Monday, April 30, 2007

genting highlands.. :)

glad that i decided to join the first trip for MB's FD this year. when the FD committee first announced... genting highlands... the expression was like.. 'laaa.. genting highlands?' *sigh*.. the fact is that, if it was not a sponsored trip.. i dont know when will i take joelis there. :)

we had a great time... despite me being busy with the rehearsal and sound check and stuff.. thanks to my cuz andy... :) he helped out in baby sitting joelis. first nite when we arrived, we went for the 'fly show' it was cool! good acrobats and dance.. lisa enjoyed the show very much and she got really excited! heheh :D joey was a bit cranky that nite... probably he was tired through out the journey. we had supper at kenny rogers.. took some pictures and headed to our room.. we had a small misunderstanding that nite.. joelis and i.. and later before going to bed, lisa put a note 'i m sorry' on the pillow... and i thot that was so sweet. :)

I guess everyone was tired… and cranky.. me included. to make things worst, my hp rang at 120am…and one stupid guy called just to say, ‘i nak berkenalan dgn u boleh?’ what the %$#@... tension betul… pepagi buta!!! and biasa lah after that i could not sleep. andy was still watching the tv. about half hour later, MB smsed. and his sms was long-awaited. hehehe and we ended up smsing till 330am…

second day, got up early to catch the breakfast... well, nothing fancy.. the food was quite tasteless. went straight to the ballroom, coz we were supposed to have the rehearsal. somehow we got stuck there for a while. we then decided to cover the indoor theme park first.. played most of the rides that joelis can... but kesian joey... he is still not tall enough for some of the rides. :) he was on the bumper car all by himself.. he enjoyed it anyway.. lisa and andy went in the adult bumper car.. and i accompanied joey out of the ring. we had lunch later at burger king… and i went back to the ballroom for sound check while andy and joelis went back to the room. it was 130pm… was supposed to be done by 230pm…but… i was there till 430pm… joelis were already restless.. they came to the ballroom and i told andy to take them to the ‘ripley’s believe it or not’.. at least until I am done… and looks like 15 mins after they left, i am done with the sound check… by 530pm we already had to go back and get ready… for the grand dinner… it was a success.. i was satisfied.. heheh:D after many years singing with the band… that night was the first night that i did not look at the lyrics! hahhaha:D stayed till dinner ends.

third day was free for joelis… no restrictions. we marked the rides/games that we wanted to play on the pamphlet, makes it easier for us… we do not waste much time.. i have not been on roller coaster for so long.. after giving birth to joey… and that day… lisa made me!! gosh… but hey…not bad at all… it was lisa’s 1st ride on roller coaster! and i tried the spinner too!! crazy okay! joey cried all the way and i felt helpless… i cant do anything…kesian dia.. and the last roller coaster (the only one that joey can ride) was cancelled due to the rain… lagi la sedih joey… hmmm tak apa la.. next time we had late lunch at kenny rogers again… and drove down at 530pm… reached home at 630pm. and later went out with james for teh tarik… hehehe..:D

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