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genting highlands.. :)

glad that i decided to join the first trip for MB's FD this year. when the FD committee first announced... genting highlands... the expression was like.. 'laaa.. genting highlands?' *sigh*.. the fact is that, if it was not a sponsored trip.. i dont know when will i take joelis there. :)

we had a great time... despite me being busy with the rehearsal and sound check and stuff.. thanks to my cuz andy... :) he helped out in baby sitting joelis. first nite when we arrived, we went for the 'fly show' it was cool! good acrobats and dance.. lisa enjoyed the show very much and she got really excited! heheh :D joey was a bit cranky that nite... probably he was tired through out the journey. we had supper at kenny rogers.. took some pictures and headed to our room.. we had a small misunderstanding that nite.. joelis and i.. and later before going to bed, lisa put a note 'i m sorry' on the pillow... and i thot that was so sweet. :)

I guess everyone was tired… and crank…

time to celebrate!

joelis just finished their 1st term exam... both got straight A's... although some may not be a perfect A... :) i am proud of both of them! saw the glow in joey's eyes when he got 100 for his english paper.. hehehe:D and i told him... 'can u imagine how happier you would be if you got 100 for more papers?' ;) and he gave me this cheeky grin.. i checked his bahasa melayu paper and found one of the mistake... basikal - mengayuh.. but he answered 'memandu' instead... and we (lisa and i) started to tease him.. and dengan selamba he answered me, 'ma, i know its cycling... but i dont know what its called in bahasa..' hehe.. gosh.. who's fault is that now..? errrkk.. both of them are already giving me hints... 'mama nak bagi kitorang hadiah apa? or.. i can have a birthday party on my birthday right?' or.. blah.. blah.. blah.. :)

we are going away for the weekend. joelis are not feeling well... i just hope it wont spoil their mood to enjoy the rides …

just do it!

have you ever felt that you wish you can do all the challenging stuff that you never thought that you can do it/them? :) i felt that... and i know/feel that somehow, life is too short to be wasted on unproductive things... worrying about unneccessary stuffs... etc...
however, it is still nice to still think of the sweet memories that you might have with someone. :) although that someone have made you cried... for crushing your heart and hope. it's that short moment of time that you have had with them managed to make you happy...
i am about to try something which i have been wanting to do, but i am scared. so, now i have to overcome my fear first.. right? anyway... if i succeed, i will announce it here... wakakaka.. aahhh sungguh teruja! hehehehe...
below are the things / activities that i never thot of doing but have done.. or in my plans... ahah!

> cat walk on stage - done it in 2005, managed to get into the semi-final, with lisa.
> snorkelling - done it in 2006. had this prob…

isu terkini - anak yg hilang

everyday i will be waiting for the newspaper just to read the updates on the latest isu of 'yin'. whatever i am writing is on how i feel... and i am not on anybody's side. coz, penat lah asyik nak salahkan orang lain tapi tak fikir salah diri sendiri. if you ask my personal opinion, i would first blame the father. dah tau, your son is hyper, kenapa 'bijak' and left the son alone while in the changing room. i remembered last time when joey was a few months old. we brought both joelis for shopping in JJ. we had something to tie lisa's hand to the stroller, and lisa was 3 years old at that time. she was not a hyperactive kid, but since at that time she will wonder around, it is safer to have our daughter with us. people... well, knowing malaysians.. stared at us.. sure depa fikir, apa punya parents pi ikat anak lagu tu... well... its better that we ikat, than hilang... tak ke? joelis' daddy was embarrassed of course...but knowing me, i dont care what other peo…

happy birthday!

happy birthday to my elder sister and her husband... my younger sister organised a nice family dinner at grand season hotel. i have never been to that hotel, but the food is delicious! i dont really eat that much but, it was different that night. i tried almost most of the spread. the grilled lamb (my fav) was superb! the chef is my younger sister's student. and he made a special birthday cake for us... sedapnya chocolate cake... not too sweet...and it's moist.

he'eh rasa macam short essay kat sekolah je kan.. hehehe... more pictures here


before i proceed writing on events during the weekend, sad news again for james. less than 3 months after his father passed away.. his younger brother passed away yesterday at around 4pm at putrajaya hospital. al-fatihah...

did i marry the right person?

i got this in my inbox just after lunch.. this is a very good article. read it. those who are still single may learn something from here.... those who are already married may take it as a guideline to improve your marriage....

During one of our seminars, a woman asked a common question. She said, "How do I know if I married the right person?" I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I said, "It depends. Is that your husband?" In all seriousness, she answered "How do you know?"
Let me answer this question because the chances are good that it's weighing on your mind.
Here's the answer.
EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in love with your spouse. You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and liked their idiosyncrasies. Falling in love with your spouse wasn't hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn't have to DO anything. That'…


thank god its friday... again... although its friday the 13th! errkss... should we be afraid? haha busdus... it has been a hectic week.. i think i am having fever... fever yang tak keluar betul2... so the whole body is aching. had my dad to massage my leg last night...aduhh makkk... sakit siol. as i am typing this now, my coll is listening to heavy metal music... layannnn... boleh hangguk2 kepala lagi. my hands are cold..
had calls from insurance people everyday this week..hated it when they started with questions like, how are you today.. and bla.. bla.. bla.. had one call earlier of the week from Air Asia... she's the one who made the call, and she raised her voice when i was not interested to listen...what the S#@$7... i think those people selling insurance out there... stop calling me.. coz i dont have the extra money to spare! :P
work is driving me nuts... not nuts..crazy.. well, yeahh a bit crazy.. but interesting challenging nuts.. lol.. do i make sense? i wanna laptop... huw…

IQ question

A rich man needs _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A poor man has _ _ _ _ _ _ _
If u eat _ _ _ _ _ _ _ u die!

Only 1 word fits in all the 3 blanks… 7 huruf..

went to sleep at 11pm last nite after watching csi with joelis. cant remember what i dreamt... i woke up at 1am and couldnt sleep for more than 2 hours!! cant stop thinking about work at the office. thot of calling james or AS... but.. nahhh.. malas pulak... so, now after the meeting that we had in the afternoon... my mind is really really tired... and now its raining heavily at the office... wish i can go home and sleep... :(

so apa lagi??? jawab la iq question tuhh...! sapa jawab betul, i belanja roti canai at lotus ;)

sizzzlliingg hot!!! F1 experience..

Hey..hey…hey… i can still feel the heat! went to watch F1 for the first time! yeup.. i finally did it.. went to sepang on saturday and sunday. i loved it.. very very much!! and still feel excited… hehehehe.. been wanting to update my blog right after the race, but time was not on my side..again.. been really busy.. well anyway..this is how it got started.. i am/was not an F1 fan… used to dislike the season. back to memory lane, Cam used to watch tv in the room and i hated the sound of the cars… wiiiiuungggggggg.. and uurrgghh..hated it… but somehow, many months back before the F1 season started, i just had the thot.. and i told james. if he gets tickets this year, i wanna go..i just want to have the least once.. i am 34 and i wanna go to F1! unfortunately, when he finally got the tickets, he did not ask me to go with him… so, i was kinda sad... tried to rub it off my mind..
it so happened i had lunch with CM few days before the weekend. and she had tickets with her… bett…

hold it.... he is mine!!!

*sigh*... can i have him??? ;) you have my vote man.... E B I!!!!!! the other side of me... wakakaka... laaa... i am just admiring... he is cool... quiet.. tall... and i just love his style... dreaming already..... just couldnt post his picts here...

dont get dizzy...:P

disclaimer: i will not be responsible if you get dizzy reading my blog..:D

first things first... i only have 10 minutes to write everything in my blog today, before i go for my coffee break.. my blog may confuse some people... (adude this is for you...hahahaha) coz, being an english lecturer, she tends to check on my way of writing...duhhh... this is my blog... hence i write however i like to..:P wakakaka.. and as i have informed earlier, i put my thots thru my writing... and that explains why its all ups and downs.. :D :D

lisa has been complaining having difficulty in breathing.. took her to see Dato' Dr. Iean at gleneagles on friday morning. alhamdulillah.. she's ok.. nothing to worry about. sent joelis to school in the afternoon... lepak... and went for futsal.. hah?? me? playing futsal? naahh... supporter... hehehe.. got lost... it took us one and a half hour to get to subang...eerrggghh.. managed to get to see angelina scored! yey!! wanted to go out at night but no one was …