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looking for my happy thots...

by - March 27, 2007

something is bothering me today... and i am looking for my happy thots... and automatically my fingers dialled 'home'.. to speak to my joelis. they were preparing to go to school at the time i called. and here is another happy thots... looking at the picture, on your right. :)

originally typed on 16th March 2007.
its 1025am and we just had our morning dip in the pool. slept early last nite.. well to tell the truth, i will sleep most of the time during my holiday trips. :D its like sleep, swim, eat, and repeat…and my joelis will complain.. hehehe… oh yes… as i was lying on my bed yesterday, i was thinking… isn’t good going for a holiday and my kids are big enough to take care of themselves, except when they are in the pool i will be in there too. all i need to do is bring the portable dvd player with 2 albums of dvds… 1 boardgame, and wallaaa…. they will survive! hehe.. today is our 2nd day at Residence Desa Lagoon, waiting for my 2 other sisters and my bro-in-law to come and join us.
i was watching the dvd with joelis just now when suddenly i felt sad. that’s the thing suddenly.. i felt sad. *sigh* i think i am hungry. i haven’t had a proper breakfast. i had a glass of milk…diet milk in the morning with a piece of cracker. yeup… i am not the kind of person who goes on diet coz i don’t need it…. but somehow after i have realized that i am already there, reached my ideal weight for my height, i panicked! i have always been underweight, except during my pregnancy…hahaha…. hummmpphhh… i have to reduce at least 2 kg off my current weight, then, i will be comfortable! too much huh… well, some people who reads my blog will say…ahhh mengada la minah nie.. well i guess everyone will have their own satisfaction level about their own weight or how they look like physically…don’t they? ;-) am i blabbering…?? uurgghhh…. ok tak per… apa2 pun, i am darker now! muahahhaa…cool huh.. just had a call fm him.. yea…he’s right, i am on holiday, i should eat whenever i feel hungry and forget about the diet for a while…hehehe (guilty laugh)..walked happily to the next apartment where the food are... nasi lemak!! yummy... homemade lagi.. thanks mom ;)

harry potter... joelis have been repeating the story over and over again. from the 1st to the 3rd and to the 2nd and back again till i get confused. i will watch harry potter one fine day..from the first till the end. just like how i started to love watching lord of the rings before. but one i still cannot understand.... star wars! hahaha... or maybe i refuse to understand.

jetski ride was on the last day. bukan apa... waiting for my bro-in-law to bring his camera to the beach...hehehe.. i took 4 kids on the jetski. thought of going on the banana boat as well but aahhh too expensive. next time kids ;) on the 18th, last day there was my mom's birthday...61 years old.. we bought a cake and celebrated there. :)
we can never get bored of port dickson. coz only there, we get to make everyone happy. my dad can go fishing the whole of 4 days there. we get to eat the fish that he caught! my mom get to relax and cook... she will cook even if we dont let her.. kids get to swim in the pool and sea... they get to play with the sand beach all they want... and i can get to relax... :) i see my joelis happy... and hey... i am happy!
cuma this time... my mom said...'i think we dont have enough men in the family!' and everyone looked at my younger sisters... and laughed! lol... yeaa... my bro-in-law is going crazy of lonelines... hahahaha

another wonderful holiday trip... which i will be looking forward to everytime... :) more pictures here.

p/s: had a good lunch today with my pet sis... cant remember the last time we had a good session. and yes... please pray for me.. :) and see if i have a place in 'the' diary... ;-)

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