Monday, March 26, 2007

who's that guy...? :)

was on my way down the lift for breakfast when i saw him.. hmmm.. clean cut... fair skin... with scars of old pimples on his face... yeup... i like to see guys with scars.. ;-) not so tall but tall enough... shiny black working shoes...and the way he walks.. and talks... luckily i was at the back of him, gave me enough time to just stare from the back... ahakss... :D my appetizer for today... hehehe :D ehemmm..okay people... enough dreaming!! back to work...its a beautiful monday morning!!!

what happened during weekend?? had 2 days in a row playing badminton with my joelis... had a good time, although my legs were killing me last night! urrghhh... did my wall push up today before entering the shower. went to flea market yesterday with my mom, my sis and joelis. got up early on a sunday... and while i was having breakfast... my mom and sister were reading the sunday paper.. and i said, 'eh jom pi flea market!' and their eyes shined! hahaha... happy je kalau ajak pi flea market. lisa wants to buy a present for her friend's birthday. and as usual, i will give them a budget of anything below rm20. :) lisa got a beautiful dress from my mom there as a present for getting 100% for her science paper! congrats g-gurl... joey was enjoying himself going from one booth to another... and i bought elmo poker cards for him... something that we can play together. oh yes... lisa bought a pooh notebook for her friend for rm19... good buy. and me??? ssshhh... i just got crazy after not going to the flea market for so long... bought 2 skirts (working)for myself and a nice cool dress...ahahh... for me to wear this friday?? hihihihi... those three for only rm65!! yey!!!!

got a call from ally around 6 something... she was excited telling me that she got tickets to watch the 3 divas concert... i was like.. huh... hehehe... shian dia.. well yea.. i sing kris's and ruth's songs in karaoke... but i guess was not really a fan of theirs to spend for their concert...hehe...

concert af... was great!! saw the first one and love the 2nd concert. most of them performed well. and ebi was sexy...okay!! memang patut pun ogy beristighfar...hahahaha... and who else catches my attention?? hmmm.. dafi.. okay laa..cute... fatin... found her lemau...

he just got back from his biz trip... miss his voice. :) glad when he called. hope everything will be okay soon... and his precious will get well soon. will pray for his speedy recovery.

other than that.... this is gonna be a great week!! sports carnival will start friday... sunday morning, i will already be at the petronas training centre, bangi... 8am!!! hope i wont be late.. again... hehehe.. wish us luck, kay...;)