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dont get dizzy...:P

by - April 02, 2007

disclaimer: i will not be responsible if you get dizzy reading my blog..:D

first things first... i only have 10 minutes to write everything in my blog today, before i go for my coffee break.. my blog may confuse some people... (adude this is for you...hahahaha) coz, being an english lecturer, she tends to check on my way of writing...duhhh... this is my blog... hence i write however i like to..:P wakakaka.. and as i have informed earlier, i put my thots thru my writing... and that explains why its all ups and downs.. :D :D

lisa has been complaining having difficulty in breathing.. took her to see Dato' Dr. Iean at gleneagles on friday morning. alhamdulillah.. she's ok.. nothing to worry about. sent joelis to school in the afternoon... lepak... and went for futsal.. hah?? me? playing futsal? naahh... supporter... hehehe.. got lost... it took us one and a half hour to get to subang...eerrggghh.. managed to get to see angelina scored! yey!! wanted to go out at night but no one was really free... had a good experience going to the biggest pasar malam.. in cheras... ye ke.. biggest?? it was something like uptown pasar malam... banyaknya barang2 imitation!! my mom warned me... dont spend unnecessarily! hmmm okay... thanks SA for taking me there :) met with my pet brother... abg F, lama giler tak jumpa dia... he is getting married in may... hmmm and as i was walking with SA... told him.. see... isnt it true...scorpions are playboys.. they get married late.. coz they wanna enjoy first.. ;) hmmmmm

sat morning: got up early... went for brisk walking with joelis and my mom.. took a walk from our home to setiawangsa.. ok la..did about 40 minutes walk altogether. joey was complaining... he got thirsty! hisshh... manja betul.. my dad waited for us at the restaurant. had breakfast.. and we proceed to pasar tani. met EJ there... reached home around 10am. went for a swim with my joelis at 1100 am till 1230 noon. got home just nice for lunch.. 200pm... joey wanted to play badminton... main la kejap.. for half an hour.. rest for a while.. took my afternoon nap till 4.30pm. took a shower, got ready to go to OU for a movie with my dear joelis and mug dude...'charlotte's web'.. and cant believe that i cried watching that movie... *sigh*..emo betul... nak buat macamana..jiwa sensitive... uwekkkk... choopp!! jangan muntah dulu... hehehe it was a good movie.. simple story for kids. bought some office attire for myself... bossini was on sale!!! i have learnt to love their office wear. why?? coz, some of my shirts have worn out...thats why...and..kenapa ye??? hmmmm... had dinner later after that..

sunday morning!!! its the day... netball match.. to cut story short... our team called 'csi' hehehe... got second! and i sprained my fingers... huk..huk.. :( tapi best... main dalam hujan sampai lencun... i wish i have more pictures :( by 1040am.. dah habis main netball. went home straight. joelis were going out with their dad. and although i should be used to it... and use the time to pamper myself..cant help it but feeling lost when my joelis are not around. hmmm... they were only gone for 2 hours.. i have already smsed them :)... watched concert af... suka ebi!! and called up my beautician... for a facial... and had hair treatment... ada offer babe.. so... ini la hasil nya!! tadaaa.... :D alaa something different... okay laa... by the way.. this is temporary.. i think i like it.. i look more matured..wakakaka... showed the pict to my cuz, jaja... she said she prefers me with straight hair.. tak pe la.. for a change, ye dak...? by the time i got home, joelis were already home.. double yey! my tummy dah main orchestra... had dinner with my parents...hemmmm sedapnya... kerabu perut!!! belasah jer.. tried to watch csi... even before the 1st one ended.. my eyes dah mcm kena plaster!!! ngantuk gilsss... by 1000pm... i gave up! and went to bed with my joelis... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... fuuhhh full giler weekend!

btw... i lost 1 kg!!!! yeyyyyyyy!!!

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