – 21st May 2007

i was about to get ready for work today when i heard a fuss downstairs. and suddenly i heard… ‘ala..dah mati…’ and i had the bad thot instantly…:O oh no… it cant be cindy!! and i changed into my shorts and before i could run downstairs, joey and kelly were already upstairs.. joey was already in tears… "ma!! cindy dah mati!" i ran downstairs… and my dad was already outside.. with cindy’s house.. no one dared to do anything… i quickly open up the funnel…hoping that its not true.. but..cindy is already dead… we (joelis and i) were in tears… cindy has been a part of us.. we even go for holidays together.. she could have been dead since yesterday but my sister thought she was sleeping. she likes to sleep in the funnel. and she died in the new funnel (penthouse for cindy) that i just bought for her last week.. :( as soon as we have finished buried cindy, we spread flowers and lisa placed a mark for cindy on her grave. it was a touching moment for joelis… they were really sad… and …

beautiful things happen to beautiful people.. :)

life is definitely treating us well.. this year at least... those beautiful things... positive things are in place or at least happening in a better/brighter way. all are in place, except joelis's dad has started to neglect his responsibility to pay for his children's alimony. well, maybe his wife needs the money elsewhere that he needs to choose between his children and his wife.. nevertheless, all those did not stop us from being extremely happy with what we currenly have..and will have.. and of course with my whole family being around to support which includes financially... shame on him! *sigh* enough said.. :)
before i proceed with my babbling… happy mothers’ day to all mothers in the world! like previous years, we will have a nice family dinner together.. and this year, we tried a new restaurant called, ‘rimbun aseana seafood restaurant’ somewhere in jalan ulu klang. place is beautiful for those who enjoys listening to crickets sound while having dinner. :) food was excel…

new refreshed 'ngobrolwae'

today, i gave my blog a new look! :)

had a good time at kl hilton last night. :) attended a dinner & watched a play called relatively speaking :) it was good, funny :) food was good too.. although knowing malaysian's tummy... hmmmm mcm tak puas je tak de nasi...hahaha i was already in my dinner dress, wore a blazer outside during the day. right after work went straight to the saloon for a hair-do. well knowing women, hairdo is just not enough.. and looking at my tired face.. i asked the guy how much would they charge for make-up... and... in summary.. i did the make-up as well..haha :D i was afraid that i would overdressed for the function... but know what... the other guests...pergh... memang dressed-up pun. :P anyway, it was work-related... so kena la impress our customers/clients :D
hmmm what else? oh yea... been busy window shopping for diving stuff... hahaha.. cert nya tak dapat lagi.. tapi..tak per... semangat kena ada... ally has her own worries... so do i.. well, let&…

what is a 'player' or a 'playa?'

okay guys... i did not write this myself. got it in my email from my youngest sister who gets paid for reading other people's blogs... hahah yeaa right.. :P well, anyway, i find this write up really interesting..simply because i was a victim before. hence, i can relate... although never come across my mind that a so-called 'friend' would have the heart to do that...what is done, is done.. i have learnt my lesson and not to trust him again at least not the way that i had trusted him before. :) read this guys... :)
Some people (who I won't mention) said I need more interesting content. Well, I'll try with this very interesting and provocative topic -"What is a Player/Playa".

Commonly, a playa is a person who is dishonestly juggling multiple relationships at a time. They usually have each person thinking they're the only one and that its serious. When in reality they're not attached to anyone and getting what they can from every person involved. Its ab…

from horror movie --> diving --> futsal

yeup..those 3 in a week... our cousins, budi and andy called us early in the morning before i went to work on wednesday.. oh yes, before that.. we went to my cousin's house lin, she gave birth to twins girls! so cute and sweet. joelis love the babies so much. :) i was afraid to hold her at first... normally i dont hold babies when they are too small.. but this time... geram... and hey... boleh laa... yea, i know, i have 2 kids..but holding other people's baby especially when less than 2 weeks old... suspens jugak :)
okay sambung citer lain pulak... andy & budi called the next day... and suddenly my younger sister decided to watch 'jangan pandang belakang'...yea..yea.. i know citer tu dah nak habis... habis tu, dah takut, dah buat camner.. :) to cut story short, we watched the movie..believe it or not thursday nite.. 6 of us... and i was holding my pashmina the whole movie..!! it was really scary.. :D
and the next day, friday nite i had my theory class for diving.. h…