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me..?? not blogging...

by - March 08, 2007

what??? no updates??? after 4 days.... errkkss... been really busy... anyway, here goes.. had a good lunch yesterday at Tupai2.. sedap... had the triffle.. yummy.. hmmm doesnt it look sluurrppy?? by the way, that beautiful hand holding the triffle belongs to ally!!! wuuhhuuu

hehehe... had my first netball training after many.. many... many.. months... fuhh terasa tu masa warm up session... heh..heh.. it was a good game/training... thot couldnt shoot anymore.. but, boleh lagi...yey!! went home straight after training... sempat lagi dinner with my dear joelis. :) dah lama tak dinner sama-sama. :) guess what.... by 930pm... i was already asleep! lol.. other than that, my project at the office is completed... success! glad its finally over.. :) now i m gonna be busy with the next project/assignment. :) looking forward for our company's sports carnival end of march 2007. so, now its gonna be busy after office... dance practise.. singing practise... netball practise.. fuhh.. best and i am hoping that i will lose weight, to my own satisfaction! ;) ehh .. more... finally i recieved the free gift items for my handphone.... akhirnya!! new casing, memory card, screen protector...etc.. :)

next: i registered myself in one of the whatever website laaa.. i felt it was a bit ngarut at first... but since, it was for fun.. ok la.. :D har..har..har.. no... not becoz i have too much free time, cuma because i wanna try to do something new.

PF: to my dear fren who said that my blog is sadis... LOL... ok lah, i will try to balance, sadis and happy stories..kay... tapi kalau dah terselit yang sadis2 tu soghy ehhh... but neway, thanks for reading my blog.. :) wehhh letak la comment lagi..:P

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