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isu terkini - anak yg hilang

by - April 18, 2007

everyday i will be waiting for the newspaper just to read the updates on the latest isu of 'yin'. whatever i am writing is on how i feel... and i am not on anybody's side. coz, penat lah asyik nak salahkan orang lain tapi tak fikir salah diri sendiri. if you ask my personal opinion, i would first blame the father. dah tau, your son is hyper, kenapa 'bijak' and left the son alone while in the changing room. i remembered last time when joey was a few months old. we brought both joelis for shopping in JJ. we had something to tie lisa's hand to the stroller, and lisa was 3 years old at that time. she was not a hyperactive kid, but since at that time she will wonder around, it is safer to have our daughter with us. people... well, knowing malaysians.. stared at us.. sure depa fikir, apa punya parents pi ikat anak lagu tu... well... its better that we ikat, than hilang... tak ke? joelis' daddy was embarrassed of course...but knowing me, i dont care what other people would think. susah tau nak beranak! and i remembered last year when joelis' daddy brought them out and left them at kinokuniya all by themselves and he queued to get the tickets for a movie!!! there wont be any next time for this to happen!! see how fathers think... gosh... alhamdulillah nothing happened. so fathers out there...children are never to be left alone!!!
back to 'yin'. my opinion, biar lah polis selesaikan their investigation. if i were in yin's parents' situation, i would leave it to the police. it is not them being ungrateful but, sebagai orang luar, when i read their (the couple who kept yin), keterangan, it looks like ada yang tak betul. i received an email today, tak tau siapa yang tulis, tapi dok ngata2 parents yin being ungrateful. secara mata kasar boleh la nampak macam tu, but what if betul mereka ada niat tak baik?? secara logik la, kalau dah jumpa kanak2, pass aje lah kat balai polis. that is always the best thing to do... i dont see the logic of keeping a lost child when you know you are keluarga miskin, and dah ada 5 existing kids... hemmm i may sound harsh saying this myself... but kalau betul ada naluri keibuan, we would always think what is best for the child. hmmm orang2 kat luar tu, kalau nak bela sangat the couple pun, tunggu la police habiskan their investigation dulu..
apa-apa pun.... parents out there, kalau nak try baju kat shopping mall, bawak masuk anak sekali dalam changing room kalau tak de sape yang tengokkan anak tu...!!
hishh...lotih mokcik bebel hah!!! :D

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