Tuesday, March 13, 2007

watch out!!

i am goin through this phase at the moment... hahaha... i get irritated easily... so, you guys out there watch out... i might just explode...muahahaha... :D...let's list down what have been irritating me for the past few days...

teasing: i was teased of something last friday and i just blurt it out on him...'whats ur problem anyway?'

dressing: someone i know dressed the same for a few occasions and my thot was like...'err.. do u realise that you've been wearing the same outfit over and over again?' no... i did not say it to the person... hehehe.. nasib baik..!

my fav phrase of the week: 'i dont care' although i wish i would not have said that.. errkkss.. well, at times, it was right laa.. i truly dont care ;)

shoes: women especially...please... repair your heels if they have started to sound like you are walking on nails!! the sound is really irritating.. go replace the 'tapak kasut' (until i can find the right word for it in english) hahaha ---> sole!

speaker phone: some people are just so lazy to pick up the phone... please... i dont want to listen to your conversation... unless it is a need to use the speaker (conference call ke... or that you really need to use your hands) just pick up the phone!!

spam: hehehe... this is really irritating... i just registered myself in 'myspace' which i used to think it is a waste of time. i still think it is...but aaa... what the heck... and i have been deleting postings from the bulletin which i did not post them. all those about h&^%y stuff which of course did not come from me!

loud voice: you know some people just like to talk soooo loud.. this happened yesterday. one couple was talking so loud that i cant even hear my own voice talking to ally and james... ggrrrr...

slow drivers: if you are going to drive like 20kmh... cant you just move your b%$# to the most left lane.... uurrgghhh....

sekian....terima kasih.. :P hehehhe :D