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time to celebrate!

by - April 27, 2007

joelis just finished their 1st term exam... both got straight A's... although some may not be a perfect A... :) i am proud of both of them! saw the glow in joey's eyes when he got 100 for his english paper.. hehehe:D and i told him... 'can u imagine how happier you would be if you got 100 for more papers?' ;) and he gave me this cheeky grin.. i checked his bahasa melayu paper and found one of the mistake... basikal - mengayuh.. but he answered 'memandu' instead... and we (lisa and i) started to tease him.. and dengan selamba he answered me, 'ma, i know its cycling... but i dont know what its called in bahasa..' hehe.. gosh.. who's fault is that now..? errrkk.. both of them are already giving me hints... 'mama nak bagi kitorang hadiah apa? or.. i can have a birthday party on my birthday right?' or.. blah.. blah.. blah.. :)

we are going away for the weekend. joelis are not feeling well... i just hope it wont spoil their mood to enjoy the rides and stuff. i have been really tight up... with work, dance practise... jamming session.. really looking forward for an exciting weekend! i will update more when we come back.. and of course..hopefully with lots of photos to share! stay tuned people... ;)

oh yes... something sweet just happened... :) it definitely has made my week different... exciting.. and its like, looking forward for the next day.. ;) hmmm... :)

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